IEM Blog – Where’s the Forum?

You may have noticed that the Institution of Engineers, IEM has started a blog page. Kudos to them for opening more channels of communication to its members, and engineers in general.

I hope they actually open a forum. A forum is more conductive to two way communication, and discussion between the different contributors. It’s designed to encourage dialogue between all parties involved in a topic, where as blog comments are not. And it will give the IEM a chance to create the first truly Malaysian engineering discussion group (excluding yours truly).

Maybe the IEM is afraid that forums will permit virtual discussion without increasing the actual physical presence of engineers at their events?

Me, I’m the Sec / Treas of the Oil, Gas and Mining Tech Division 2007-2008. If you are more comfortable in online participation, by all means, go ahead. Though I do hope to see you in the Bangunan Ingenier sometime.

One Response to IEM Blog – Where’s the Forum?

  1. Relax says:

    as Jabba has suggested, maybe this blog should be tossed into this page:

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