Associations engage Petronas to safeguard industry’s future

June 12, 2020

And the didn’t invite MOGEC. Where art thou?

Dateline 2020-05-21, NST:

Three associations representing the interests of the Malaysian oil and gas industry recently revealed they had engaged with Petronas to mitigate and address the current dire situation and circumstances affecting the industry.

Brought about by an unprecedented downturn due to the geopolitics of big oil producing countries, which has been amplified by the threat and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the associations — The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC), Malaysia Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) Owners’ Association (MOSVA), and the Malaysian Offshore Contractors Association (MOCA) — had a video conference meeting with the top leadership of Petronas last month.

During the meeting, the three associations representing over 500 companies and a workforce of 60,000, shared with Petronas the state of the industry and the challenges the companies were facing.

MOGSEC 2018-09

September 4, 2018

I”ve been asked to spread the word. Please register soonish, so as you don’t have to line up like the other muggles.

We are looking for exhibitors as well. Give your bosses the 2016 post show report, the brochures for the Sabah and Sarawak Pavilions, SME Pavillion, and most importantly, the forms to book space and sweet sponsorship deals. IGL clients, I am looking at you.

Do come and spend some money. Please.

MOGSEC 2018 Sabah Sarawak Pavilions Application for Space
MOGSEC 2018 SME Pavillion Application for Space
MOGSEC 2018 Application for Space
MOGSEC 2018 Sponsorship Flyer
MOGSEC 2016 Post Show Report
MOGSEC 2018 Brochure

No oil in Penang waters, says exco

June 30, 2017

And a follow on from a previous article. And MOGSC gets pulled in.

Dateline 2017-05-25, FMT:

There is no oil in Penang waters, an exco man told the state assembly today, following a DAP rep’s suggestion to halt reclamation and rely on possible oil reserves in the state’s waters for revenue.

Chow Kon Yeow (DAP-Padang Kota) said based on data from a petroleum industry study, there was no oil discovered in the waters of Penang.

Pointing out to an “Oil & Gas Map – Malaysia”, released during a petroleum industry convention in Kuala Lumpur in 2009, he said most of the oil was discovered on the east coast of Malaysia.

“Based on the National Oil and Gas Industries Body 2009 report published by the Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council, there is no oil in Penang waters,” Chow said in winding up his debate of thanks to the governor’s address today.


Marketing Rounds – MOGSEC 2016

November 16, 2016

Apart from a massive Pikachu spawn in the halls, I didn’t get to see much of the exhibition.

MOGSEC offers good platform for O&G firms to showcase products, services

November 10, 2016

If you parse the sentence incorrectly, you wonder why Sharifah is called the First Lady. Is her husband Mr. President now?

Dateline 2016-09-29, NST:

Since it was first held in 2012, the Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Exhibition and Conference (MOGSEC) has become a prominent showcase for the local oil and gas (O&G) industry.

Jointly organised by Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council (MOGSC) and Malaysian Exhibition Services Sdn Bhd, the third edition of the exhibition this year promises another excellent platform for local products and services providers to showcase their capabilities.

The event will also demonstrate the country’s strategic position as a hub for O&G services.

MOGSC first lady president Sharifah Zaida Nurlisha said MOGSEC 2016 is an excellent platform for those in the industry to update themselves on technological front as it will showcase local and home-based expertise, products and services from service providers in the oil, gas and energy industries.


Marketing Rounds – MOGSC CORAL 2.0 Tech Standards and Late Life

September 9, 2015

I was honoured to be one of the facilitators for the day. Though, time will tell if they invite me back.

IMG_20150702_091452_HDR-001 IMG_20150702_091421_HDR-001 IMG_20150702_110631_HDR-001


October 22, 2014

I paid a quick visit to MOGSEC 2014, and caught up with a few people. Alfameli, yumm.


New O&G group aims to help Sabah firms get bigger slice of industry pie

October 14, 2014

I pronounce MOGSC as Mog-see. SOGSC, Sog-gy? And how come there is no mention of MOGSC in the article?

Dateline 2014-08-02, Malay Mail:

A newly-formed group is aiming to provide oil-and-gas sector suppliers in Sabah with the needed skills and contacts to tap into the industry that offers tens of billions of ringgit in jobs.

Calling itself the Sabah Oil and Gas Services Council (SOGSC), it says it will aggressively conduct technical programmes in collaboration with key industry players such as Petronas to enable members to gain the expertise to service such companies.

“The potential for Sabah’s oil and gas industry is extremely high, and we need to leverage this to better benefit Sabahan service providers.

“Currently they are not well-equipped with the right skills and knowledge to support the industry and jobs are going out to foreign companies from West Malaysia and elsewhere,” said SOGSC secretary Willie Ng during a press conference here today.

MOSGEC 2014 – Welcoming Speech Transcript

September 29, 2014

To the young reporter I coshed over the head to get this transcript, my apologies. The dent will disappear, I promise.

Among the linkbait in this transcript:

The oil, gas and energy sector has long been a pillar of our country’s economy, contributing about 30% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and approximately 40 percent of the country’s revenue. It has been identified as one of the key thrusts in Malaysia’s journey to transform Malaysia into a high-income nation, under the Prime Minister’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

At present, Malaysia (as at 01 January 2013) has approximately 22.2 billion barrels oil equivalent of oil and gas reserves. We are also the third largest gas reserves holder in the Asia Pacific Region (behind China and Indonesia) and ranked 15 among the world’s holder of the natural gas reserves.

The first application of EOR technology is now being implemented at the Tapis oil field, offshore Terengganu. (Wasn’t this supposed to be Angsi?)

To make some money, I have published the transcript here or here. Please buy a copy, so that I can afford to polish my Volvo 244 once every quarter.

Petronas Confident In Bumiputera Firms’ Ability, Says MOGSC

February 15, 2014

Dateline 2013-12-27, Malaysian

The contracts worth about RM300 billion awarded by Petronas to Bumiputera firms in the last five years show their high level of competitiveness and credibility, said the Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council (MOGSC).

MOGSC president Sofiyan Yahya said Bumiputera firms’ level of activity in the oil and gas industry can be seen in the council, 90 per cent of whose 450 members are Bumiputera companies.

“MOGSC is willing to support Bumiputera firms who want to venture into this sector,” he told Bernama.