It’s official – TCOT handover from Exxon to PCSB

On Tues, 25th March, 2008, the staff at Terengganu Crude Oil Terminal (TCOT) were informed that TCOT and the Onshore Slug Catcher (OSC) will be changing operatorship. By 1st quarter 2009, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) will be operating TCOT and OSC. ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc. (EMEPMI) staff currently working at the two locations will be offered a voluntary separation scheme (VSS).

TCOT and OSC are located in the picturesque town of Kertih, Terengganu, Malaysia. TCOT is the terminal for all the offshore oil pipelines, whereas OSC, together with the PCSB operated Onshore Gas Terminal (OGT) are the collection points for offshore gas.

Carigali will send a handover team over on 1st April 2008, with the intention to be ready for full transfer of operatorship by 31st August, 2008.

11 Responses to It’s official – TCOT handover from Exxon to PCSB

  1. Jabba the Hutt says:

    Well done to the Exxon Guys running TCOT. They manage to operate it so long without any major incident.

    It’ll be a bit sad to see the company flag change (for those old EPMI blokes).

    All the best, and don’t destroy TCOT

  2. Geff Blim says:

    I still have some material which belongs to TCOT. Its a Corrosion Probe.

    Does this mean I don’t need to return it anymore?

  3. Jorak Uln says:

    Why would one operating company give up a crude oil terminal that has already paid itself off? Is Exxon moving out of the country? Or has PCSB made an offer no-one could refuse?

  4. husni sulaiman says:

    Jorak Uln,
    Based on my understanding, Exxon is giving up the crude oil facilities because it was an agreement to relinquish this facilities to Petronas “upon maturity” of the Profit Sharing Contract (PSC). This PSC is an agreement between an operating company like Exxon with Petronas/Government of Malaysia to produce our natural resources and in return, develop its facilities. “Upon maturity” is a subjective period of time duration agreed by both parties when entering in the agreement. And “upon maturity” is my own word, they might use different term in the document. It is more like “upon expiry” if you ask me.

    As a matter of fact, there are quite a handful of currently producing offshore platforms operated by Petronas Carigali were actually built, operated and relinquished back to Petronas.

    What is the details of PSC? That would be a story that perhaps Wata can enlighten is us in his blog…

  5. husni sulaiman says:

    Wow, the moment is finally here… the handover of TCOT/OSC to Petronas is official. It has been a rumor since I was working in Kerteh back in 1998…

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  9. mummy says:

    PCSB already has fully operatorship of TCOT on 1st July 2008…
    Sadly PCSB has to repair all the scrap things leaving by EMEPMI…
    a lot of work to be done…!!! a lot of money needs to be invested…

  10. ali ahmaddin says:

    to respond what mummy said on july 12.
    Almost over 80% of TCOT plan needed to be refurbish by PCSB, and alot of hidden agenda emerge after years being….
    Back to Geff Blim, their answer is yes! As long as it belongs to TCOT, you need to return it. ha..ha..!!
    So what will you say GB?

  11. Khairul Yusoff says:

    Looking for HSE vacant available at TCOT. please do contact me by e-mail

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