Sarawak needs more chemical engineers, says premier

November 3, 2022

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Dateline 2022-08-13, Malay Mail:

Sarawak needs more chemical engineers to support the state’s petrochemical industry, said Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg.

He said expertise in the field would be needed for Sarawak especially with two proposed petrochemical investments in Bintulu.

“There are two proposed investments (coming into Sarawak) with each valued at US$6 billion on the separation of gas which is a complicated process.

“Therefore with these investments coming in, we need a lot of chemical engineers in Sarawak,” he said in his speech at the Sarawak Branch Institution of Engineers (IEM) annual dinner here, last night.

IEM Shoutout – 2022-07 Annual Dinner

July 20, 2022

We still have seats available for the 23rd at Sunway Lagoon Hotel. A reminder that we still have seats, tables and sponsorship slots available. Please come and celebrate this year’s accomplishments with those of the engineering bent.

Shoutout – 2022-07 IEM Annual Dinner

June 6, 2022

To celebrate lifting of restrictions, and hopefully work picking up, could you support me as IEM Council Member / Oil & Gas Tech Div Member / Corporate Affairs Stand Comm Sec (… you get the idea), and purchase a table or 3? Hey, and perhaps I’ll arrange After Dark entertainment…

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Shout Out – IEM 2022-06 Marine Industry Conference

May 30, 2022

IEM is organising the 1st Malaysia Marine Industry Conference, on 22nd June 2022 (palindrome right there). Register here (physical presence) or here (Meta presence). Please, I need to get my reference numbers up.

and here is the brochure

Malaysia’s first ENGINEER and MARVEX exhibition sets to drive positive change for the economy

April 12, 2022

I was one of the backroom girls for an event.

Dateline 2022-03-01, The Star:

The Engineering and Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation (ACMV & R) industries in Malaysia will come together for four days from March 16 to showcase the future of engineering.

The features will be focusing on the latest solutions and technologies in sustainability, renewable energy, air quality and more towards progressing the nation’s engineering, ACMV and R industry as well as reigniting economic activity.

Shout Out – 2022-03 AER Open Day

March 2, 2022

I’m MCing this event, so turn up and register. I need the headcount to get paid a bonus on top of the base pay. The date is 5th March 2022.

Visit 22nJihaemkyeo9 to register. And visit AER to find and gawk at my name.

Shoutout – APCChE 2021-10

October 26, 2021

I’m giving a talk on Wed, 27th October, 2021. Spoilers, the subjects of the talk will be:

  • Infra – The Case of the Rebellious Infrastructure
  • Scheduling – The Case of the Wonky Schedule
  • ToR – The Case of The Amazing Assumptions and Bodacious Basis
  • Docs – The Case of the Mutating Scribblings
  • Multi Task – A Case of Smooshing Studies
  • Authority – The Case of The Disappearing Baron
  • Team member’s Seat
  • Leader – The Case of the Flubbing Conductor
  • Lost – Lost in Translation
  • Litigious- Going Down Fightin’

Register here. I mean, really, as there is no ‘smash that like button’ or ‘subscribe to help the algorithm’ nonsense here.

Shout Out – IECEx 2020-10

October 15, 2020

IEM invites you (yes, YOU!) to the IECEx National Virtual Conference 2020, 20th October (Tuesday) 8.30am to 5pm. Contact, or

Chemical Engineer, Hong Wai Onn, launches the first book that has come out with stories from the palm oil mills

September 21, 2020

Dateline 2020-08-19, World Front News:

Possessing a degree in chemical engineering may lead a graduate to think that there are narrow career options. Not so, says Hong Wai Onn in his memoir “A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry”. The impetus for leveraging his degree began with an internship while completing his studies at university. He soon discovered that much of what made a good chemical engineer, including changing raw materials into useful products, easily transferred into a job that would bring success in a rapidly growing, globally important industry. His innate passion for learning intensified as he learned more about the universality of palm oil, and as he embarked on the speaking circuit, he eventually crafted this memoir.

IEM Shout Out – 2020-05 Talk on “HAZOP”

May 6, 2020

My technical division will be hosting a talk on the 9th May 2020. No official CPD points, as it is a webinar. The talk will be presented by yours truly, so come and fill seats, especially since I am giving it during the fasting month.

A Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study is a formal, systematic and detailed examination of new or existing facilities. It focusses on the process, rather than risks from ‘outside the pipe’, which are better analyzed using other studies such as HIREC/ HAZID/ HER. A HAZOP assesses the hazard potential, causes and consequences on a facility when there are deviations to the operating conditions, or the manner of operations. Existing safeguards need are reviewed to determine whether they can eliminate the cause or minimize the consequence.

Ir. Razmahwata has 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, in both design and operations. He joined ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc shortly after graduation in 1995. In 1998, he was reassigned to EMEPMI’s operations department. His responsibility was to provide technical support to an offshore production facility. His tasks were varied, included troubleshooting day to day challenges, managing retrofit projects, and leading safety cases. He was made the Company’s custody metering engineer in 2001, charged with leading the exercise to ensure the Company compliance with industry and company specifications was enhanced. Whilst in Poyry, Ir. Razmahwata has been a Senior Process Engineer for SembCorp’s Betara project. He has HAZOP, HAZID and SIL workshop leadership experience on offshore facilities. He has recently worked on a secondment providing detailed design services to a tanker to FPSO conversion project in Singapore. He supported ExxonMobil in developing measurement manuals, and leading an exercise to validate 59,000 line items. He is currently the Lead Engineer of IGL Services Sdn Bhd.

Register here, or download the form here.