Bintulu Onshore Gas Terminal

Synergy was invited to facilitate a HAZOP at Murphy’s Gas Plant (MGP) or Bintulu Onshore Gas Terminal (BOGT), I don’t know which is the formal name. The HAZOP went on smoothly enough, and I hope that the client was satisfied with execution and conclusions of the exercise, and invites us to facilitate their future risk assessment sessions.

15 Responses to Bintulu Onshore Gas Terminal

  1. Wata says:

    BTW, I think it’s Bintulu Onshore Receiving Facilities (BORF).

  2. Luke says:

    I seeking oil & gas jobs base at bintulu.anyone can help?i currently work as field engineer with main contractor at Brunei LNG.I graduated my honours’ degree in mechanical engineer at Sheffield Hallam University.Appreciate if anyone can help.

  3. nizam says:

    As Wata said, Bintulu Onshore Receiving Facilities is correct. The owner is Murphy Sarawak Co. I was in the project last year.

    For Luke, Kumang Cluster project from offshore to MLNG Bintulu will be on board… if I’m not mistaken, JGC either bids or already got the job…

  4. christopher says:

    hello there….i would like to ask some of you guys that if i want to do a practical oil & gas at Bintulu.?
    I’m from sabah and study at German Malaysian Institute and for you guys information that i will do my practical in next year starting at January 2011. Can i join this company.?

    • observer. says:

      christopher, there are a few O&G companies currently operating in Bintulu; you can opt for Shell (SMDS and BIF), PETRONAS (MLNG, BCOT and ABF), and of course if they want you, Murphy (BORF). Go to their websites and apply online stating your interests to be attached at these establishments in Bintulu. From what i heard some MLNG interns got offered by Shell or Esso but don’t ask me why. Godspeed.

  5. Jabbathehutt says:

    you can, but the question is whether they want you.

  6. nizamer says:

    jabba: nice answer..A+.

  7. shah says:

    Nice place… but quite scary.
    Rats –> Snake = Lots of bait-station
    Water ponds –> tilted CCTV post
    just image what will happen to those compressors IF there is/are any ground movement?


    Whats is your opinion about the place?

  8. Melvin Anding says:

    would like to ask whether this company will accept us from Institut Latihan Perindustrian Kota Samarahan (ILPKS) for practical/On Job Training(OJT).will start on 10th January 2011 and ending on the 1st April 2011

  9. Mohammad Tajudin Ngah says:

    bolt torqing,bolt tensioning and pipe cutting supervisor

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      what are you trying to say?

      The circumcision specialist near my house qualifies as ;

      nuts torqing,nuts tensioning and pipe surface cutting supervisor

  10. Sabestian Tuah says:

    I seeking oil&gas jobs base at bintulu.
    Anyone can help?
    I graduated my honours certificate eletrical chargeman L1 at Open University proaktif kuching sarawak.
    Appreciate if anyone can help.
    Call my number XXXX for more details i wanna to ask about this jobs.

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