Wata’s Presentation – IChemE EdSIG 2019-08

August 21, 2019

I was honoured to present my thoughts at the Safety Teaching Workshop on 7th August 2019, hosted at IChemE Malaysia (you gotta sort out the AV cabling).

I don’t often make original content. The link to the presentation is here. Please provide comments, so I can make it better when I look at it in 6 months time.

Site Bite – Innovation Pitch And Business Matching (IPBM 2019)

August 5, 2019

I’m attending the above event at MIDA today 2019-08-05, looking to be inspired as to how academia can spur industry, and how Malaysian industries can catch the crest of the next best thing wave.

PSA – Innovation Pitch and Business Matching 2019-08

July 29, 2019

Disclaimer – I have no links to the event, other than as an observer.

On the 5th August, 2019 starting at 8am at MIDA, KL Sentral, the IPBM 2019 will be held.

  1. The pitching sessions are divided into five categories as follows:
    Digital Technology, Electronics and IOT
  2. Biotechnology, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals and Health
  3. Chemical, Advanced Materials and Plastics
  4. Machinery and Equipment
  5. Food-tech and Agriculture Technology

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact IPBM 2019 secretariat at +60149039085 (Ms. Sharina) or at +60134599301 (Ms. Nora) or email to ipbm@unimap.edu.my or visit at https://ipbm.unimap.edu.my/.

I am a fan of mixing it up between academia and industry, specifically where symbiosis is possible. Currently, with buzzwords like “move fast and break things”, “disruptive technology”, local public unis having their budgets slashed risking quality of education, and the ever-present cost cutting (sorry, optimization) regime, I would suggest local unis have something for those who are willing to look.

I’ve paid up my RM100 to attend. I implore that you come as well.


Anniversary – Piper Alpha Disaster

July 6, 2019

Oil & Gas Engineers never forget.

IEM Shout Out – 2019-07 Technical Visit to Technical Visit to LNG Regasification Terminal Pengerang (RGTP)

June 13, 2019

My technical division will be hosting a visit on the 22nd July, 2019.

The Regasification Terminal Pengerang (RGTP) is under the purview of Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB), a public-listed company on Bursa Malaysia. PGB operates and maintains the offshore Regasification Terminal in Sungai Udang, Melaka (RGTSU) and the onshore Regasification Terminal in Pengerang, Johor (RGTP).

RGTP provides primary gas supply to RAPID, Pengerang Co-Generation Plant (PCP) and the Peninsular Gas Utilization (PGU) pipeline grid to augment the availability of gas in the country. RGTP offers Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) unloading and reloading, storage, handling and regasification.

The plant has a capacity of 3.5 mtpa (million-tonnes per annum) and began its commercial operation in 2017. The plant receives LNG vessels carrying LNG imported from around the world, store it in storage tanks and convert the LNG into gas, before injecting it into the PGU pipeline grid for distribution to customers.


Register here, or download the form here.

Shout Out – IEM Engineer’s Run 2019-08

June 13, 2019

Come, don’t sweat for me, sweat with me.

IEM Engineers Run 2019 is just around the corner, in conjunction with The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia 60th Anniversary Celebration! Do register yourself here (https://jomrun.com/event/iem-engineers-run-2019) and be part of the celebration! Don’t miss the chance, register now and enjoy early bird offer. All participants will be entitled to get a sublimation T-shirt, medal, and race goodie bag. IEM members enjoy RM5 rebate upon race kit collection.

IEM MOGEC Shoutout – CAFEO37 Exhibition 2019-10-11, JIE, Jakarta

May 28, 2019

We have gotten a deal where you can pay less than the going rate, and admittedly get less floor space, but it’s good for us small fry. Contact aer@iem.org.my. Say I said hi, and set aside my vig.