Extract from “Tuah Jebat” – Warisan Perintis

November 5, 2016


Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) telah mengakhiri era kewujudan mereka apabila termaktub semua perjanjian PSC yang selebihnya. Pada masa mereka merangka dan merundingkan PSC, yang turut tertubuh ialah Jabatan Pemasaran Antarabangsa atau “International Marketing Department (IMD)” bagi mengagih minyak mentah ke pasaran antarabangsa dan Jabatan Pemasaran Dalam Negeri atau “Domestic Marketing Department (DMD)” untuk penjualan bahan petroleum di dalam negeri, khususnya melalui stesen-stesen servis.


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Dive Tenggol – 2022-06

June 22, 2022

Wanna dive?

Petronas-Aramco refinery in Malaysia restarts after 2-yr closure – source

June 17, 2022

Dateline 2022-05-12, Reuters:

A 300,000 barrel-per-day refinery-petrochemical complex in Malaysia run as a joint venture between Petronas and Saudi Aramco has restarted after a more than two-year closure, a source with knowledge of the matter said.

The complex in Pengerang, Johor, is resuming operations at a time when refining margins in Asia are at record levels, buoyed by a fuel demand recovery as more economies across Asia, except for China, ease COVID-19 restrictions.

Premier: Sarawak a rising tiger in renewable energy

June 16, 2022

Dateline 2022-05-09, Malay Mail:

Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg has described the state as a rising tiger in the renewable energy arena and is opening its frontiers to help traditional industries become more sustainable.

With hydrogen being one of the sectors that it intended to develop, he said the State Government had specifically highlighted renewable energy as a cornerstone to it


Dive Tenggol – 2022-05

June 15, 2022

I gotta get a new dive

Petronas Dagangan and PETROS complete business transfer, operationalise Sarawak LPG business

June 14, 2022

Dateline 2022-05-05, The Edge:

Petronas Dagangan Bhd (PDB) and Petroleum Sarawak Bhd (PETROS) on Thursday (May 5) announced the completion of the business transfer and share subscription agreement for PETROSNiaga Sdn Bhd.

This conclusion marks the operationalisation of the partnership for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) business in Sarawak.

In a joint statement, the companies said that starting Thursday, all (green) Gas Petronas gas-filled cylinders are PETROS’ (red) as marketed by PETROSNiaga and all existing Petronas LPG dealers are now PETROS LPG dealers.

Shoutout – 2022-07 IEM Annual Dinner

June 6, 2022

To celebrate lifting of restrictions, and hopefully work picking up, could you support me as IEM Council Member / Oil & Gas Tech Div Member / Corporate Affairs Stand Comm Sec (… you get the idea), and purchase a table or 3? Hey, and perhaps I’ll arrange After Dark entertainment…

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Anniversary – Flixborough

June 1, 2022

Process Safety engineers never forget.

Shout Out – IEM 2022-06 Marine Industry Conference

May 30, 2022

IEM is organising the 1st Malaysia Marine Industry Conference, on 22nd June 2022 (palindrome right there). Register here (physical presence) or here (Meta presence). Please, I need to get my reference numbers up.

and here is the brochure

Cover Story: Petronas seeks to clear the air

May 24, 2022

And PETRONAS will give lip service, no? I don’t see rates going up.

Dateline 2022-04-28, The Edge:

While most of the news was positive, there were also allegations made by the Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC) and Malaysia OSV Owners’ Association (MOSVA) that Petronas had been squeezing them to cut corners and, as a result, the national oil company generated huge profits at the expense of O&G players.

Both MOGSC and MOSVA wrote to Petronas in February, stating their grouses. The Edge, which was given a copy of their letters, ran a story on the issues raised by the two organisations last month.

My Say: Cyber risks in Malaysia’s oil and gas industry

May 23, 2022

Dateline 2022-04-28, The Edge:

There are two fronts in the Russian invasion of Ukraine: one is the physical fighting and airstrikes and the other is in cyberspace, where cybersecurity experts are battling disinformation, psychological warfare and cyberattacks. Cyberattacks of this nature can and have led to power outages, railway disruptions, interruption of electoral polling systems and, in the case of the war in Ukraine, a disruption of its biggest fixed-line telecommunications network and the ever-present threat of a cyber catastrophe.

The oil and gas (O&G) industry is not immune to these kinds of vulnerabilities. The May 2021 Colonial pipeline hack in the US not only compromised the business’ networks and shut down its operations but also deprived the East Coast of a pipeline that supplied nearly half the region’s fuel. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on both the physical and cyber fronts have exacerbated fears of future cyberattacks by malicious actors on critical energy infrastructure to gain financial, criminal or geopolitical advantage. Findings from the State of Ransomware 2021 revealed that 43% of energy, O&G and utility firms have admitted to paying ransom for ransomware assaults. Another 23% of these firms expect to be affected by ransomware in the future.