Nostalgia – TCOT and OSC, Kerteh

Ah, the new signage for the Terengganu Crude Oil Terminal (TCOT) and Onshore Slug Catcher (OSC) are up.

9 Responses to Nostalgia – TCOT and OSC, Kerteh

  1. Hemm.. Is this the reason why PCSB is actively developing the new line? … 24″ TCOT line. Now they own TCOT… BTW… the next 24″ HDD will be another challenge to TL Offshore…

  2. Wata says:

    Sulaiman: is that a new line from Angsi? Anyhow, what I understand is that there was a lot of negotiation for TCOT / OSC to be under PCSB operatorship, so the new line could have been part of the deal.

  3. hazwan says:

    hello…do you know what the tcot address?if u know, plzz emal me @

  4. Wata says:

    Hazwan, only contacts I have for TCOT are here.

  5. hazwan says:

    so..i just contact by phone to make a job application,right?thanks a lot

  6. CM Shell says:

    Worked there from 84-86 and production was about 320K bopd, worked with some really nice people.

    • Wata says:

      CM Shell: We welcome comments and insights from our seniors. How about starting with the quality of engineering between now and then?

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