Job Opportunities in Kerteh with TCOT/PCSB

I notice that many of my readers are searching for opportunities in Kerteh, especially in the oil and gas sector. One such opportunity is with the Terengganu Crude Oil Terminal (TCOT), as the operatorship is being taken over by PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (anyone remember when they were all housed in Wisma Peladang? Anyone remember Wisma Peladang?). My original post is here.

Anyhoo, If you think you have the appropriate experience and would like to work with Malaysia’s national oil company, you may contact the PCSB PMO (I think) HR Department. Please call the HR Department at 09 866 77 22 and request for Awang Zul or Lala. I suspect PCSB is looking for technicians and engineers.

Please refer back to my blog. Maybe I’ll get a few Imperial credits out of it.

117 Responses to Job Opportunities in Kerteh with TCOT/PCSB

  1. jabbathehutt says:

    hmmm, readers are flogging to Kerteh? that’s interesting…. no! that’s suspicious…..

    is there any other crime boss operating out of there? you know, there are other hutts in the crime family, and i am always worry if someone is trying to outdo me.

    I’m getting soft as i age… that’s bad.

  2. Fadzli says:

    Dear mr Wata

    The number you give for PCSB PMO is not service anymore…I tried to submitted my cv…Just my extra effort since I had give to you my cv already….it is any alternative number you know? just asking if you really know…thank buddy

  3. shamsul says:

    i would like to apply any vacancy in TCOT, especially in procurement or document preparing or controlling. I’m willing to travel depend on my job scopes. i have 1 year experienced in shipping as a boarding officer and holded diploma in maritime management. also able to produce my view relating cargo and shipping operation. Please do not hesitate to call or e mail me, if there is any vacant in any department.

  4. JabbatheHutt says:

    Hahahaa, you think people will let you join procurement?

    Procurement is a department were everyone gets something from a vendor. I’ve know things from a free meal every week all the way to a expensive family holiday.

    Everyone in town loves to be in procurement, and with a marine diploma, it won’t work. The best you can do is becoming a document control (even that, Jabba has also rejected at least hundreds of people wanting to be doc con unless they know the procedure. I fired my doccon/admin staff that has a degree in engineering, i wonder…..)

    Gook Luck

    • Wata says:

      Jabba, I had that train of thought as well, but your picture paints it in a much more interesting light. Maybe I should be apply to procurement…

  5. JabbatheHutt says:

    yeah, i know.

    its like when the government says the requirement for pengarah jabatan kewangan should be a degree holder, even a 22 yrs old degree from university of chowkit wants to apply.

    Again, O&G, minimum degree. if you have diploma, try night school and upgrade, or you will be stuck as a technician (kuli).

  6. Fadzli says:

    Dear sir..

    isn’t CUF kertih is a part from PCSB?I still trying to be there and had used many alternative including wata…by the way,isn’t TCOT link with CUF or it had own facilities?

    Thank you.

  7. Wata says:

    Fadzli: Please do some homework. CUF is not part of PCSB. It’s owned by PETRONAS Gas. It supplies some utilities to the neighbouring PETRONAS related plants, esp. cooling water and steam.
    TCOT does not utilise CUF. Check out this article.

  8. Fadzli says:

    Thanks for article…to mr wata…happy new year and awal muharram.

  9. jere says:

    To Mr wata,

    I now work as sales engineer for pump. I have 1 year experience on that. Could you suggest to me what is the best position for me to apply in Oil&Gas industry?

    • Wata says:

      jere: Apply for whatever you wish for. 1 years experience is nothing. You will be hired as a graduate engineer.

  10. jabbathehutt says:

    to be useful, work for at least 5 years in a proper position, i.e. not sales.

  11. airil anuar says:

    assalamualikum & salam sejahtera,

    Dear Sifu / Otai,

    I have almost 3 years work experience staring from draughting to construction M&E Engineer right now.
    With these experiences, am i able to join the O&G industry?
    I miss my turtle state hometown and wish to work there

    • Wata says:

      airil anuar: have you tried to contact the local engineering O&G firms in terengganu? Off the top of my head, I can name 3, and that excludes operators.

  12. shiraz says:

    are there any opportunity for fresh graduate?(chemical engineering).

    • Wata says:

      shiraz: sigh, please read the article, I think the word ‘experience’ is in there. As for other Kerteh opportunities, donate to my blog, and I’ll see if they want your CV next time I’m down there.

  13. kaki pangkah says:

    i like u very much….jabbathehutt.

    look at this blog..80% are idiot although they claim they are graduate and coming from a big name of university. are those university starting to produce a clown in the market ???

    • Johan Harris says:

      i used to proof read and comments on petronas scholars’ reports and assignments back while i was working in the plants there. and at that time i was only a mechanical tech. tell u aahh the uni guys/gals dont know diddly squad on the works!! on paper yes. in actual… leave the hard stuff to the real men of the industry. vocational and practical studies rawkss!!

  14. Jabbathehutt says:

    Hi KP.

    Its a vicious cycle. The first generation clowns become lecturers and train second generation clowns (which are not funnier than the first). and so on…. until by the time it hits the fifth generation clown, the country is run by very un-funny clowns.

  15. nurul says:

    salam… hurm… i wonder if there is still company at Kertih that provides internship programs? i`m a final year engineering students… past, my father had been working at TCOT for almost 24 years… nway, thanx.

    • Wata says:

      nurul: salam. Probably. Try MECIP, Steamline, MMC, Technip, LIMA, Siemens. You should be able to get a list of all the service companies in Kerteh.

  16. Messi says:

    Salam wata..
    Thanks for this blog..actually i was looking a job at area kertih.Can you help me to foward my CV too? ^_^
    Currently, i was working as a technician in Electronic Manufacturing industries at shah alam but now i realy want to shift to my hometown since my father cannot take care of himself (Stoke since last 2 years).. Already interview with petronas, exxon & etc before..but no luck yet.. ^_^

    • Wata says:

      Messi: I would try and apply to companies that have branch offices in Kerteh and state your preference that you want to move their. My experience is that those companies have difficulties in Kerteh placements, as it’s considered a one horse town (I agree) and may give you an edge. Try SGS for example. I don’t have any ties with those companies.

  17. azmir says:

    dear wata,i was lookong for a chemist job.can u help me to forwarding my CV?and how do can i email u my CV?now i;m working as a chemist a PVT lab..

  18. amir says:

    salam……i’m looking for related jobs with my specification…..diploma in welding engineering technology……i also have the certification of arc & gas welding…..

  19. Jabbathehutt says:

    chemist and welders.

    i think you’re starting to attract shady characters. probably need to stop hanging out at the seedier places.

  20. mezalie says:

    Dear Wata, I’m looking for NDT Technician. Are there any oppotunity for this position. I have PCN level 2 in Ultrasonic Testing from TATI sdn. Bhd. Kemaman T’ganu.


  21. Jabbathehutt says:

    they, there are aways gullible souls out there.

    until today, there are people still asking to sell their soul to the devil. so i think they’ll be people wanting to work for jabba.


    • MAB says:

      oh god…give me concrete strength 2 be jabba-the-penjahat’s slave.


      hey y everyone so into o&g.change ur mind,n join me in construction especially for those in electrical.fuhhh

  22. JabbatheHutt says:

    err, by the way, Jabba don’t work in Wata’s office.

  23. kerang says:

    Dear wata. i’m looking for the post of production operator/process operation technician. i’m a Diploma holder in civil engineering & holding BTEC Intermedate Certificate in Process Operation Technician. Working over 4yrs in O&G as Process Operation Technician. Knowledged & Experience both O&G field. now i’m looking fwd any available post as Production OPerator in TCOT/PCSB. Plz advise….tq

  24. zaris says:

    hi, kerteh is not the only one o&g town in m’sia. go look for opportunity in bintulu, miri, sibu, labuan, teluk ramunia, lumut, gurun, sungai udang n many more. u re not nobody,men if you cannot enter kerteh. as long as u have strong effort and willing to learn new things everyday, experience can be defeated. I started my 1st career in o&g kerteh as purchaser, 1 year later procurement mgr, then, project mgr and now exec dir for own company. nothing is impossible…

  25. Syed says:

    ive been working offshore almost a year now.i would like to apply living quarters certificate in civil eng.onshore i supervise i qualified to apply??

  26. CP says:


    is there any by chance a corrosion field engineer with just a couple of years experience offshore gets onshore for change? tnx.

    • Wata says:

      CP: I don’t know. Is there a general need for corrosion engineers onshore in other industries (M&E, facilities maintenance)? I presume that if you are working for a PETRONAS licensed contractor, they will send you where the work is, on- or offshore.

  27. Jabbathehutt says:

    what is the similarity between corrosion engineer and a proctologist?

    Both uses probe. But you get coupons with a corrosion engineer.

  28. JC says:

    Dear Wata,

    I’m looking for the post of document controller around KL area. I’m a diploma holder in Secretarial Studies and have 6 years experience in document controller job. Pls. help…….
    Thanks in advance

  29. muhaimin says:

    Dear Wata,

    I’m want to donate but i didn’t have any credit card. Do you have any other way??? please advice. Coz i really wanted to get into o & g industries. Right now i’m doing substation automation.

    • Wata says:

      Muhaimin: ummm, not that I’m complaining, but what’s the link between donating and getting into the O&G industry? Have you tried other means in getting into the trade? Like applying for jobs with suppliers?

  30. senior4 says:

    i have few position available

    – subsea engineer
    – HSE (Enviroment) – Manager & Suppervisor
    – corrosion engineer
    – metering engineer

    anyone interested .. send cv to


  31. VanillaCoke says:

    hi senior4,

    do you take fresh graduate? i graduated end of last year, and currently working part time. i’m trying to find a job in the oil n gas industry. hope you can help.

    thanks. =)

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      hmmm, unless you’ve tried ymail…. i think its gmail.

      but anyway, i bet it doesn’t work, if not wata won’t get his cut via paypal.

  32. wormie says:

    Waaa…after posted more than 2 yrs, still there are ppl wanting to come to Kerteh?

  33. adam says:

    Dear Wata, I’m looking for the post of medic offshore… I’m a diploma holder in Medical Ass n have 8 years experience in gov sector. Please help…
    Thanks in advance

  34. nur says:

    I am a student at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia who is currently pursuing the Bachelor in Mathematical Science degree.I have completed four semester which have fulfilled credit hours and I am now looking for a place to do my Industrial Training attachment for a period of 8 weeks from 2 May 2011 until 3 August 2011. so, i want to ask whether you are hire student for doing practical or not?thank you.

  35. One says:

    Dear All,
    Any vacancies for accounts exec @ Kerteh?
    I’m Degree holder (Accountancy) from USM,Penang.
    2years experience in accounting field.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Ada, tapi tahun 2008 ketika advert ni masih baru.

      mungkin kalau iklan itu dihantar dengan menjalan dari kerteh ke penang, baru butuh 2 tahun… kakakakaaa

  36. jamal says:


  37. sonny says:

    any vacancy for industrial engineer?

    • Wata says:

      sonny: before Jabba has a go, did you notice when the posting was first put up?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      yes, you can clean my toilet……

      bodoh punya lembu, ini iklan 3 tahun dulu.

      kalau macam ini, lebih baik jangan kerja, kerana bawak sial kat majikan hang aje

  38. Hella says:

    Dear All,

    I’m not looking for working for TCOT but i more prefer to rent my equipment to whom may really require.
    Did anyone know when expected date for pipe installation for TCOT. I have linear winch ready for rent. I having a lot of inquiry for rent the winch but no one has come with PO right now. Little bit curious to me.

  39. Jabbathehutt says:

    Dear All,

    I’m not looking for working for TCOT but i more prefer to rent my equipment to whom may really require.
    Did anyone know when expected date for pipe installation for TCOT. I have dildo ready for rent. I having a lot of inquiry for rent the dildo but no one has come with PO right now. Little bit curious to me.

  40. i also looking work at kerteh in oil and gas as a scheduler.

  41. static says:

    any vacancy for fresh graduate in degree geomatics science? i mean for hydrographic surveyor position…

  42. yups.. and also perhaps offshoreworks and even cggveritas.. not sure relevant or not but hey no harm trying kan.. good luck

  43. fen dey says:

    kerja sorang. dip cswip niosh ogsp/tnb cidb

  44. Jabbathehutt says:

    fen dey? lu tanya apa?

    CSWIP juga ada level. you mungkin level -3.0 kut. Visual idiot inspector.

    niosh itu apa? National Institute of Organic SHit? orang macam engkau yang selalu kata takde kerja…. tulis comment macam budak kindergarden

  45. mirza yusof says:


    Fresh grads rite now always want others to pass up their CVs.. Damn, just pick up the damn phone and call them yourself.. It’s not a damn hard thing to do unless you are f…ing lazy moron and know you are so damn stupid when people pick up the phone they wont even bother to entertain you..dream on if you want to work in reputable company when you are still acting like a kid and want people to give everythng to you.. damn uni grads..

    • zhfrn says:

      Hope there is a like button to mirza yusuf comment

    • Sunan says:

      im knocking on each oil and gas office door when im sending them my resume to give me a chance for an interview last few years…finally i got employed 3 weeks after graduate.. and the truth is that is not my effort that secure me the job…that is what god has planned for me or in malay ketentuan allah…syukur… soooo… i think most of you EXPERIENCE peoples just shut your mouth because it is easy on our time to get employ compared to the competitive environment nowadays… there is nothing wrong to ask for someone to help you secure the position…do you think this fresh grad peoples just seat at home without doing nothing??? they may have try thousand time harder than us but still not get the job… there is nothing wrong to support each other if there is opportunity… so you EXPERIENCE people dont think that you are good enough to think that you will not face similar situation like these freshie are facing in the future… if you dont want to help shut up coz even you have 100 years experience you are still nothing for god if you behave like that…

      • JabbatheHutt says:

        Ok, its Jabba clobbering time.

        Mirza : To be fair, we don’t really take calls. So, even if they call, I won’t answer. I don’t even answer my client. Sorry Wata, sometime I don’t pick your phone too. my bad.

        Sunan : Yeah, you can syukur. That’s fine.

        The main problem we have is;

        1. Graduates complaining about not getting job. People come expecting that with a first class degree, they should be paid RM3500. Fat chance, no way. They guy that gets offered a job took RM2500, but got a RM1000 increment the next year.

        2. Writing a CV on a blog like the idiot Fen Dey above, is useless.

        3. God has nothing to do with your problem, And if you really believe in god, obviously, god loves us more because we got a job for 100 yrs and he gave is such a long life… so you are more dikasihi then you….. hahahhahhaaa

  46. Jabbathehutt says:

    like like like like like

  47. mohd baihaki says:

    salam mr. wata,
    i am interested to work at TCOT. i have 3 years experience in tankage package include fabrication and inspection, also have some experinece in conrol valves and regulator. Can u please give me your email to so that i can forward my cv to you for an action. your reply is highly appriciated. 🙂

    • Fadhil Ahmad says:

      Salam Baiha kI,
      Just to get things clear where do you work before? I have a company that link to design of SOGT in sabah. Just designing works . Maybe we can work things out. Would you please be kindly to put your email here so I can email to you the specification.

  48. Mohd Hafizuddin Saidi says:

    Dear Abg Wata,
    Saya dr Alam Hidro (M) Sdn Bhd, anak syarikat Alam Maritim. Saya as project safety officer/safety coordinator utk diving project. Kebanyakan project UWILD on FSO, involve skali dengn TCOT untuk Postlay Trenching and Workover project dekat Bokor Oilfield.. Saya ingt nak berhijrah, bole suggest kat saya mane2 peluang yg ade skrg.. Saya experience 3 thn dlm oil and gas..

  49. syahman says:

    i will join PMO this august…intrument not sure my job scope

  50. Aishah says:

    Salam Mr Wata& Jabba!

    I really hope I get to meet you guys someday, hopefully during Offshore Malaysia in March ’13 @ OGA in June ’13. Or are you among the top guys yang susah untuk dijumpai? 🙂

  51. freddy says:

    i’ve been following this blog since i was studied..really inspired me!!!

    i’ve been working in oil & gas for about 2years(still in learning stage)..for those who will/just graduated, please stick what’s field you wanna join..don’t only think bout $$$ but put a target what’s you wanna be in next 10years…make yourself valuable..

    me: working with procurement for 2years..good $$$..but very difficult to switch into technical scopes…but alhamdulillah just got offered as mech eng..$$$?? you have the answer 😦

    usaha, doa & tawakal…itu plg pntg..

    • Wata says:

      Freddy: good fortune to you.

    • Aishah says:

      Dear Freddy, me myself is the Planner cum Associate Engineer. Let’s not talk much about $$$. But still I get to do tonnes of work scopes, though they may not be done perfectly 😛 there’re so much things to learn every new day. The experience is worthless! Yea never give up, always pray and be positive, in shaa Allah we’ll get to our goal eventually.

      Wata, I’d like to make a dedication to the fresh grad oso, can ah? As freddy said, I’d like to add, don’t do things for money, but do things that you love, and make money out of it. Do not worry if the $$$ is not as you expected, small steps always get you farther. Oil & gas field requires the people who have experience, which we fresh grads are lack of. But we’re all fast learners, so once you get into the field, it is time to show them what you’ve got! All the best!

    • jabbathehutt says:

      yes, I started with only RM600 salary.

      The money will come. its not easy. people think you join this industry because of connection. Actually not, you have to work hard. I am sure engineers in your company is getting hell, working long hours. once you succeed, you will look back, and understand nothing is for free.

  52. freddy says:


    Yes..agreed with your job since you’ll spend almost 1/2, or maybe 3/4, or 100%??? of your daily life doing it…at the end, you hv to feel satisfied, not only become a “passenger” in your organization…

  53. s@ni says:

    encik wata, jom deting… kat kedai mamak or kedai 5bentang

  54. Yazid says:

    i would like to apply any vacancy in TCOT, especially in document preparing or controlling. I’m willing to travel depends on my job scopes. i have almost 8 years experienced in oil & gas as a Document Controller and holded certificate. Please do not hesitate to call or e mail me, if there is any vacant in any department.

  55. percobaan says:

    Hurrah! In the end I got a webpage from where I be able to truly obtain valuable data regarding my study and knowledge.

  56. akmal asyraf says:

    salam and good day,

    im currently doing my third year electrical and electronics engineering in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. As part of my academic structure, i will have my internship this JANUARY 2014. i would love to be in the field of oil and gas industry. So my question are, do this company provide any placement for internship students?
    if so, whom shall i contact to? or perhaps send my applications, CV and so on?

    im looking forward to hear from you, tqvm 🙂

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