Wata – the Person


  • 1994 B.A. Chemical Engineering (Honours), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • 1995 M.E. Chemical Engineering (Honours), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.
  • Professional Engineer Malaysia
  • Corporate Member of the IChemE,
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Register TÜV Functional Safety Engineer
  • Honeywell Unisim Trainer (Steady State and Dynamics)

Wata – Divemaster

To extract a summary from my CV:

  • Wata has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, in both design and operations.
  • Wata joined ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc shortly after graduation in 1995 as a process engineer in the design department.
  • In 1998, he was reassigned to EMEPMI’s operations department. His responsibility was to provide technical support to an offshore production facility, eventually accepting responsibility as lead facilities engineer. His tasks were varied, included troubleshooting day to day challenges, managing retrofit projects, and leading safety cases.
  • He was made the Company’s custody metering engineer in 2001, charged with leading the exercise to ensure the Company compliance with industry and company specifications was enhanced. During his tenure, a number of continuous improvements were initiated. He was involved in a number of management level committees.
  • Whilst in Poyry, Wata has been a Senior Process Engineer and General Manager.  He provided technical leadership and business development functions.
  • Wata was a Director of Synergy Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn. Bhd., a PETRONAS licensed company. In addition to business development, he provided leadership roles for technical safety, measurement and allocation, and operations support.
  • Wata is currently a Director of IGL Services Sdn. Bhd, providing technical safety, safety workshop facilitation, measurement and allocation services,and operations support.

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247 Responses to Wata – the Person

  1. Mr SINZOT says:

    Hello Mr Wata,

    you have a very interesting site, probably we can have a commun interest, don’t hesitate to visit my website

    Best regards
    Mr sinzot

  2. nizamer says:

    at last, the page that not found is here..haha.

  3. Jabbathehytt says:

    cool. this is much faster for my quick witted abuses.

  4. Lim says:

    Hi Wata,
    I would like to seek help from you. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Saskatchewan in Canada (2004). I have been working as a project engineer in oil and gas industry for 6 years. Recently, just completed the PSR2 Revamp project with Foster Wheeler in MRC, Sg. Udang, Melaka. Currently I am looking for a job but could not get any job since end of Feb-2010 though i have applied for many. I need some advise on what I should do in order to get a job. Can I send you my CV? Also, I have not registered with BEM since graduation. Would it be okay to seek your help to certify my certificates?
    Really sorry for the trouble and hope you can help. If you are willing to help, can i have your email address

  5. Lim says:

    Hi Wata,

    Just to add. I am willing to start from the beginning as a process engineer if given an opportunity. It might be too late but I am willing to learn new things and I dont mind to start from scratch.
    Thank you

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      This guy seem to be willing.

      If you’re willing to take a pay cut to start from bottom, its a good start.

      maybe you should write to wata at his email.

  6. Jabbathehutt says:

    i think its fpso@igl.com.my

  7. Lim says:

    Hi Friend,

    Sorry that I do not know how to address you. Yes I am wiling to take a pay cut. I have the courage and willingness to learn.
    Thanks for the email address

    Thank you

  8. Keith says:

    Hi Wata,

    I have a degree in Materials engineering (metallurgy). I have been working as a corrosion engineer (specialises in CP) for 2 years now and would like to venture more in the corrosion industry of other speciality. Is there any recommendation that you could provide me? Thanks

  9. royhans says:

    hi wata,

    has not been visited ur site for some time. and today i received your cv..its kinda funny where at norms people are rushing to send cv’s to u. and now im receiving yours. and finally we do get to meet 🙂 yeehaaa

  10. enor says:

    salam wata..
    i always follow your update through this blog like everyday.You inspired me in such a way.
    But then i can’t find your email address.
    Would you let me know?
    Thanks ya!

    • kenapa kau salahkan ali says:

      its easy dude…wata doing treasure hunt here…try Ctrl+A…n start searching again…

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      just a piece of fact.

      wata doesn’t even let his car service center have his email, let alone some stranger on his blog.

      you could try stalking him at petronas twin towers. he does go there once in a blue moon.

  11. arul says:

    Wata plse send me your mobile no.

    • Wata says:

      Arul: long time no hear. I’ve sent you my number to your email address. To others: I have to owe you a reaaaly big favour before I send you my mobile number at the drop of a hat.

  12. ashraaf says:

    Hi Wata!

    Since you are a divemaster, do you know any business owner who is searching for interns as divemaster?

    commercial diver ke? even better 😀


    • Wata says:

      ashraaf: we talking about O&G, or the diving industry. For commercial diving, it’s a whole other ball game. You need to attend the commercial diving schools and courses, I think most of them are in the USA.

      • ashraaf says:

        thx for the reply!

        yups, iam talking about o&g, and i mean oil and gas, not obstetricians and gynecology. If there are opportunities in commercial dives, as interns that would be very good, taking the licence is very $$$ -___-.

        Other than that, divemaster is also a good opportunity for recreational dive, well just askin’ hope that would be cool if you do know anyone.

        Thanks again by the way 😀

  13. raoul says:

    hi Wata, i plan to share/advertise current vacancy in my Company. pls advise.TQ

    • Wata says:

      Raoul: What advise would you like? Mine would be: send along a donation. 2nd: if the advert is entertaining, I may forgo the donation.

      • raoul says:

        There are few positions required at our Miri office. We are the engineering design consultant. Looking for sr planning & cost engineer, mechanical/piping engineer & designer, structure engineer & instrument drafter. Minimum 6 years of related experiences. Whoever interested to apply can email me their CV.Pls email me for further discuss on this. tq

      • Wata says:

        raoul: and for a few more dollars, I’ll include your email address as well.

  14. lily says:

    Hi, wata. I would say it’s a in disguise to actually found your blog after browsing through lot’s of website and blog which can really give me a real insight of the OnG industry.

    Will always be a follower of this blog.

  15. Jabbathehutt says:

    and to describe jabba, its ba$tXXd in disguise

  16. Azray says:

    I’m in needs of job (engineer),urgently. Can u asst. me, Wata? Since my contract going to be ended by Dec10.

    Pls sms me ur HP no, sowe could talk, more on jobs issues. TQVM


    • Wata says:

      Azray: send a significant donation to Paypal, and I may consider helping you. If not, I’m sure Jabba will have some words of wisdom.

  17. faiz says:

    Hello sir,

    My name is Mohd Faiz Bin Zainal, studying in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and im taking mechanical engineering. I’ll be going for my internship in december 2010 until july 2011. Do you know any websites or companies that are seeking for students for internship?

  18. zuraini Bin Selamat says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Name is Zuraini Bin Selamat. Currently I am working with TMR Urusharta (M) Sdn Bhd for Facilities Management at Sarawak Shell Berhad as competent Safety Officer. Since our contract almost end by end of this year, I am seeking new job for safety section. Could you advise me?

  19. Jabbathehutt says:

    does the Selamat in your name a coincident?

    anyway, safety office is too common, unless you are a technical safety engineer.

  20. Tali Kapal says:

    Salam Mr. Wata,

    I would like to know regarding the Graduate Member application in BEM and IEM…
    1. Do we have to register with BEM before we can register with IEM? “Registration letter as a graduate engineer with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia”

    2. If my degree is in Mechanical (Marine) but working in Oiln Gas (drilling), under what major should i registered? is it under mechanical, marine or petroleum?

    3. I saw IEM, organizing seminar on drilling and it is arranged by Oil, Gas n mining technical division. Is BEM also have this division?


    • Wata says:

      Tali Kapal: Wa’alaikum Salam. 1. Yes, you have to register with BEM before becoming a member of the IEM. 2. You will be registered with the BEM according to your degree, in this case Mechanical. 3. BEM doesn’t have divisions, whereas IEM being a learned institute creates divisions according to the needs and requests of members.

  21. We are 100% Bumiputra Company, registered and licensed by PETRONAS (the National Oil Corporation) and various government agencies. We supply to the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical, Process and Power industries specializing in process, rotating, instrumentation and controls, and safety equipments.

    We have more than thirty (30) years experience in the Oil & Gas production, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Process and Power industries. In addition, we have extensive understanding in the design, fabrication, construction, installation and hook-up, and start-up commissioning of our supply of process and rotating equipments, sophisticated measurement and control instrumentation, Fire & Gas detection, Safety equipment and Wellhead Control Panel.

    We supply internationally renowned names such as Emerson Process Management, USA; Elliot Ebara, Japan; Proserv Group AS, Norway; General Monitors Inc., USA; Elfab Ltd, USA; BWB Controls Inc., USA; SOR (Static-O-Ring) Inc., USA; Glasgow, Scotland; Twister BV, Holland; Boustead International Heaters, UK; Ariel Inc., USA; Mobilarm Limited, Australia; Eaton Corporation, USA; Galli and Cassina S.p.A, Italy and Accelbeam Energy, Inc., USA.

    We also design and manufacture Wellhead Control Panel in our fabrication yard in Johor under the Petronas Vendor Development Program. With our vast experience, technical knowledge and service/support back-up we are able to meet client demand for a fast and efficient service.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      So, you want to get shafted?

      You point in putting 300000 million words wasting my time here on this blog is to?

  22. Dave H says:

    Perhaps you might be able to help me. I was at a wedding function this past Saturday eve (30 Oct) and happened to meet Hj Mohd Fuad as we sat next to one another during the wedding dinner. My wife & I struck up a good conversation with Fuad & his wife, but we failed to exchange namecards or mobile numbers. I’d like to be able to re-connect with this new friend, so did a search to find out if there was a way to connect and your site posting about his recent training IEM-sponsored training course on Strategic Mgmt Thinking seemed to be the best bet. Any chance you could email me his contact email if you have it?

    Thanks much!

    Dave H

  23. Godfrey says:

    I guess many are inspire of your blog. I respect you for that. I work in SFI Sabah for 10 years and was offered a job in KPOC as mechanical engineer come this Feb2011. I am looking forward for an worthwhile adventure in O&G industries.

    I read your blog regularly & found you inspire a lot people. Keep it up and hope to see you around sir.


  24. Jabbathehutt says:

    COol. do contribute more.

    This blogs needs more victim for abuse.

  25. Jabbathehutt says:

    Perhaps you might be able to help me. I was at a wedding function this past Saturday eve (30 Oct) and happened to meet Hj Mohd Fuad as we sat next to one another during the wedding dinner. I struck up a good conversation with Fuad in the toilet, but we failed to exchange namecards or mobile numbers as our hands were busy. I’d like to be able to re-connect with this new friend, so did a search to find out if there was a way to connect and your site posting about his recent training IEM-sponsored training course on Strategic Mgmt Thinking seemed to be the best bet. Any chance you could email me his contact email if you have it?

    Thanks much!

    Jabba H

  26. Alvis says:

    Nice website, very informative.

    Keep it up money face

  27. mofaz says:


    How often Snergy conducts RAM studies? What software do they use?

  28. Naresh says:

    Dear Wata,

    My name is Naresh and I would like to ask regarding fresh Graduate engineer position. Do you have in mind any companies that would mind taking me in? I would be glad if you could email me personally at n_nareshnair@yahoo.com

    Thanks and regards!

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      which discipline? mechanical? electrical? or jamban?

      Personally, the only “fresh” thing is seafood.

      which university? toilet uni ? university of chappaty? (note that the word chappaty is spelt with a “y” to give it a british sound, pronounced as chaar-parrt-teey)

      Wata, how can we stop idiots like this Naresh from wasting our time?

      • Wata says:

        Jabba: all the more fodder for you.

      • Asri says:

        who is this Jabbathehutt?? so rude and arrogant….

      • Wata says:

        Asri: Ah, a new reader to the blog.

      • Aini says:

        Mr Jabba…

        Kesian Naresh.. He just asking~~
        Let’s apply ‘Golden Rule’ in our daily life..
        – Do not do the things that you do not want others to do to you-

        keep smiling…. (”,)

      • jabbathehutt says:

        Let’s ask Aini.

        From this idiot Naresh reply, do you know what type of engineer he is? what is his qualification? Which state is he in? What experience?

        If not, then he is wasting our time.

        By the way, pitying an idiot makes you also an idiot. They can’t do the same to me, because I don’t ask stupid question. If I look for a job, I send a proper CV.

  29. ken says:

    Hi,i am khan.I am in need to find several metering ,managers,engineers and technicians(with diploma) for Carigali Metering tender(PMO,SKO,SBO).Do you have any or know any friends that have those experience an available?

  30. Jabbathehutt says:

    hmmm, I remember there was a flick called ” MY NAME IS KHAN”

    By the way are you related to khan nia bu? he’s my neighbour. but you post show ken? are you ken or khan?

    Anyway, I have many many friends that can do metering, but only have phD in metering. Can ah? who to write to? don’t even write back?

  31. lily says:

    Hi wata,
    I am a petroleum engineering student from UTP (2nd Year) and will be taking Reservoir studies as my major electives.At the same time I also interested to take Minor in Management.
    In the perspective of Oil and Gas Industry, will it make a lot of difference for a fresh graduate with or without minor in management to enter a job market since decision of taking a minor need a thorough consideration.

    Hope u and jabba will give some advice and opinion.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Wata says:

      Lily: from my perspective, a solid technical grounding is important. The bigger players may want their staff to have management skills, but they will determine that from the interview.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      you need to work for 10 yrs before being able to manage, hence the quick answer is : useless

      i’d suggest you take a minor on something more useful like environment, safety, or refining etc.

  32. raimi says:

    Hi wata,
    I am a quantity survey student from UiTM (final Year) and will be taking final project dissertation.actually, my topic is cover on the needs of quantity surveyor in oil and gas industry.from my info, we know that in oil and gas industry, quantity surveyor is the same roles with cost engineer..In the perspective of Oil and Gas Industry,do you think quantity surveyor is very important? if yes, what are the roles and their knowledge that ‘mr.QS’ should have?

    Hope u will give some advice and opinion to clear it.

    • Wata says:

      Raimi: I haven’t involved myself in the purchasing of equipment or products, which is where you QS people earn your keep. Cost engineers in my experience have a wider scope, esp if they are involved in bidding for a EPCIC project. In addition to materials, cost engineers provide input into engineering costs, installation, hook-up etc.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      never heard, seen or even smelt a quantity survey in oil and gas.

      anyone that says the Quantity surveyor is a cost engineer is bullshit. that are the least likely to get the job, as they have no idea how to do cost and project control.

  33. Jesse says:

    Hi Wata,

    My name is Jesse & I’m currently pursuing my MSc degree in Environmental Engineering, graduating this August. I’ve a BSc degree in Environmental science & I’m very keen on pursuing a career in HSE especially in the oil & gas field.

    In your opinion, is that possible because I learnt about Risk Assessment & Risk Management in my undergrad years, but I’m afraid it’s not in-depth enough in this field… Thanks!

    • Wata says:

      Jesse: I’ll let someone else answer. My experience is in process safety, and I don’t know who the risk assessment companies are hiring now. I would consider RA & RM during undergrad to be sufficient to allow you to find your way around a technical Risk Assessment index, but there will be a lot of on the job training.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      No problem. ideally the risk management and assessment needs to be a chemical engineering graduate, but environmental eng graduate maybe can just squeeze through.

  34. Jesse says:

    OK, thanks a lot for your feedbacks!

  35. Karl says:

    Dear Wata,

    We are an EPC contractor for downstream looking at penetrating the EPC downstream market in Malaysia.

    We would like to explore possible synergies and opportunities with you.

    If interested, please email me prviately.


  36. MK says:

    Hi Wata,
    Great blog for Oil & Gas Engineers. I am a Process Engineer with approximately 8 yrs working experience working for a engineering consultant company. I think that I am being underpaid by my current company. I would like ask you for an opinion on the market rate for a Process Engineer with such experience.

    • Wata says:

      MK: Used to be that a rule of thumb was 1-1.5k per year experience. Contract is double that. After 10 years, I’m not sure. 2k+ per year of experience? Also, there is definitely a difference if you work for a PSC or with a service company.

    • Mat says:

      Why not try to do PO hourly basis.
      The formula also quite simple, RM10 per year, e.g. 8 years = RM 80 / hour. That will be the minimum rate. It can go higher if you have the bargaining skill

      • MK says:

        For the time being, I would not want to go on PO basis. My estimation is also about 1k per year of experience. Thank you for both your feedback.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      it goes up exponentially.

      being an expat outside malaysia makes it even better.

      1k per year is ok up to 8 yrs. after that, negotiate. if you’re good, you get more, if not, you’re done!

      If you are a process engineer, you’ll probably hear about Ms G. I would pay miss G to stay at home and not come to work…… thinking of her is as scary as getting bitten by a pontianak.

      • MK says:

        Thanks you the info.

        Anyway, my company currently have a Ms G as well. If it’s the same person, I seems to agreed with about her staying at home and not coming to work.

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        I hope it is not GSF?

      • Blade says:

        I’ve recently encountered her (after not having seen her for more than 5 years). At a client’s office and making the rounds at Offshore Asia. Garlic, silver, religious paraphernalia, direct sunlight don’t work. She just keeps coming.

      • Wata says:

        Blade: Umm, okay…

  37. amirul says:

    Hi, Wata.

    Could I ask you a favor. Could You please share with me companies those hire graduates for junior/ trainee drilling engineer. I really wish to join the drilling industry but I have limited source prior to the companies which provide that opportunities for graduates. As far as I know, most companies prefer to hire experience personnel to fill any position. Hope you can share.

  38. Jabbathehutt says:

    Hi, Wata.

    Could I ask you a favor. Could You please share with me companies those hire idiots for junior/ trainee drilling engineer. I really wish to join the drilling industry to drill hole but I have limited source prior to the companies which provide that opportunities for idiots to drill hole. As far as I know, most companies prefer to hire experience personnel to fill any position to drill hole. Hope you can share.

  39. Tay says:

    Hi Wata and Jabbathehutt!
    I finished my internship in corrosion consultant firm and I found that the job prospect as a corrosion engineer is very good since corrosion control field is a high-demand niche market. With 5 years of experiences and some professional certificates, a corrosion engineer can get pay as high as >10K (told by O&G insiders).

    But most of the corrosion service providers, they are looking for experienced corrosion engineers and for fresh graduates, they only offer so little (RM1.8k to RM2k). Any advices from seniors here about how to start a career in corrosion field ( CP, RBI, integrity ) ?

    I did my research and found out a list of companies deal with corrosion:
    mach3 engineering, norimax, corrtrol, best wide, intetech, ISIS, MPE, iicorr, wilson taylor. But most of them do not have any opening for fresh graduates. any advices?

    • Wata says:

      Tay: And I thought RM2000 was a pretty good price for fresh meat. Of course, Jabba would have other opinions/

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      yes, most do not hire graduates. RM2k is ok.

      I am paying my engineers RM1.2k for starters.

  40. man says:

    Good day Wata,

    I’ve already graduated last year in BSc ME and i’ve decided to pursue MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering. I just want to ask your suggestion for the topic of my research. I am really interested to do research in Drilling Optimization. But i don’t know the best topic to select. Can u help me please Mr. Wata? =)

    • Wata says:

      man: you got me. Drilling optimization sounds like what every O&G production company does every day, as one hole costs USD10-20M. Come to IEM drilling seminar in May / August, and ask the presenter what he things. Most of my work is above the mudline, though after … 16 years I think, you pick up things by osmosis.

      • man says:

        thanks. Is the employment oppurtunity for Msc student is higher? What position most MSc student is hired? is it the same as graduate engineer?

      • Wata says:

        man: I don’t know. I assume that all companies would pay more for a masters.

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        No, I won’t pay more for a master.

        Imagine paying someone 2k more for his experience in “drilling optimisation using 3D technique down a borehole with a squirrel attached to the drill bore using UHU glue”. Most paper published is not pushing the limits of human knowledge.

        In short, NO.

  41. mansor says:


    Hi Wata,

    I would like to seek help from you.I have a degree in (Mechanical-Material ) Engineering from UTM . I have been working as a Mechanical Engineer in Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Consulting Engineering and specialise on Building services for almost 3 years. My jobs nature is doing a design (e.g HVAC system, pumps design and piping routing system ) and project implementation & execution.

    Actually I’ve been looking for opportunity in oil and gas industry since my graduation day but until today, still no lucky for me to get it. Do you think my 3 years expriences work can help me to pursue my career and jump into OAG gas especially in design ? Can you help me to list down the OAG design company…

    Normally, what is salary rate can I get if I join Oil and gas design company ? * my current salary rm3,000

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Dear Wata,

      I hope you are free enough and do not have anything to do so you can help me list down the OAG design company.

      If I ask very nicely, can you also help me list down the telephone number of all McDonalds fast food in Kedah?

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        Please list them in alphabetical order. By the way, coffee, black, no sugar….pleeeease…


      • Yon says:

        haha. jabbathehutt you really make all of this beginner piss off . salute. give them a lesson. i see what you did nothing wrong with that.All these ppl need to know what we expert have in mind. pre selection already begin even when they least expected that.

      • Tim says:

        U are bitter

      • Wata says:

        Tim: who is bitter?

  42. pakden says:

    1. aku tak faham kenapa kena ada jabbathehutt
    2. aku tak faham kenapa dia kena mention mcD Kedah?

    p/s : just kidding. love mr.j. can we meet up somewhere in KL?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      ah, ada jabba, baru tekanan darah wata boleh cukup high untuk peredaran darah yang bagus.

      jabba sekarang di Singapore, on the way to indonesia. tapi tak boleh jumpa sebarangan. sudah ada pembunuh upahan yang memburu saya,

  43. Hisham Abdul Rahman says:


    I saw an article about Taufik Mokhtar, any chance I may have his contact number or email, was good friends during our A Level and undergrads.


  44. amin says:

    Salam Bro

    since u’\ve been promoting vacancies in 0&g industries, I would like to ask for ur kind help if u could provide me contacts to apply for job with Global Offshore (Malaysia), if you have any… especially the email. I’ve tried sending thru snail mail and yet to receive any response. Appreciate if u have and could share the contact here. TQ very much bro~

    • Wata says:

      Amin: Wa’alaikum salam. I don’t know who Global Offshore are (someone educate me), apart from what’s in the papers. Why don’t you go and visit their offices? Usually, if a company doesn’t respond to your mail, it means they aren’t interested. That’s how I would react.

  45. Helmi says:

    Salam Mr Wata,

    Im Helmi, a fresh graduate, pursuing in Mechanical Eng. Im just finish my intern at PCSB Kerteh and interested to join O & G Industry. By now, i’m still seeking for a post of Engineering Trainee in O & G. But i have to realize that, it is difficult to get due to high volume of demands + (cable, broadband).. u know what i mean rite??..there is any that u want to suggest..Plz.. assist me sir…

  46. Sam Imperial College London says:

    Hi Wata, I’m not gonna donate paypal currency as I don’t find your site – with all the engineering crap in it – exciting. But since I have known you from the coverted-BTU5 program days in the 90’s, let’s catch up. You would know where I am now from the email address.

  47. Jabbathehutt says:


    your title is longer than my piece of crap (I got constipation, so it is just the length of IMPERIAL COLLEGE.

    Don’t really need to donate, cuz the engineering crap is shorter than imperial college crap.

  48. man says:

    Salam Mr. Wata,

    Is it possible for me to get a job in well or drilling services company if
    i only have experience in contractor company only.

  49. Bete says:

    Dear Mr.Wata,

    I got an interview with RWP kuantan..But will there be much different in terms of technical exposure between RWP kuantan, RWP KL and RWP Kerteh?I heard RWP KL doing greenfield projects..RWP Kerteh offshore + downstream..Not sure about RWP Kuantan..I’m currently a process engr with just 2 years experience in O&G..

    • Wata says:

      Bete: I don’t know what RWP Kuantan does. I suppose they will support the Gebeng plants, i.e. petrochemicals. Also, any O&G projects that require more resources will probably be pulled from Kuantan.

      Where is the office?

  50. Dean says:

    Dear mr wata,

    i just finished with my mechanical degree in UTP. im taking petroleum as my major. Now, i looking for job in oil and gas industry as graduate engineer. Is there any job opportunities that you can recommend to me?

  51. Hilmi says:

    Dear Mr. Wata,

    I am a petroleum engineering graduate 2010. I am unusure about my future or path where i am heading. Currently i am working as project engineer in a design engineering consultant company. But what iive studied during my petroleum course differs from what i am working now. Sometimes i feel like i want to be in a discipline or more specific technical jobs rather than contolling and coordinate projects. FYI, i just started work for 1 year. I would like to seek your advise and recommendation on my unusure future. Appreciate if you can reply to my email. Thank you.

  52. Fareh Daud says:

    Dear Mr. Wata,

    Having this page has source of knowledge to view the oil and gas trend is a bless. Even better as if my team and I share your experience and opinion regarding our recent and future research in Microbial enhanced oil recovery particularly in plugging method.

    I’m Fareh, an applied microbiologist student. Our team members have their own expertise. An enhanced and improved oil recovery Prof, mathematician (statistical) and experienced applied microbiologist in waste water, biofuel and updated bioscience application.

    It’s such an great opportunity to have a network with you, Mr. Wata. My email is . Thank you Sir.

  53. Kyle Law says:

    Dear Wata,

    Good day to you & hope this e-mail finds you well.

    I’m the professional marketer of Fleming Gulf Conferences, we are an European based MNC within business intelligence sector. We organise a variety of top class conferences of respective industries, with the target audience who are the C-level executives from public listed companies around the world.

    I have come across your personal blogger website: http://polaris.canang.com/ which is related to Oil & Gas sector. Hence, I’m writing to make a proposal for cooperating with you on our Oil & Gas conferences.

    • Wata says:

      Kyle Law: You have the wrong blog. And Polaris has nothing to do with O&G. Also, it posted one blog entry in 2 years.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      budak ini lantak aja…..

      dia akan ganti blog web address and kirim ke jutaan orang

      mana tau ade orang bodoh kena tipu….

      ini pasti telemarketeer yang dapat commission…. apalagi sekarang mau cooperate dalam oil and gas conference…..

      • NCHSLRS says:

        Hey idiot JabbatheHutt,

        How much did you earned for a month that you told you previously? But I can tell you that now my pay is a lot more than you fucking idiot. Even PM also lower than mine. You fuck-off idiot…. 🙂

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      that’s what all the con man says.

      If someone has such a high salary, and can’t get the blog address right, something is fishy.

      Somemore, keep on changing log-in. This is like a pimp changing hand phone weekly. kyle Law = NCHSLR ? I bet in reality he is a 45yr old fat bastard in Nigeria trying to scheme something….. we call that 419….

      yeah… yeah…. you earn more than the prime minister, that’s what they all say…..

      I called Fleming Gulf Conferences, and they don’t know you. You’re an independent ciplak agent? If anyone don’t believe, just call Fleming Gulf Conferences, and they will tell you no such person…

      • NCHSLRS says:

        You think you are genius? You’re really stupid somemore idiot… I’m not whatever law as you mentioned. Who else in this world salary less than PM? Even CEO petronas salary higher than PM. Are you idiot? I’m pity of you bcos you know nothing. You think only oil industry pay the highest?

        Idiot, you haven’t step into other world that’s why you are brainless.

        Idiot… 😀

      • NCHSLRS says:

        Just wondering if that’s your dad’s website. Idiot…. hahahaha idiot… idiot….

      • Wata says:

        NCHSLRS: No, this is not Jabba’s dad’s website. Play reasonably nice, no foul language, and we’ll let you antagonize Jabba a bit more.

  54. NCHSLRS says:

    The only word that I can describe him is IDIOT…. IDIOT is not a foul language… That’s a very good manner to idiot people like him. That word suit him. This is the fact that he’s idiot. If for others, then idiot is a foul language but for him, this do match him. Another word also suit him “FUCK-OFF”…. This word suit to a person just like him. Again, this is not a foul language if applied to a person like him. Wata, that’s true…

  55. Jabbathehutt says:


    Your vocabulary is limited to idiot. Normally, that’s quite lacking in people of your caliber. Most people have salary less that the PM.

    Anyway, if you can only shout idiot, there’s very limited things you can do with your money. You have my condolence.

    PS. yes, I am a idiot, but with a little post, you already mengamuk…. imagine a man and a monkey in the cage. I tease, you jump….. hahahaha… I’m the idiotic man, your the naked monkey…. hahahhahaaaa

  56. Jabbathehutt says:

    I actually like to see how you reply without using the word idiot…..

    anyway, if I tease this guy enough, he may get a stroke or his head will explode……. its been a long time i had that much fun winding someone up.

  57. yusma says:

    Assalam Mr Wata,

    Do you still remember me? I’m Yusmahwati Yusof, your trainee in IGL Oil and Gas Consultant few years ago. May i get you contact number please? I’m searching for references for my cv.


  58. JabbatheHutt says:

    Boss, just been to the BEM website. Looking at the photos for all the PEng….. our picture looks shit. But it is interesting that the listing for chemicals are very very limited, and we know most of the guys.

  59. Shafeq says:

    Mr. Wata, could you advertise this?


    Scope of Responsibilities
    Lead hull and marine system engineering execution and design integrity implementation for offshore field development of FPSO.
    Lead hull and marine system engineering during the detail design and conversion of a trading tanker into an FPSO.
    Monitor and expedite contractors’ performance during detail engineering, fabrication, commissioning and installation.
    Provide technical engineering support and expertise to project delivery team as required.
    Review technical compliance of contractor’s deliverables against design intent, safety and operability.
    Review contractors’ hull and marine system design documents prepared for the conversion.
    Manage interfaces between hull and marine systems and topsides systems.

    Skills & Qualifications
    • Class 1 Certificate of Competency as a Marine Engineer and a Degree in Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture.
    • Professional Engineer recognized by an International Body.
    • Have at least 10 years experience in marine engineering design new construction or conversion of which 5 years will have involved FPSO’s/FSO’s.
    • Familiar with Classification Rules and Regulations for FPSO’s/FSO’s.
    • Familiar with the design and functionality of marine systems applicable to FPSO’s/FSO’s.
    • Competent in solving design issues and team player with good communication skills.

    please email your CV to petrohorizon@gmail.com

  60. Jabbathehutt says:

    Give it to synergy. We can do marine engineering, but we won’t give you the lead.

  61. Quang says:

    Hello, I have just joined engineering career in process deparment. Could you advise me which books I shuold read for my job? Thanks in advanced!

    • Wata says:

      Quang: first, you still have your textbooks and notes? Those are very useful. Second, look at the books I have recommended. I suggest you get access to Perry’s, GSA, Crane and Maurice Stewart’s series. Other than that, your reading material should be related to your work. API RPs, client design standards should be in your toolbox as well.

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      GPSA, API and DEP/PTS as part of your work.

  62. Joe says:

    Hello guys

    What’s like to be in Mongolia exploration activity? Any restriction?

  63. Wata,

    looking for info on current gas prices…..any info eg. what Price Petronas pays to suppliers…………..? Your web came in search but 2008 data….wondering if you have latest info.

    • jabbathehutt says:


      If one knows what PEtronas pays, then I might as well be Petronas. If you are a researcher asking these type of question on a public blog, then you are classified as an idiot.

  64. eric cheah says:

    I should say WHOW!!!….you’re highly qualified, and you’re sharing your experiences with the readers here, furthermore you’re running this site merely on donations?…..salute!

    • Wata says:

      eric cheah: thank you for your comments. What I mainly run this site on is sheer bloody mindedness. Need more donations…

  65. Ismail says:

    Ir Wata,

    what a cool blog u got here… impressed & now u are 1 of my idol.. cheers..

    • Ismail says:

      Dato Wata,
      i would like to register as IEM graduate mmber to go for Professional Engineer (PE).. but the prob is, i dont have mentor (IR certified) to be proposer & introducer for my application. could u be mine? woohooo

      • Wata says:

        Ismail: I haven’t got grandkids yet, here’s hoping to them in the future. Send along your form to the IEM, and write a polite letter saying that you would like the IEM to help get someone to certify your form. As for mentoring, where are you?

      • Wata says:

        Ismail: did you send along your form?

  66. Munirah says:

    Assalamualaikum Mr Wata,

    I’m looking for an opportunity to work as a Junior Instrument Engineer. My background is Electronic Engineering. Could you help me?

    Thank you in advance Mr Wata.

  67. Slumber sudah says:

    hi Mr Wata,
    I’m looking for job opportunities as field engineer .
    I recently graduated from IIUM in B.A Materials Engineering(Honours). I am very interested to start my career in oil & gas industry. Is that any suitable small company for me to apply ? I look forward for your advice & recommendation.tq

  68. Slumber sudah says:

    Oh Come on…don’t like this to me. I am jobless now.How can I give a donation.Can you consider your advices as “amal jari’ah” or to me? Iam sure Allah S.W.T will pay your “advice” in hereafter.Wsslm

  69. Aishah says:

    Dear Wata,

    I am working at one of the Drilling’s Contractor Company as Associate Planning Engineer. This is my first job after I graduated last year. Could you advise me the Drilling Operator in Malaysia apart from Petronas, Exxonmobil, Talisman and Nippon?

    • Wata says:

      Aishah: I spent 2 minutes on my favourite (okay, make that default) search engine (hint: it is not Altavista) and came up with this. Related to that, there is an engineer out there named Salina whose life I just made harder.

      • Aishah says:

        The presentation sure have a lot of information. Thank you so much for sharing this. It helps a lot especially in the prospect section. I really appreciate this!

  70. jabbathehutt says:

    woooo, you’re getting soft !

    • Wata says:

      Jba: long time no slime. Think I’ll try the freemium model, first nibble for free, expect payment for me to think for more than 30 seconds, if I am cheesed off, their number goes into the adult classified pages of craigslist.

  71. Mohd says:

    Dear wata,
    I am just start working as a process engineer for consultant company somewhere in local. in your opinion, is it starting my career in consultant company is a good choice or you have better route for young engineer like me?

    • Wata says:

      Mohd: my suggestion is whatever route that first builds on your technical abilities, and ends up where you want to (business, sales, technical expert, freelance).

      • ahmd says:

        Dear Mr Wata, what do you think about process safety eng. from EPC shifting to ‘risk consultant’ in safety/risk specialist or classification society? What are the pros n cons between the two, in terms of career prospect, technical skills, work environment/culture & salary wise? Would you recommend that shift or are you against it? Thanks

      • Wata says:

        ahmd: No real comment. It’s what you know which is important. You can be in an EPC and review risk management documents without appreciating any conclusion other than ‘risk is ALARP’, or be in a risk consultant, become a photocopy engineer, and not understand the bigger picture and implication of what you have written. Money? Bah! Get a name for yourself as a competent person, get the required certifications (do the letters BEM, IEM and DOSH mean anything?), and then decide to make more than your expenditure.

    • jabbathehutt says:

      all of us started working with consultant company. as a matter of fact, all of us are also process engineers.

      Maybe we should ask them to quit and join synergy? hahahhaa

  72. wan says:

    Salam, Hai Mr Wata. I really2 need your help. May u check my resume? I struggling looking for an oil n gas company even small one, but all disappointed. I believe there are something wrong with my resume. PLZ help me

  73. wan says:

    Tq sir for the reply. I got your point. It’s ok then.

  74. Umi says:

    Hi Mr. Wata, this is a very interesting site you have here. I would love to make a donation to this site and submit my resume to you but I think it’s better if I ask you first. I am currently in my final phase of M.Eng Electro-Manufacturing (master by coursework, currently doing the research project part) and I think it’s best if I could start searching for a job now. I did B.Eng Electrical. I can say I have zero experience right now as I couldn’t count my fresh grad working experience as one because it was there for less than 6 months before proceeding with masters, and it wasn’t in O&G field. Do you think there is much vacancy for electrical background? My masters course has a mixture of electrical/electronics + manufacturing and right now I am very keen in joining O&G field with something interesting for me to learn. (Most job offers want Chemical Engineering bacgkround though)

    • Lordraven says:


      • Aishah says:

        you don’t have to be so mean.

      • Wata says:

        Aishah: He’s no Jabba, that’s for sure.

      • Aishah says:

        Encik Wata: I couldn’t care less. 😛

        to Umi, Petronas ada jer post for electrical bg. If I’m not mistaken it is Power Division. Not sure if it can be considered as Oil and Gas since it is quite similar to TNB.

        As for Oil and Gas, the posts are electrician, electrical consultant. For example like our rig, we have the SCR and we hired the electrician. But it is different from the things that you’d learned, I believe. Things are done differently offshore. I did once showed the manuals and the diagrams to one my colleague with electrical bg, and he told me that he could tell the symbols but not how it works and stuff since they are much more complicated. In addition, most of the guys in the field do not have high education background. I got accessed to these guys’ resume. It is the experience that brought them to where they are. All the best to you!

    • atb says:

      u may come to us bebeh..we r looking testing & commissioning ppl..send ur cv to mmhe..fresh?it ok but..jgn mntk payung ble b’panas nnt..lol

    • atb says:

      to umi n aisyah..of coz u can..later on i’ll get my reward..sorg eng RM3.5k tuuu..if u dun’t mind let me see ur cv..

  75. May says:

    Hi Wata,
    I am looking for a position in Administration / Secretary. Thanks Sir.

  76. asyraf says:

    This is a nice blog if everyone is professional

  77. s@ni says:

    as a MD, still not enough ka Mr Wata? hehe.. needs to open another company that have VDP to maintain all?

  78. faris_57 says:

    Dear Mr. Wata,

    How can i submit my resume to you sir as I plan to provide some donations to you. Thank you.

    • Wata says:

      faris_57: first test is to find the appropriate email address from this site. Actually, the first test is to understand a donation does not have any obligations. The second test is the first test mentioned.

  79. Aishah says:

    Just attended OSA exhibition, and ambil Synergy’s pamphlet kat MOGEC booth. Unfortunately, no Synergy’s representative masa tu. Ada yang dua lady jer masa tu. Encik Wata & s@ni & jabba tak pergi kah??

  80. Nasrul says:

    nice blog and info…
    visit my website at (location withheld)
    i have finish two Tapis EOR project both structural and C.I. SKID.

  81. jabbathehutt says:

    Jabba have been out of action due to workload. I will be back abusing unsuspecting victims harder this summer.

  82. cikgu din says:

    Dear Mr.Wata . Surely TCOT needs many general workers , at present I have 4 of them with CIDB and NIOSH age 20 to 25 years , looking for employment . They are staying near Kerteh. Would Mr. Wata be kind enough to help them. Thanks cikgudin h/p 012 5722917.

  83. miss nur says:

    Hi sir… can i have your fon number or email..im deeply interested in oil n gas engineering.. im fresh graduate in electrical engineering

  84. Jay says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have recently stumbled upon your blog whilst doing an employment search online. It is very informative indeed.

    I am a Malaysian citizen, having recently graduated with a first class honors Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am at a standstill for now, having applied to various organizations for employment however I have not received any signs of positive feedback.

    I would appreciate any form of advice/ comments from your side.
    Yang nak bagi comment/ flame sekali pun, dipersilakan 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Wata says:

      Jay: I have no particular comment. General suggestions: did you send your CV to apply for open positions, did you tailor your CV for the position, is your CV written with all the data the employer needs, standard Careers 101 pointers.

      • Jay says:

        Good day Sir,
        Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, my CV to my own opinion is as good as it can get. Due to the fact that I am a fresh graduate with only a 3-month long internship experience, I try to make my CV and cover letter as presentable as they can be.
        3 page CV, 1 cover letter. Proper formatting, language, as well as sentence structure.

        I have graduated roughly 2 months ago. However, I have not received any form of feedback from any of the organizations I’ve applied to. Is this something I should be worried about, is 2 months too long of an unemployment period?

        Any advice on how I could make do with the time I have on my hands? Are there any skills/ certificates that I could take up on my own to further boost my CV?
        Thank you once again 🙂

      • Wata says:

        Jay: I don’t know what the current in-between periods are. Not sure what you can do in the meantime. Try MOHR courses to keep occupied. I would also suggest that you keep your technical and university knowledge fresh and close to the surface.

  85. Husna Kassim says:

    I m normally a downstream kind of person but somehow my present work carries me to upstream is it possible to extract info about e&p activiyies esp wrt supply chain, and happenings.?

  86. zul says:

    Fund transferred..

  87. zul says:

    My full name Zulkifli Mohd Said. If you already have it, thanks. Positive opportunity im looking ahead. Thank you

  88. karim says:

    dear sir

    How i can give a donation to this blog for you to forward my CV to any potential employers in o&g? How much i need to pay?

  89. karim says:

    alright then.. read the previous post about the funding to this blog, that why i ask…

    thanks for replying..

  90. MT777 says:

    Hi Wata, I’ve been following your blog for months. I’ve stumbled your website while searching for o&g career opportunities which I find is very helpful. Currently I’m working as a procurement specialist in an o&g service company (first o&g experience). Having working for two years, I feel somewhat my progression is limited as not to having technical qualification in this industry. I really would like to find other opportunities that would expand my prospect as I really love working in the upstream environment. Perhaps you could advise me through my email. Really appreciate if you can forward my CV to your contacts.

  91. puven roshan says:

    Dear Wata

    Could you please advice how do we contact you in regards to business and corporate purposes. Would it be through email or number? If email could you provide it. Thank you and good day.

  92. Robert Chua says:

    Hi Wata, I want to know how new products/brands are introduced to Petronas/GTS. What is the process to get the a product/brand on to the Petronas AVL list? Please help. Thanks.
    You can email me.

    • Wata says:

      Chau: I have no expertise introducing new products. Though, I think you have two tasks, one to get the client to be willing to use your product, and one is the ability to sell the product to Malaysia’s oil & gas market. From my experience, the docs required for the second requirement (a PETRONAS licence) is spelled out in the PETRONAS Website -> Our Licensing & Registration -> Registration of Suppliers. Or keep an eye on the RSC’s, they seem to be able to step out from the PETRONAS licensing requirements. As for the first task, that depends on your tech selling skills. If you are looking for a Bumi director (ahem), slid some moolah my way. Hope that helps.

  93. Abdullah Talib says:

    hi Mr Wata, i’m looking to hire an engineer for short term project (TAR) certified by TUV – Safety Instrumented System. Can you help advise me on that matter. Thank you Sir

  94. Saif Al Hadi says:

    Good day Mr Wata,

    I am from Subsurface background (Reservoir specialization) but with very little experience. Right now I’m working as an Engineer in EPCC project. I am wondering if you’d know project/company that needs my specialization (Reservoir). I’m actually looking for more challenging work environment with advance chemical technologies underground.

    Thank you in advance.

  95. fathi says:

    Assalamualaikum Mr Wata.
    I just joined a construction company doing EPCC for Oil & Gas industry as Business Development and if possible, would like you to be my Tok Guru..My boss said you are the best BD in the industry..should learn from the best..can we meet somewhere in KL?

    • Wata says:

      Fathi : Wa alaikum salam. Subhanallah, your boss needs to wind down his caffeine intake. Thank you for the level of confidence
      Only people I am mentoring (snigger, snigger) nowadays are either company staff or those assigned to me by the IEM logbook scheme. Of you want to meet up, come to the IEM events where there is a chance I turn up.

      One last note, the first job you get is a BD job?

    • Wata says:

      Fathi : Wa alaikum salam

    • fathi says:

      Haha..okay..will join IEM events and meet tok guru.My boss caffeine intake is fine.

      This is not my first job. I have been doing sales, service, project engineer in the past. it is a new challenge for me. so, it will be helpful to have a good mentor also

  96. ikramnazari says:

    Assalamualaikum Sir Wata.

    I’m a fresh graduate as engineering technologies from Universiti Kuala Lumpur. I need some advice from you about NIOSH Safety & Health Officer (SHO) course. Currently i’m working in power plant division, but not really much on-site, just sitting in office and monitoring operation report and some documentation. Present situation is not really much to do and i decided to take the SHO course as part-time and insyaAllah my 1st class will be start on early this march. So there are some problems and i need some advice from you since you are old timer in safety field. Actually, I don’t have any reference person to be as my guide for the course and I don’t really know how the course going, hope you can share some to me.
    The other matter is, will the course can be advantage to me to grow my career since engineering field nowadays is very challenging especially in oil & gas and hardly compete with other fresh grad and experienced people.

    I’m glad if you can give me some advice and guide or sharing something. I’m really appreciate your help sir. Thank you.

    • Wata says:

      Ikram: Wa alaikum salam. I have no short answers, I haven’t attended the SHO course, and I don’t know how potential employees (and site workers) feel if you don’t have safety supervision experience already.

  97. lim says:

    Hi, is there anyway to contact you, maybe a email or something? I am a undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering. Need some advice on IEM CE Design Competition if possible. Thank you

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