IEM Shout Out – Internships 2022-07

July 29, 2022

For those of you looking for internships, IEM has the following advert for internships. Contact, or call +60379684011 +6079684022 for an appointment. Tell them Ir. Wata said, you want to be Special Assistant to VPs Razak and Yau 🙂 (seriously, don’t say that).

IEM Shoutout – 2022-07 Annual Dinner

July 20, 2022

We still have seats available for the 23rd at Sunway Lagoon Hotel. A reminder that we still have seats, tables and sponsorship slots available. Please come and celebrate this year’s accomplishments with those of the engineering bent.

Anniversary – Piper Alpha Disaster

July 6, 2022

Oil & Gas Engineers never forget.

Shoutout – 2022-07 IEM Annual Dinner

June 6, 2022

To celebrate lifting of restrictions, and hopefully work picking up, could you support me as IEM Council Member / Oil & Gas Tech Div Member / Corporate Affairs Stand Comm Sec (… you get the idea), and purchase a table or 3? Hey, and perhaps I’ll arrange After Dark entertainment…

Email : Website :

Shout Out – IEM 2022-06 Marine Industry Conference

May 30, 2022

IEM is organising the 1st Malaysia Marine Industry Conference, on 22nd June 2022 (palindrome right there). Register here (physical presence) or here (Meta presence). Please, I need to get my reference numbers up.

and here is the brochure

Enhancing the Engineering Profession

May 5, 2022

First off, I am all for continuous education. However, if you are taking a Masters to enhance your first degree so as to be able to register with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia, please ask them first. And understand, if your first degree is NOT engineering, then this won’t help you towards your BEM registration.

And this is moot in the near future, as their will be no top-up allowance for unrecognized first degree.. unless you register as a engineering technologist, and then top up? Loophole galore.

Dateline 2022-03-XX, The Star:

THE engineering field is not just a competitive profession but it is also constantly evolving. Therefore it is important to keep updated with the latest headways in the industry.

One effective way of doing so is pursuing a higher degree to enhance career opportunities within the field.

Monash University Malaysia’s Master of Applied Engineering (MAppE) at the School of Engineering is designed for fresh graduates and working adults with science and engineering academic backgrounds.

Malaysia’s first ENGINEER and MARVEX exhibition sets to drive positive change for the economy

April 12, 2022

I was one of the backroom girls for an event.

Dateline 2022-03-01, The Star:

The Engineering and Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation (ACMV & R) industries in Malaysia will come together for four days from March 16 to showcase the future of engineering.

The features will be focusing on the latest solutions and technologies in sustainability, renewable energy, air quality and more towards progressing the nation’s engineering, ACMV and R industry as well as reigniting economic activity.

Kasawari CCS shows hydrocarbons and energy transition not mutually exclusive

April 9, 2022

Dateline 2022-02-18, Upstream:

Petronas awarding parallel front-end engineering and design contracts for its Kasawari carbon capture and storage project offshore its native Malaysia serves as a timely reminder that the increasingly global decarbonisation drive is continuing to build momentum.

But it also highlights the ability of conventional oil and gas projects to continue to attract billions of dollars’ worth of capital expenditure, with demand for hydrocarbons looking set to prevail until at least 2050 and likely well beyond.

The Malaysian national oil company appears to be on track — as intended — to take the final investment decision later this year on Kasawari CCS (Kasawari phase two), which is being touted as the world’s largest offshore CCS project.

UTM – Survey Help

March 14, 2022

UTM needs some last hour help. Go figure.

I am now in the midst of conducting a rigorous study to improve our undergraduate Process Safety teaching in Malaysian universities. I need input, insights and opinions from the industries.

Could you help me with this study? The questions are very direct and simple but it means alot to our students and future engineers.

Here is the link to the questions:

But I am sorry that I need it fast (perhaps in 1 or 2 days time (from 2022-3-14) because I need to already present it to the UK side very soon. Hope you can help me answering these questions and also sharing it to your colleagues who are relevant to this this study.

Thank you so much ya

Shout Out – 2022-03 AER Open Day

March 2, 2022

I’m MCing this event, so turn up and register. I need the headcount to get paid a bonus on top of the base pay. The date is 5th March 2022.

Visit 22nJihaemkyeo9 to register. And visit AER to find and gawk at my name.