Shoutout – APCChE 2021-10

October 26, 2021

I’m giving a talk on Wed, 27th October, 2021. Spoilers, the subjects of the talk will be:

  • Infra – The Case of the Rebellious Infrastructure
  • Scheduling – The Case of the Wonky Schedule
  • ToR – The Case of The Amazing Assumptions and Bodacious Basis
  • Docs – The Case of the Mutating Scribblings
  • Multi Task – A Case of Smooshing Studies
  • Authority – The Case of The Disappearing Baron
  • Team member’s Seat
  • Leader – The Case of the Flubbing Conductor
  • Lost – Lost in Translation
  • Litigious- Going Down Fightin’

Register here. I mean, really, as there is no ‘smash that like button’ or ‘subscribe to help the algorithm’ nonsense here.

IEM Shout Out – APCChE 2019 1 of 2

October 30, 2019

The place looks sparce, but there were 1600+ participants, I promise you. We want to beat that number, for the APCChE 2021, to be held in Malaysia. Be there.


Shout Out: 2019-09 APCChE 2019 Sapporo

May 5, 2019

IEM will be hosting Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCChE) 2021. Therefore, I request that you support this year’s event (and obviously the 2021 one), as the flag handover ceremony will be attended by yours truly.