Vote for IEM VP Candidate 2022 – Ir. Razak Yakob

Ir. Abdul Razak Yakob is running for a VP post at the Institution of Engineers Malaysia. I am fully behind him to be a VP and higher positions, and I hope that you have the same sentiments. If your pen (or computer screen) has only one pixel left, please tick his box.

Those of you who know him professionally in the oil & gas sphere should be assured that he is passionate about improving processes, encouraging and bringing up the next generation of engineers, and has integrity and trustworthiness with respect to the responsibilities he takes on.

In a non-working environment, he has initiated, directed and participated in new and innovative activities to revitalize the image of IEM. This would include the Chillex sessions, ABC4E and KISS. Behind the scenes, without fanfare, among his recent posts are Chairman of the Oil, Gas and Mining Technical Division, IEMGo and the 2021 Annual Dinner.

And if you have another pixel, I’m running for Council. Meh.

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