Enhancing the Engineering Profession

First off, I am all for continuous education. However, if you are taking a Masters to enhance your first degree so as to be able to register with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia, please ask them first. And understand, if your first degree is NOT engineering, then this won’t help you towards your BEM registration.

And this is moot in the near future, as their will be no top-up allowance for unrecognized first degree.. unless you register as a engineering technologist, and then top up? Loophole galore.

Dateline 2022-03-XX, The Star:

THE engineering field is not just a competitive profession but it is also constantly evolving. Therefore it is important to keep updated with the latest headways in the industry.

One effective way of doing so is pursuing a higher degree to enhance career opportunities within the field.

Monash University Malaysia’s Master of Applied Engineering (MAppE) at the School of Engineering is designed for fresh graduates and working adults with science and engineering academic backgrounds.

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