Extract from “Tuah Jebat” – Warisan Perintis

November 5, 2016


Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) telah mengakhiri era kewujudan mereka apabila termaktub semua perjanjian PSC yang selebihnya. Pada masa mereka merangka dan merundingkan PSC, yang turut tertubuh ialah Jabatan Pemasaran Antarabangsa atau “International Marketing Department (IMD)” bagi mengagih minyak mentah ke pasaran antarabangsa dan Jabatan Pemasaran Dalam Negeri atau “Domestic Marketing Department (DMD)” untuk penjualan bahan petroleum di dalam negeri, khususnya melalui stesen-stesen servis.


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The oil and gas industry is facing a talent crunch

November 26, 2021

Really? How about a pay crunch? Laissez-faire don’t seem to work

Dateline 2021-11-11, NST:

THE 2022 Budget strives to address a wide variety of issues as Malaysia rebuilds its economy and moves beyond Covid-19.

Employment and upskilling of the workforce continue to be one of the key priority areas from the previous budget, seeing as lockdown measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 have had a substantial impact on jobs and sources of income across all industries, in particular oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE).

The OGSE industry has been facing challenges since the global economy was hit by one of the largest oil price declines back in mid-2014.

Minister defends greenhouse gas emission after under-reporting charge

November 25, 2021

Dateline 2021-11-10, Malaysiakini:

Environment and Water Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has defended Malaysia’s greenhouse gas emissions reporting mechanism after the country was accused of under-reporting to the UN.

This was in response to an investigative report by The Washington Post that said “skewed data” had enabled Malaysia to portray “73 percent” less emissions.

‘Done right, carbon tax can bring benefits’

November 24, 2021

I… think there’s a market here. Look at TheSpiffingBrit, https://youtu.be/F3M9-MxyCaQ “How @The Spiffing Brit broke the Kyoto Protocol”

Dateline 2021-11-09, The Edge:

THERE is probably never an appropriate time for a country to introduce carbon pricing or carbon tax but, if done right, it can bring benefits, experts say ahead of a key climate change conference that kicked off on Oct 31.

At the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, until Nov 12, nations around the world will be counted on to commit to new or tougher targets to help limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C.

“There is probably never an appropriate time to introduce a new tax … but carbon pricing is important, and carbon tax is one way of doing that,” said HSBC’s global head of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research Wai-Shin Chan.


November 23, 2021

How about paying people to STOP emitting greenhouse gasesd, among other SDGs. Follow the process safety mantra, remove, reduce, recycle, buy positive research.

dateline 2021-11-09, Natural Gas World:

ExxonMobil has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas on exploring the potential for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the southeast Asian country, the US major reported on November 8.

The pair will consider potential CCS sites offshore Peninsula Malaysia, sharing technical and infrastructure data for pipelines, facilities and wells.

The MoU comes a week after ExxonMobil signed a similar preliminary agreement to identify CCS opportunities in Indonesia with state-owned Pertamina.

Shell platform for Timi gas field to be powered by green energy

November 22, 2021

Umm, haven’t we had quite a few platforms running by green energy? I hear about them, usually accompanied by swearing as to how big solar panels are.

Dateline 2021-11-08, The Star:

Sarawak Shell Bhd has awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for a wellhead platform for Timi gas field, offshore Miri, to Brooke Dockyard & Engineering Works Corp. The unmanned platform will be Shell’s first wellhead platform in Malaysia powered by solar and wind hybrid power system. Timi is a sweet gas field discovered in 2018 under the SK318 PSC 200km offshore Miri, in which Sarawak Shell as the operator holding 75% equity.

Questions swirl around Petronas’ Kasawari CCS

November 15, 2021

Yea, baby. How about apply recycling’s mantra or reduce, reuse, recycle, bury deep?

Dateline 2021-11-03, Energy Voice:

The Malaysian government and state-backed Petronas have made commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions. However, these goals become particularly challenging when many undeveloped fields with high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide need to be tapped to backfill Malaysia’s LNG export complex in the coming years.

If emissions from these high CO2 fields are to be managed, then carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be a key enabler, according to IHS Markit. But it remains to be seen if the economics stack up and whether Malaysia can remain attractive in the context of a global upstream portfolio.

Posco International wins offshore gas project in Malaysia

November 12, 2021


Dateline 2021-11-02, Pulse:

Posco International Corp., a trading arm of South Korean steel giant Posco, has secured offshore natural gas exploration and production rights in Malaysia, accelerating its energy exploration push in natural resource-rich Southeast Asia.

Posco International said Monday that it signed a production sharing contract for Block PM524 natural gas field with Malaysia`s state-owned oil and gas company Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas). Under the contract, Posco International will explore and operate Block PM524, a 4,738 square-meter natural gas field located in the sea about 50 to 80 meters deep off the east coast of Malaysia.

Past clean-up not enough to turn around Sapura Energy — what’s next?

November 11, 2021

Dateline 2021-10-30, The Edge:

Sapura Energy Bhd’s latest quarterly loss of RM1.52 billion was a big surprise to the market.

The company, which is 40%-owned by Permodalan Nasional Bhd, was expected to be better prepared having completed its RM10 billion debt refinancing in March. Oil prices doubled from last year to over US$80 (about RM331.28) per barrel. And the group even had a healthy order book of over RM7 billion.

Sapura Energy — arguably the largest Malaysia-listed oil and gas contractor — said that “the decrease was mainly contributed by provisions for foreseeable losses and higher project costs incurred for certain projects during the current quarter”.

Diving Tenggol 2021-10 2oo2

November 10, 2021

Sarawak can be an exporter of renewable energy to Singapore, says senator

November 9, 2021

Though, I think it would be better if they export to Kalimantan, with the new Indonesian capital and all.

Dateline 2021-10-29, The Star:

Sarawak has huge potential to be an exporter of renewable or low-carbon electricity to Singapore from its numerous hydroelectric dams, says Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew.

The Bawang Assan SUPP chairman said a submarine transmission cable from the state to Singapore is a practical idea.

“If we recall 30 years ago when Bakun was first announced, the plan was to lay an even longer submarine transmission cable to Peninsular Malaysia. I believe our state government would have thought of such potential and (will do) its best to explore that,” he said in a statement on Friday (Oct 29).