Recruitment – Looking for Engineers

As a favour to an ex-colleague, I am reposting this job opening for experienced engineers. The position is Malaysia based. As far as I can understand, there are positions for 10+ and 5+ years offshore experience. You’ll be working with an FPSO, and out on the field a lot. In this case, all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Send an email here if you are interested. And I get to vet the applications.

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  1. wan says:

    Is there any chance for internship?

    • Wata says:

      wan: I’ll advertise when I need interns.

      • wan says:

        Appreciate if you could contact / refer me to companies looking for interns (engineering: ME, EE, Civil, Petroleum, Chemical) as i m a coordinator for internship at UTP. TQ.

      • Wata says:

        wan: I would try MOGEC (Malaysian Oil & Gas Engineering Consultants) if you want to place engineers. I would also contact would be the HR / Public affairs of the various PSCs. I would have thought UTP would be in an excellent position to influence PETRONAS to implement MOGEC’s aim of getting new engineers (and perhaps trainees) a mandatory part of any work done for the UDCs.
        Don’t forget that there’s a slowdown at the moment, it’s difficult to get any jobs out here.

      • wan says:

        Contacted PETRONAS HR all, but as you said – thr s a slowdown n places are lmtd but number of interns increasing (not only UTP but otehr uni as well).I need to try all available resources. Besides more n more interns are interested in O&G.

        TQ for info and advice.

  2. faizal says:

    Dear Mr. Watta;

    I’m faizal, a mechanical engineering fresh graduate of UNITEN. Is there any vacancy in your company for an entry level position or any contact which suits for my job? Please advise..Tq

  3. fendi says:

    Does reccession seriously affected the O&G business?
    Need ur honest opinion as an experienced in the business.

    • Wata says:

      Short answer: yes. Oil Projects have been shelved because it is not economical to pursue them. Consider that revenue is unit price x number units sold, and that oil’s unit price and demand has dropped, then it’s a bleak picture. Gas projects seem to be going on as there still is a demand for this commodity. We hope that national companies step up to the plate, and carry out a semblance of civic duty (i.e. keep awarding contracts) to keep O&G suppliers from tanking. But, it’s a good market for cash rich companies to get the best deals and lock in the low prices now, ready for making more money during the coming good times.

  4. Jabbathehutt says:

    I think the oil and gas indusry is more interested in pinching trained staff then getting graduates.

    Additional skill on your CV like mowing lawn, washing boss’ car, helping to clean pantry is a added advantage.

  5. anwar says:

    dear mr wata,

    i’ll be a fresh graduate in engineering soon. so, i think before i’ll join the o&g, i would like to join the graduate program from any o&g company. is it a good choice? and can i have your email address?

    thank you.

    • Wata says:

      Anwar: if you have a 1st class degree from a well known university (Cambridge, Ivy League, UM) then maybe you can get onto a fast track program. If not, remember this is a recession, and a buyer’s market. There is no ‘try b4 buy’ program, esp. by the O&G companies.

  6. Adzrian says:

    I’m suggesting for the undergraduates to do intern with Vendor for Oil & gas. For example, if you are an EE student, you may join Yokogawa, Emerson Process, Foxboro etc

    • yusof says:

      I’m an EE undergraduate student and going to do my internship next year. I’m really interested doing my internship in a field of control and instrumentation. Do you have any other company names other than the name you mention above?

  7. Ace says:

    I’m material engineering student from usm, taking subjects relevant to petroleum engineering . is it any possibility to join O&G industry? what will be the job field? can Mr Wata show me a path to join O&G industry ? ( i’m interested to work as field engineer)

    • Wata says:

      Ace: for field engineer, join a service company. Read the papers a lot, and me the requirements before attempting to apply.
      Give me a donation, and I will submit your CVs to any that I come across.

  8. Jabbathehutt says:

    Economic is not slow, its a standstill.

    People are still dreaming about a lot of money…… good… keep dreaming your life away

    • candy says:

      do you forsee support jobs opening for support staff like administration by next month.
      Most of the positions there are availabe are for technical. What is your opinion? I am looking for one .

      • Wata says:

        candy: there should be positions for support staff. I don’t write them down because I’m not interested in them. As jabba says “(economy) at a standstill”. I suggest grabbing any job you can find, since support is support is support, no matter what industry.

  9. Jabbathehutt says:

    every in malaysia is looking a job, and if wata can find everyone a job on his blog, i suggest he be the next prime minister of malaysia to solve our country’s economical problem.

  10. Iskay says:

    Hi, I’m looking a new jobs in O & G industry stationed in Kelantan. I have an experience about 3 years in designing of offshore structures. Any vacancies???

    • Wata says:

      Iskay: I’m impressed there’s an O&G industry in Kelantan. Can you share what you are doing? As for your own personal situation, what you see on my blog is what you get. You can try and apply to the non-advertising companies in Paka, but that’s not guaranteed.

      Now, if you were a process eng with 5 yrs experience, and pass our patented Synergy ‘strafing run’ interview (“we leave our interviewees shell shocked”), then we can start talking.

  11. Maya says:

    Dear Mr. Wata,
    I hope you can post this ad,too. Universal Staffing is a licensed recruitment Agency in the Philippines. We were assigned by Kuwait Oil Company to recruit in their behalf, Malaysian Engineers for Oil and gas.
    resumes can be sent to

    Thank you!

    Our client Kuwait Oil company is
    seeking experienced personnel to fill the following positions: Known as
    the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf Kuwait has both a cosmopolitan and
    traditional society in which the new employees will find welcoming
    people and a safe environment in which to work and live. The country
    has no sales or income taxes and the State is enjoying a boom in the
    building of modern infrastructure of Shops, School and Houses.

    Selected candidates will be invited for INTERVIEW by KOC delegates.
    Shorlisted candidates wilt be notified of the date & venue of interview.

    • salleh says:

      Hi Maya,

      How m is the treatment given to Malaysian Oil & Gas professional in Kuwait? As I understand most of them are there on single status and if they are there on married status the kids are being enrol into Pakistani school not Western International School.

      • Maya says:

        Hi Salleh,

        The Company will cover ninety percent (90%) of actual school tuition fees only for the education of up to a maximum of (4) children between the ages of (4) and (19) years of age (children must be in Kuwait with valid residence) . The type of school is determined by the passport nationality of the employee.

      • salleh says:

        Hi Maya,

        What about the salary and other perks such as housing and transportation as standard of living in Kuwait is quite expensive.
        when you said type of school is determine by the nationality, does this mean Malaysian are not eligable to enter Western School?

  12. Nala says:

    Dear Wata,

    I’m currently looking for engineering position at oil and gas industry,
    I have 2 years experience in workshop handling and genset commisioning/services.
    Kindly update if any position available.


  13. srikrishna says:

    respected madam,
    this is srikrishna completed by B.Tech Mechanical Engg. this year . iam waiting for an opportunity in your oil and gas engineer company as my responsible i am sending my CV. i am waiting for your reply.
    thank u.

    • Wata says:

      Jabba: please, this one is wide open for you (all puns intended).

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      Srikrishna, you are an idiot.

      1. Wata is a male. (i guess you are an idiot and blind)
      2. Srikrisna completed by what? (first time i see persons physically screwed by a degree)
      3. B.Tech (what sort of degree is that? BEng or BSc…. BTech…. Bodoh Tech)
      4. Wait you shall!
      5. Sending CV to who?

      From deduction, this guy is another idiot from one of our Asian neighbour, where his degree is used to swept the streets of delhi.

  14. Jamshaid Alam says:

    Respected Sir,
    With best regard I state that I am Jamshaid Alam an Engineering Geologist working with Integrity Geosciences Pvt. Ltd.Navi Mumbai. I have More than 1.5 yrs. experience in the field of geology and also in project management. I had worked in various projects with Integrity Geosciences Pvt. Ltd..It has come to my knowledge through your website that there are some vacancies for the post of Geologist in your company. I am the eligible candidate according to your eligibility criteria for the above mentioned post. I am sending my curriculum vitae to you as attachment file.
    I shall be extremely thankful to you.
    Kindly gave me a chance to serve your esteemed company.

    Thanking you
    Your’s Sincerely
    Jamshaid Alam
    Geologist/Engineering Geologist
    Integrity Geosciences Pvt. Ltd.
    B 306/307, Sai Sangam,
    3rd Floor, Plot No.85,
    Sector- 15,
    C.B.D. Belapur,
    Navi Mumbai.400614

    • Wata says:

      Jamshaid: GeOlogist, EnGIneer… nope, can’t see how you move from one word to the other. Jabba, you want to handle this?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      hmmm, where did your knowledge came from. You’re hearing voices from the devil.

      Anyway, geologist, with MORE THAN 1.5 yrs. that’s enough to qualify to make coffee for me.

      Whatever your question, the answer is NO.

  15. Jabbathehutt says:

    let local engineers be hired first. ain’t no way jabba is hiring an indian and pay for work permit if his experience is limited to find water.

  16. al siediq says:

    hi..WATA…I’m siediq, I am looking for a vacancy in internship. I am the 3rd year student of Petroleum Engineering in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I will be doing my internship mid of month 2010 . I am looking to work with an oil and gas there any suggestion?…mean i need a guidance which companies is suitable for me..tq…

  17. figue says:

    Mr Wata,
    I am very interested in drilling. with no offshore experience, and despite having work in civil construction line for less than a year, I could hardly find any firms that offer drilling engineer trainee jobs for fresh grads n entry levelists. They say a drilling eng needs at least 5 years drilling exp. Donno where to start with in drilling.So would you gimme some advice? any local contractors tht do the drill? TQ.

  18. Beary says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am Barry recently i graduated from my BEng(Hons) Mechanical engineering with 2nd upper class from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. i just got back from UK currently looking for job in Malaysia or anywhere actually if its possible as long as im able to have a the experiance. Currently after i got back from UK ive been taking courses, for about a few months now for example TWI CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector, TWI BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspection, safety course, SEA survival, Autodusk CAD, Autodusk inventor. But im sorry to say i have no experiance in the working world. i did my final year project on corrosion and protection. Im willing to learn. im a malaysian i can speak both bahasa malaysia, English, Mandarin, i also understand Tagalog.
    I just wanna thank you in advance. i hope you would consider thank you once again

  19. Suki Gill says:

    Dear Wan,

    I’m a Petroleum Engineer with more than 4-years experience with Schlumberger. I’ve spent the last 3 years working in Australia as a Field Engineer in the Drilling & Measurements segment. This allowed myself to gain in-depth understanding of both onshore and offshore drilling and rig operations.

    I’m proficient with various E&P applications in particular Drilling Engineering and Production Surveillance and Field Data Management. am very interested in drilling. with no offshore experience, and despite having work in civil construction line for less than a year, I could hardly find any firms that offer drilling engineer trainee jobs for fresh grads n entry levelists. They say a drilling eng needs at least 5 years drilling exp. Donno where to start with in drilling.So would you gimme some dvice? any local contractors tht do the drill? TQ.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      This is a proper request. People should follow how to ask a question/advice.

      Anyway, do you only want to work in Msia?

      For drilling engineer, you need to find places that have more operators/EP companies. Example, indonesia have about 190+ EP companies, mostly small companies, where they value good drilling people with your experience. Start with one of them and the work your way to bigger more reputable employers.

    • Rig Rat says:

      Why not remain in Australia? I know they have a booming CSG/CBM industry.
      Although unconventional, they usually drill plenty of holes into the coal seam.

      Plenty of MWD and DD engineers required there since the wells are drilled surface to inseam.

  20. Beary says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am Barry recently i graduated from my BEng(Hons) Mechanical engineering with 2nd upper class from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. i just got back from UK currently looking for job in Malaysia or anywhere actually if its possible as long as im able to have a the experiance. Currently after i got back from UK ive been taking courses, for about a few months now for example TWI CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector, TWI BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspection, safety course, SEA survival, Autodusk CAD, Autodusk inventor. But im sorry to say i have no experiance in the working world. i did my final year project on corrosion and protection. Im willing to learn. im a malaysian i can speak both bahasa malaysia, English, Mandarin, i also understand Tagalog.

    I just wanna thank you in advance. i hope you would consider thank you once again

    • Wata says:

      Beary: What’s ‘Autodusk’? What are you doing now to secure a job? You may want to rewrite your comment again, using capital letters and punctuation marks. Or write in BM or Mandarin. Or stop using a Universal Translator.

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      yeah, its funny no punctuations mark.

      Hertfordshire…. nice place.

      I think he means Autodesk Inventor.

    • Rig Rat says:


      You can apply work in the UK perhaps since you just completed studies there.

      It is better in terms of salary, prospects etc.

      Just my two cents. I am not intending to drive you away but there is no hard and fast rules that will assure you of a job here.

  21. Sahri says:

    Hi Mr Wata,

    I’ve read you advertisement regarding the recruitment for the O&G engineer.

    I’m interested to join in, but what i’m facing now is i have 2+ years working experience which not related to O&G industry.

    FYI, i have a bachelor degree in mechanical.

    Currently I’ve search several O&G services company but they totally disregard my application due to the lack of experience in O&G.

    My question is, how can a person like me to enter the O&G industry if they just looking for experienced people in O&G.

    Looking forward for your advice.

    Research Engineer, Aircraft Composite

    • Wata says:

      Sahri: PSC companies might value your expertise if you join them. Service companies who sell services on a manhour rate may not, as the same PSC companies who may hire you directly will balk at paying for an engineer without industry experience.

      Your best bet: keep an eye on job opportunities for graduates.

      For a donation, I can look at your CV, and give you comments on how to tailor for Jabba… sorry, the O&G employers.

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      look, the industry is very competitive. to be honest, you won’t get a job in oil and gas if you don’t know anyone.

      Ja-Hutt’s first job was through personal recommendation. You think its easy if you have a good degree with very good cv, then you’re wrong.

      anyway, try hard, and you get better chances if you start in smaller companies. if you want to go for big companies, find out if they have graduate training program (if they have grad prog, then they will take graduates, if not, tough).

      • Rig Rat says:

        Yeah agree to what Jabba said except for the recommendation bit.

        Work your way up. Try starting with a service firm forget looking for big oil companies. Besides they do not do the work or know nuts.

        Don’t go for big and fancy service cos both blue and red that most grads go to just start small.

        Although they pay peanuts (I mean really small money)but you will pick up quick.

        The money is sweet but the pain is real.

  22. dollah says:

    Mr wata,

    did u ever deals with SWIBER OFFSHORE?If have,give me some info about this company..

    Thanks a lot

    • Wata says:

      Dollah: I have not done any business with Swiber Offshore.

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      have lots of friends in Swiber at management level, but what do you expect to know?

      what are you joining as? engineer, security guard or what?

      you need to be more specific. but then again, if someone ask a question, “I am joining petronas, what do you know about them?” how you want to answer?

      If I know you name, I’ll ask swiber not to hire you.

  23. Beary says:

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Barry, recently I graduated from BEng(Hons) Mechanical engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

    I just got back in Malaysia from UK. Currently i’m interested in finding a job here or anywhere, if its possible field work as long as I learn and gain experiance.

    I’ve been taking courses, ever since i got back from UK. Courses i took so far is as stated below:

    1)TWI CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector
    2)TWI BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspection
    3)safety course
    4)SEA survival
    5)Autodesk CAD
    6)Autodesk inventor
    7)NDT-Surface testing
    – Magnetic Particale Testing(MT)
    – Penetrant Testing (PT)
    – Visual Testing (VT)

    Most of the courses above was done at The Welding Institute (TWI).

    I do not have any experience. I did my final year project on corrosion and protection.
    I’m willing to learn. I’m a Malaysian.
    Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin.

    I just wanna thank you in advance. I hope you would consider thank you once again.

  24. KhongKH says:

    Dear Mr. Wata,
    I am Khong and will age 30 this year. I am holding a degree in mechanical engineering. I involve in production ans improvement in manufacturing sector thoughout my 7 years of career. I have a very high spirit to join oil and gas sector especially in the offshore eventhough fail to get in via plenty of application. I would appreciate to have your advise and recommendations to achieve my career goal.

    • Wata says:

      KhongKH: I don’t think there’s much from production and improvement you can claim credit for from production and improvement that will entice operators to hire you as an experienced hand, though I suppose if you tailor your CV to the companies needs, you might increase your chances. I suggest looking at the manufacturers or suppliers to the O&G industry. Go look at the MOGSC directory, and see which of those companies grab your fancy.

  25. Alberto says:

    i am not Malaysian fresh graduated, from Birmingham University in Bsc Mechanical. I wish i can apply for engineer position. I currently living in Malaysia since i will getting marry with Malaysian girl.

    • Wata says:

      Alberto: we all wish we can apply for engineer position. Don’t know about you, but I am looking at the accredited courses provided by the Engineering Council, and I can’t see BSc Mechanical for Birmingham U. You sure you want to apply for an engineering position?

    • Rig Rat says:

      Nice one. Get a PR first, get a job while you are at it then get married.

  26. cindi says:

    MSE/MMHE malay corrupted directors pakat with FILIPINOS recruiter and make million ringgit in manpower supply. They employed incompetent and inexperienced Filipinos engineer who use their experience in MSE to get better pay in Saudi.

    This Filipino never work in oil and gas project before but get job in MSE getting salary RM7,000 per month.


    look at the CV of this filipino engineer without relevant experience getting RM7,000 working in MSE/MHHE. He use MSE as a training center to get better job in Saudi.

    MSE is very stupid to become used as training center by FILIPINOS engineer to gain relevant oil and gas experience and get better pay later in Saudi. Very very stupid.

    3. Company Name: MSE-Malaysia Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd
    Position Title: Mechanical / Piping Engineer
    Position Level: Junior Executive
    Specialization: RM 7000
    Industry: Date Joined: Feb 2003 Date Left: Dec 2006


    Last Update: 10 January 2010

    Personal Particulars
    Age: 37 years Date of Birth: 05 October 1972
    Nationality: Philippines Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Married

    Educational Background
    Highest Education
    Level: Bachelor’s Degree Grade: Pass/Non-gradable
    Field of Study: Engineering (Mechanical)
    Major: Mechanical
    Institute / University: Western Mindanao State University
    Located In: Philippines Graduation Date: Oct 1993

    Second Highest Education
    Level: Master’s Degree Grade: Pass/Non-gradable
    Field of Study: Education/Teaching/Training 25 units
    Major: Secondary
    Institute / University: Basilan State College
    Located In: Philippines Graduation Date:

    Certification Year Obtained
    HVAC 2001
    Computer Aided Drafting & Design 1996
    Computer-Aided Sprinkler System Design 2001

    Employment History

    1. Company Name: SEPAM – PM&C Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd
    Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Complex – Jubail
    Position Title: Piping Engineer
    Position Level: Senior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Piping
    Industry: Construction/Oil & Gas
    Monthly Salary: SR9000
    Date Joined: Oct 2009 Date Left: Present

    Work Description:
    Designated as Piping Engineer – An experienced Piping & Mechanical Construction Engineer with good experience and a proven track record of success within PMC and EPC working environments. Reporting directly to the senior construction engineer and senior piping engineer. Monitor all contractor and sub-contractor pipe fabrication and installation, hydrotest, pneumatic test and controlled bolting operations being carried out at the Saudi Kayan (Sabic) Polycarbonate Project. Co-ordinate between piping and hydrotest to ensure unit construction, installation and pre-commissioning progresses to the approved manufacturing plans, erection plans. Ensure that drawings are correctly interpreted and carried out including field inspection testing requirements to ensure quality of works meets Quality and specifications. Liaise with engineering, design and drawing departments to resolve day to day issues.

    2. Company Name: Mohammad Al-Mojil Group/Rabigh Refinery & Petrochemical Co.- Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Complex / Utilities and Flare Area Project – Jubail
    Position Title: Mechanical / Piping Engineer
    Position Level: Senior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Mechanical
    Industry: Construction/Oil & Gas
    Monthly Salary: SR8650
    Date Joined: Jan 2007 Date Left: Mar 2009

    Work Description:
    Designated as Mechanical / Piping Engineer– Tasks in supervising engineering works within assigned scope of works, area of responsibility and projects. Quantify the volume of work on each assigned specific discipline of the given bid documents as per available bid-drawings, applicable reference documents and the bid scope of works. Establish estimated direct man-hours, consumables, bill of materials, equipment line-up, sub-contract quotation and cost summary. Review latest revision of isometric drawings, plot plans, general arrangement and mechanical/equipment. Review and estimate/prepare cost summary on additional works as per contract.

    Identify company’s major supplied permanent plant materials and sub-contract items. Prepare materials Cost Request for Sub-contract Quotation. Attend and prepare report of Job-Ex. meeting and site visit. Coordinates with other disciplines with regards to interfacing of works to eliminate double charging and identify missing items. Supervise on preparation of Cutting sheets for spools and pipe supports. Performs other duties and functions as required by immediate superior.

    3. Company Name: MSE-Malaysia Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd
    Position Title: Mechanical / Piping Engineer
    Position Level: Junior Executive
    Specialization: RM 7000
    Industry: Date Joined: Feb 2003 Date Left: Dec 2006

    Monthly Salary:

    Work Description:
    Designated as Mechanical / Piping Engr. – Pipe and pipe supports design task, preparation of basic piping design, specifications, data sheets. Identification of materials and thorough knowledge of standards. Prepare technical/engineering queries and issuance of P.O. Preparation of work packages for fabrication and installation. Review latest fabrication isometric drawings, mechanical/equipment drawings, pipe supports, general arrangement including plot plans and other documentations.

    Given the responsibility to prepare report/Conduct work scoping to determine constructability and identify potential clashes during work execution, Instruction & Procedure for Testing and Commissioning. Also site visiting during work execution to assist and give technical support to construction key personnel. Prepare working drawings of different MSE projects (Tioman T9 Self Drilling Tender Barge, Conversion of YOHO oil tanker, Construction of Platform Kizomba B, Construction of E11 Rejuvenation of Sarawak Shell Berhad).

    4. Company Name: Basilan State College
    Position Title: College Instructor
    Position Level: Senior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Mechanical
    Industry: Education
    Monthly Salary: Peso 19000
    Date Joined: Apr 2002 Date Left: Jan 2003

    Work Description:
    College Instructor. Teaching mathematics, Estimates and Computer – Aided Engineering CAD/CAE such as AutoCAD, HVAC and Sprinkler.

    Other Duties and responsibilities besides the above involve in the design, monitoring and maintenance of school HVAC and sprinkler system.

    5. Company Name: Office of the municipal mayor
    Position Title: Mechanical Engineer
    Position Level: Senior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Mechanical
    Industry: Government
    Monthly Salary: Peso 18000
    Date Joined: Oct 2000 Date Left: Mar 2002

    Work Description:
    Designated as Mechanical Engineer for the construction and maintenance of water and sewage treatment plant for Tuburan District. Duties and responsibilities include preparing daily reports, job diaries, narratives, and all other regular and special documentation as determined by the water and sewage treatment needs.

    6. Company Name: Hussein Al-Ali Establishment
    Position Title: Mechanical Engineer/E&I
    Position Level: Senior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Mechanical
    Industry: Construction/Building
    Monthly Salary: U$ 1850
    Date Joined: Sep 1998 Date Left: Sep 2000

    Work Description:
    Designated as Mechanical/E&I Engineer for the maintenance and operation of Onshore oil project, Eastern Province for the period of 13-months. Also given a responsible for the preparation of working drawings of different ARAMCO projects for bidding using CADD system or MicroStation/Intergraph.

    Execute and Coordinate projects with plant supervisors and monitor progress to ensure timely completion.

    7. Company Name: Sharikat Abubakr Bin Abdullah dan Anak-Anak,

    Position Title: Resident Engineer-1
    Position Level: Junior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Mechanical/Electrical
    Industry: Construction
    Monthly Salary: B$ 1000
    Date Joined: Apr 1997 Date Left: Mary 1998

    Work Description:
    Monitoring of the ongoing construction & make an accomplishment report on a day to day basis. As CADD operator responsible for the preparation of shop drawings as well as detailing using Autocad release 12.

    8. Company Name: Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA)
    Position Title: Mechanical Supervisor-1
    Position Level: Junior Executive
    Specialization: Engineering – Mechanical
    Industry: Government
    Monthly Salary: U$ 900
    Date Joined: Apr 1994 Date Left: Mar 1996

    Work Description:
    Maintenance for the standby power generator and the military vehicles. Liaising and coordinating with external sub-contractors and responsible for the preparation of monthly and weekly program schedule and plan.

    Top Skills
    Skill Years Proficiency
    AutoCad 5 Advanced
    Computer-Aided Cost Estimator 3 Intermediate
    Primavera 1 Intermediate

    Proficiency (0=Poor – 10=Excellent)
    Language Spoken Written
    Filipino 10 10
    English 9 9
    Melayu 9 9
    Arabic 5 5

    Additional Info
    I am a well motivated, self starter, able to rise to a challenge and work with minimum of supervision. I’m ready to accept the challenges to test my skills at any level.

    Training/Seminars Attended:
    Course: Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
    Conducted by: Western Mindanao State University
    Inclusive date: November 1990 to April 1991

    Course: Industrial Plant Safety & Fire Protection & Prevention
    Conducted by: Western Mindanao State University
    Fire Protection/Department of Labor & Employment
    Inclusive date: January 1993

    Course: Basic Automotive
    Conducted by: Western Mindanao State University
    Inclusive date: June to October 1993

    Course: Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD)
    Conducted by: CadVision Engineering Technology
    Inclusive date: May 1996

    Course: Consumer Electronics
    Conducted by: NMYC, Department of Labor & Employment
    Inclusive date: April to May 1989

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      cindi, i agree.

      but you can’t do this.

      what i’d expect is you publish his name, and handphone number, and we’ll call the immigration for you.

    • hess says:

      cindi,lu budak kecik apa tahu itu MSE!Jgn lu punya tahi busuk sejamban..pandai berak pandai flush ok!

  27. javed momin says:

    im 12th pass and i like to be coating and painting inspector from when can i do these coures. and its is suitble for the person who dont have any previous experince. pls show me the correct path to get suceec

    • Wata says:

      javed momin: to succeed, how about first writing coherently?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      don’t write a comments if you’re drunk.

      you can’t even pass the “O” Level basic maths with that english…..

      you can do this course if you can read english.

      you’ll make a good farmer.

  28. Al Raffar says:


    Dear Wata,

    Your site is super interesting. Once i started reading your site content, i am glued to your evolving knowledge/opinion base website.

    I am a mechanical engineering graduate by education.I have LAN, Internetworking (narrowband & broadband), Enterprise level wireless networking and now steam turbine (mechanical plus little electrical) experiences. All hands-on jobs. How do i cross match these skills in O&G industry? I planned to be a consultant someday, but havent found a specific traits that i can pursue. Any ideas that can shed some light in the industry?

    • Wata says:

      Al Raffar: Wa ‘alaikum salam. My question is, how do you cross match your experience in other industries? If you want to build on both skills, I guess you need to create a new service category, supply ‘Net monitoring software for turbines? Creating a program that can design turbines that is optimised for network usage?

      • Al Raffar says:

        Dear Wata & Jabba-TH and others,

        Salam and Selamat menyambut Eid Mubarak.

        You point is noted and they all make sense at every sentences. Kudos for your knowledge and expertise yet again.

        Insya Allah, with persuasiveness and constant pouring my effort in converting applications into interview calls/job offers, I see myself comfortable working for power generating rotating machineries, while I am open to other job descriptions as well.

        I am sure there are lots of job offers in O&G industry, but might I ask from you, which Organizations or the likes that place their Engineers for multiple sites within Malaysia, the region and worldwide alike? Though I am being specific diverging to more general type of positions, your answer is indeed appreciated.

        FYI, my experienced started off with network-based engineer and now with couple of years in turbine works (mechanical and electrical jobs)

        Thanks in advance for your suave and straight-to-the-heart wisdom!


  29. Halim says:

    Assalamualaikum and good day Mr Wata,
    I’m a fresh graduate of B. Eng(Industrial Electronic) and I’m interested in oil and gas field. I have undergo my internship for 6 month in oil & gas sub-contractor company (electrical & instrumentation) at SDE yard in pasir gudang. If you don’t mind, would you share some company list(sub-contractor or vendor)here.I’m currently job hunting and want to start developing my work experience first before applying to big companies.Another matter is, I’m thinking to take the CSWIP 3.0 cert soon.and recently, I’ve just found the International Welding Engineer (IWE) course. From your opinion, which 1 have better prospect and which 1 should I take as a fresh grad?

    • Wata says:

      Halim: Wa’alaikum salam. If do want to work with the big companies, try applying to them directly. Of course, they will be looking for the cream of the crop, so your success rate depends on your academic qualifications and your personality. If you still want a list of smaller companies, you can start looking at MOGEC or MOGSC member lists.
      Your second question indicates you do not know what you want in the future. Do you want to continue in Electronics, or move to a new career as welder? I suggest you figure out what interests you, or at least will drive you to continue climbing a clear progression ladder.

      • Halim says:

        Thanks for the answer.
        All this idea about CSWIP 3.0 and IWE things comes to me during my internship session in SDE yard. I’ve been doing welding inspection (visual) for E&I stuff for 6 month and I’ve met some people in the E&I field that posses this kinda certs (CSWIP 3.0 / 3.1) and they said it’ll be an advantage in my resume.I’ve been told that WI are well’s how it comes..hehe..

    • hess says:

      you can try Dayang..ksb phase 1..and meet tengku laksamana for safety briefing..what a nice name..n Shahpadu..PERWAJA is looking Special grade Artisan and steam engineer grade 1.I heard they will setup blast furnace and upgrading fume extraction systems…attn to Hj Amdam Khalid..KBC has a big problems regarding their plant looking engineer..try sent cv to them…good luck who those interested.

  30. hairul says:

    mr wata;

    any vacancy in synergy as a process engineer?now i’m thinking to back into engineering division.FYI,before i worked with msia oil and gas construction as project engr in pasir gudang and now with offshore oil and gas as HSE in singapore.from your opinion,what are the chances to jump back into engineering with the HSE position at this time being?

    • Wata says:

      hairul: if we have vacancies, I will post them.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      your experience, short answer : NO

      • hairul says:

        mr jabba;

        then now i just need to follow the flow as hse guy?but i think with the combination of engineering background and hse will give me better understanding the project execution.put the safety at top in every design aspect.i’m the one that don’t like to stick with one roles.if can i want to be involve in whole cycle of project(project,qc,e&i,drillg,etc.)

  31. Jabbathehutt says:

    HSE is a hype. Really, the best HSE guy i knew was a political science graduate working at site.


    1. Safety can only make money if you are in technical safety. this is done by company like ERM/Trident/DnV/Llyods.

    2. Rolling stone grows no moss, no such thing as involve in whole cycle, unless you become the president of an oil company….that’s bullshit. don’t you see even the VP is still divided to VP drilling, VP operations, VP marketing….

  32. Muhammad Hafiz B. Jaraih says:

    Dear Mr. Watta;

    I’m Hafiz, a Gas Mechanical fresh graduate of IKM JB. Is there any vacancy in your company for an entry level position or any contact which suits for my job? Please advise..Tq

  33. Zafran says:

    Salam Mr Wata,

    I’m seeking for job in oil and gas company, can u give some advice. I have experience in calibration instruments in MOX, Air Liquide and Air product. Graduate in Dip.Mech(UTM) and have 5years experience working (as oil & gas contractor) and now i’m thinking to take certificate from SIRIM for calibration in specific instruments.Thanks.

    • Wata says:

      Zafran: I would suggest you contact companies that are involved in providing calibration services of instruments in custody transfer applications, like Sense Services or SGS. Normal calibration in an O&G PSC is usually carried out by the instrument techs.

      Or rethink your career plans.

      • Zafran says:

        Actually I like to be 1 of O&G tech but since I have applied and there is no feedback from them.Do you have any suggestion? and I like to work in O&G company since it can generate my knowledge and experience.Thanks.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      if there are no feedback, the simple answer is you are not good enough.

      maybe you can do the following;

      1. cry
      2. pray
      3. donate to wata (and still get no guarantee).

      personnaly, a career change (like wata said, rethink your plans) is required. be a gigolo, be the best you can.

  34. Zafran says:

    Ok. there are good suggestion i think. maybe u have done it before..

  35. choonhong says:


    Im 4th year chemical engineering student and looking for internship in the end of this year, dec to feb 2011(3mths). tq.

  36. senior4 says:

    – Looking for Welding/Piping/Pipeline Inspector
    – Accounts executive (junior post) – have exp on fullset acc)
    – Metering Engineer
    – HSE Environment Specialist

    – send CV to


  37. Anonimositi says:

    Dear Wata/J-Hut,

    Salam to both of you…how much is the current offshore allowance for Field Support Rep? In the O&G industry, do employees of similar skill level but from different organisations, share similar daily offshore allowance? In other words, is the offshore allowance competitive? fyi, i am to carry out performance monitoring and evaluation of rotating equipment for a major power generation manufacturer on major O&G company rigs.

    Whatever your reply is, please oh please include a rough estimate…

    many many thanks.

  38. airil says:

    Dear Wata, does process engineers design/specify/select ventilation equipment? tq sir

  39. mock says:

    I just have simple request..
    is there any Roughneck and Roustabout Jobs AVAILABLE..
    currently im working as QA/QC,in offshore container fabrication company…

  40. farid nazmi dzulkurnain says:

    i’m farid,
    just graduated and currently working with construction company as M&E engineer (coordinator). i highly interest in O&G company. but, i’m not so lucky i think. just want to ask, is it possible for to get job in o&g field even though i have no experience in that field? any idea? or any place you can suggest?

  41. senior4 says:

    I have few post

    anyone interested send CV to me

    Logistics Supritendent
    QA/QC Engineers
    Subsea Engineer
    Drilling Engineer
    Account Exec

  42. senior4 says:

    Iam seeking for

    Sr Business Development
    Lead Information Management
    HSE Specialist (Environment)
    Metering Engineer

  43. senior4 says:

    Urgently Looking for Mechanical team Leader
    more than 7 years exp
    offshore based

    please email cv to

  44. senior4 says:

    Urgently Looking for Structure Engineer..

    Please send cv to me .. :

    • gulav says:

      Do you have any opening for Electrical or Instrument Engineer right now? Looking for that position urgently. Currently have around 1 year experience in OnG industry.

      Thank you.

  45. Jabbathehutt says:

    Currently, we are urgently looking for :

    Proposal Slave
    Proposal Executive Slave
    Work Pack Slave (Electrical)
    Work Pack Slave (Instrument)
    Work Pack Slave (Piping)

    Please submit cv in word format to

  46. Rose Niza says:

    Currently, we are urgently looking for :

    Proposal Manager
    Proposal Executive
    Work Pack Engineer (Electrical)
    Work Pack Engineer (Instrument)
    Work Pack Engineer (Piping)

    Please submit cv to

  47. Rose says:

    Currently, we are urgently looking for :

    Proposal Manager
    Proposal Executive
    Work Pack Engineer (Electrical)
    Work Pack Engineer (Instrument)
    Work Pack Engineer (Piping)

    Please submit cv in word format to

  48. senior4 says:


    Im looking for workpac E&I
    Project Engineer,
    process engineers

    please send ASAP Resume to

  49. senior4 says:

    Job Opportunity

    Im currently looking for

    commissioning eng (mechanical)
    Project Engineer
    operation team lead

    send CV to

  50. Jabbathehutt says:

    Job Opportunity

    Process slave
    Dungeon commissioning engineer
    Lead pitboss
    Lead torture master (must have degree from University)
    Torture manager (approve class I license from the devil himself)

    Please submit cv in Lotus format (like Petronas) to

  51. Jabbathehutt says:

    Job Opportunity

    Village Jester
    Ball juggler (chainsaw juggling will be a plus)
    Lion tamer (i mean not by feeding yourself to tame lion)
    Circus clowns

    Please submit cv to

    Any additional experience working for IEM/BEM will be a plus point, because these organisation is a joke for arranging an interview that never happened.

  52. khairul says:

    U guys are hell of comedian, where are your damm sensitivity , did u know thousand of us have been blacklisted because of our college loan , thousand of our recent and present graduate still jobless, pull out this kind of sarcasm is just fucking idiot ,maybe by your time is easy to get a job just be thankful 4 that , O&G people huhhh ….. semua org O&G nie x habis2 nak blagak nak tunjuk aper kekayaan kepandaian wehh sumer 2 not permanent, anytime anywhere jer….

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Dear Khairul the idiot,

      Let me reply you in a methodological manner, not like a string of comments like diarhea.

      1. You have been blacklisted for a college loan you did not pay. That is because you are an idiot for not paying your debt. Jabba paid his college loan, so he did not got blacklisted.

      2. Thousands of our graduate is jobless because they are rubbish. If the write like you on a CV, (example, “blagak” should be spelt “berlagak” and don’t mix bahasa with English), then they should continue to be jobless. Even in MacDonalds, they teach you to say the greetings in either Malay or English, not both in the same sentence. So, yes, you are an idiot.

      3. Yes, money is not permanent, but I am enjoying it. Hope you enjoy yourself eating grass. I, on the other hand shall continue with my steak. Idiot.

      P.S. My first job was RM600, and it was just enough to take bus to work, and it was hard. In conclusion, after that post, I still think you are an idiot.

  53. Wata says:

    Khairul: I kinda get sensitive when I interview people, and they don’t show any retainment of technical knowledge, and blame it on having studied the topic more than a year ago.

    And this post is 2 years old.

  54. birdz says:

    yeah khairul…i support u,
    most of these fellows never “bersyukur” but always “riak”….forgot hereafter…huhahhaa so sorry mr wata!

    • Wata says:

      birdz: I would be interested to know if there is a higher percentage of those who never “bersyukur” in the oil & gas industry than in others. Or if we commit more crimes than the average Joe.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      An idiot always support another idiot.

      I suspect there must be some kind of association around town….. Institution of Idiots (IOI)….

      Maybe that’s what IOI mall stands for? Are you working there as a janitor? (maybe this is a word to big for you. Janitor means “Khairul yang cuci jamban”)

  55. aifa says:

    Salam wata,
    saya jumpa blog ni secara tak sengaja, tahniah..banyak informasi berguna. Bidang saya ialah HR bahagian recruitment, di sebuah syarikat yang boleh dikatakan terlibat dengan memproses minyak. Apa yang dilihat, trend graduan masa kini hanyalah mengejar kekayaan. Tak pernah ada pengalaman tetapi inginkan gaji yang beribu ringgit, ingin bekerja di industry glamor dan terlalu cerewet memilih pekerjaan. Saya pernah berjumpa dengan seorang graduan yang baru bekerja kurang dari 2 tahun, tetapi lagaknya melebihi mereka yang mempunyai pengalaman 10 tahun hanya sebab dia bekerja di industry yang dikatakan glamor.
    Khairul: Perlu dilihat dari sudut yang lain mengapa masih ramai graduan masih mengganggur

  56. Mat says:

    Even trainee engineer also started to “blagak” nowadays.
    When ask to do some photocopy work, they started to give some s-hole look.
    But I know not all trainee engineer like that…

    • Wata says:

      Mat: maybe because there was no module in university called “photocopier fundamentals”?

      • Mat says:

        Yes… the university should introduce a subject on Transport Phenomena of Photocopy Machine to student.

        During my time, I was very happy to do photocopy because I can keep a copy of it thought I might not know when to use it.

  57. Anuar says:


    Im Anuar, Any E&I Engineer work or related ..

    I have almost 2 years experiences in oil and gas (onshore and Offshore)

  58. JabbatheHutt says:


    Im Jabba, Any Prime Minister work or related ..

    I have almost 2 years experiences in bulshitting and corruption (onshore and Offshore)

    PS. What an idiot….. and with these words, what do you expect. Yes, if you’re reading this, I am calling you an idiot.

  59. Bruce says:

    Hi there,

    First of all happy new year. Been browsing through your blog recently and found it very informative and helpful. Please do keep it up !!

    Well I have a question regarding career progression within O&G but first let me give a brief introduction about myself:

    I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a local university and am currently working with a MNC O&G company in a petrochemical plant in Sarawak. I have experience in the field of Inspection which includes corrosion monitoring, Inspection database management, RBI and FFS. I have approximately 2.5 years experience in this field. This have helped me to gain hands on experience in the downstream maintenance segment .

    Lately, there is a lot of demand in the upstream segment especially within this region (Asia-Pac) and am exploring the possibilities for a career move to there. I am particularly interested in subsurface disciplines (reservoir engineering/drilling/completions/etc). Question is, will my experience help in securing these subsurface positions ? Should I gain more experience before jumping to the upstream segment although it might mean starting anew my career?

    Thanks in advance for your help in the queries above.


  60. JabbatheHutt says:

    First of all, the intro is well written, which is always a welcomed change to “prevailing idiotic contributor” asking for a job here.

    Anyway, if you are planning for a career change to reservoir engineering, it will be a very difficult move, as Petroleum engineering graduate are in abundance, with very little job opening for fresh graduates, let alone someone with a “different” type of degree. The “in demand” personnel are those with extensive experience of more than 10 yrs.

    You can either take a masters in reservoir engineering to increse your chances in getting into the “field” or try getting someone to “assist” in joining the O&G companies/upstream consultants such as Schlumberger etc..

  61. hans says:

    Not relevant.

    Topside facilities is actually a small (compact) plant. If you can read P&ID, it means you actually understand what’s “going on” on the topside facilities.

    Maybe it should be call “transferable skill”.- upstream? downstream? mid-stream? What non-sense am I writing here. Worth only 2 cent.

  62. shazmi shafie says:

    Dear Mr. Watta;

    I’m shazmi shafie, a mechanical engineering (Energy and Design specialist)- fresh graduate of DUT Toulon-VAR, France. Is there any vacancy in your company for an entry level position or any contact which suits for my job? Please advise..Tq

  63. shazmi shafie says:

    Dear Mr. Watta;

    I’m shazmi shafie, a mechanical engineering (Licence Professionelle – Energy and Design specialist) fresh graduate of DUT Aix en Provence,France. Is there any vacancy in your company for an entry level position or any contact which suits for my job? Please advise..Tq

  64. jediey says:

    Dear Mr. Wata,

    I am looking a job as a Project engineer Mechanical piping,
    is it any position available for that position? I have 6 years experience in Oil & gas as a piping engineer ( design team in MMHE)

    pleased PM me any others requirement from your site.


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