Marketing Rounds – IEM Visit to PP(T)SB

January 12, 2016

I never wrote the report on the visit, and don’t remember why. Anyway, here are some photos.

Waiting Room – Paka

November 5, 2014

Some waiting rooms are nicer than others.

IMG_20140911_143207_HDR IMG_20140911_144923_HDR

Kerteh Airport

October 29, 2014

When was the last time you were here? We miss you, and please collect your handphones from storage.

Gas leak explosion kills Petronas worker, injures three others

August 21, 2014

Dateline 2014-06-20, Petro Global News:

A worker at a gas processing facility in Malaysia operated by an affiliate of Petronas was killed on Thursday after an explosion.

Petronas Gas (PGB) confirmed that the employee “succumbed to his injury while doing repair work” at near Gas Processing Plant 4.

The processing facility is located in Kertih, Terengganu, Malaysia.

“PGB is extending all necessary assistance to the family members of the victim,” the company said.

According to local media, the deceased worker was a welder.

Three others were injured in the explosion.

The four workers were performing maintenance to repair a gas leak.

Petronas Gas reports accident at Kertih plant

August 19, 2014

PETRONAS being chatty as usual. Insiders, any insight?

Dateline 2014-06-19, The Star:

An employee of a contractor undertaking repairs at Petronas Gas Bhd’s plant in Kertih, Terengganu succumbed to his injury following an accident there on Wednesday night.

Petronas Gas said on Thursday an accident occurred at 11.15pm on Wednesday at its facility near the gas processing plant 4.

It said it was extending all necessary assistance to the family members of the victim.

“Currently, the company is working with the relevant authorities to establish the cause of the accident,” it said.

PKR promises to scale down and move RAPID project to Kertih

November 2, 2012

You know which box to tick.

Dateline 2012-10-05:

PKR said today it plans to scale down Petronas’ RM60 billion petrochemical project and move it from Pengerang in Johor to Kertih in Terengganu if it wins in the coming general election.

Critics of the controversial Refinery and Petrochemicals Development (RAPID) project have said that it will cause thousands of villagers in Pengerang to lose their homes and livelihoods.

“Why (do we) need to take the land of villagers in Pengerang when we have enough land in Kertih?” Wong Chen, PKR’s chairman of investment and trade bureau, asked at a press conference at the party’s headquarters here.

From The Star – Downstream O&G projects exceeding RM1bil coming to Kertih

March 1, 2011

Can a trickle of this wealth reach me?

Dateline 2011-02-14:

Kertih Polymer Park, which is under the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) master plan, will see new major investments for downstream oil and gas projects that could easily exceed RM1bil in the coming months, said ECER Development Council chief executive officer Datuk Jebasingam Issace John.

Jebasingam said one imminent investment would likely be announced by early second quarter and there were two more investments in the pipeline.

“There will be some major investments coming into Kertih Polymer Park as we are in various stages of discussions (with the multinational corporations). We will make announcements soon as we are not able to disclose more information,” he told StarBiz in an interview.

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