Wind Turbines on Perhentian Island

I haven’t been to Perhentian Island (or Islands) for a long time. One thing there that will excite the techie in me (apart from the gadgets that make up my dive gear) is that renewable energy is powering the island, in the form of wind turbines.

Perhentian Island - Wind Turbines

Perhentian Island - Wind Turbines

Here’s an overview of the other systems installed, including solar cells and batteries (and diesel engines as backup).

Go, green movement!

55 Responses to Wind Turbines on Perhentian Island

  1. sohas says:

    good stuff!!!

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  3. sohas says:

    Sorry couldnt resist – had to write-up on my blog too…but referenced it to yours, as a source of inspiration!!!!! So, what you actually think about the renewable industry in malaysia?

  4. Salam n Hola

    Hmmmm.. I’ve never been to Perhentian. Would love to go there one day. Been to Pulau Kapas a couple of times already.

    The first time was a long time ago – mid 90s. Back then we only had electricity from 6PM – 6AM (if I remembered correctly la). I think the resort operator used their own generator.

    A few years ago, I went back to Pulau Kapas. We had electricity all day long. A bigger generator perhaps? I don’t know.

  5. Wata says:

    Soha: I think the Perhential wind turbines are a one off. I haven’t heard of other similar projects. The other islands are using underwater power cables, electricity being supplied by shore.
    We are still trying to build the Bakun dam, a renewable energy resource, but that hasn’t gotten anywhere yet. There is the Suria 1000 program, where households bid to install solar panels, but it seems a fad at the moment.

  6. Relax says:

    Hey, I am happy that Malaysia is going green.
    I doubt green energy is easy to implement lah….

  7. sohas says:

    So many kilometers of underwater cables? expensive and inefficient. Self-sufficient island operation would be better, given that we can tap the natural resources. Bakun is meant to complete in a few years time right? Where are they channeling the output to? 2.4GW can supply all of Sarawak I presume…

  8. Wata says:

    Soha: Bakun power is going to be sent to Semenanjung via underwater cable. The consumer market in Sarawak isn’t there.

  9. sohas says:

    That would be so expensive – is that via AC or DC cables? Anyways, just a question: do we sell electricity to S’pore or Thailand or both?

  10. Yuzami Yusof says:

    hi..I would like be an agent for wind turbine in malaysia.Because soon i have a big project in johor area, maybe i wanted about 60 wind turbine.if anybody read this message dicrect from the company please reply me back thank you

  11. Muhammad Zhafran says:

    the transmission of electricity thru the sea will be in DC. so much power will be lost if AC is used. there are very few local expertise in this field of DC transmission. If i’m not mistaken the cable is entering the peninsular at Bentong, Pahang.

  12. Wata says:

    Muhammad Zhafran: I don’t know your engineering skills, but I hope they’re better than your geography. Bentong is land-locked, so exactly how does ‘the cable is entering … at Bentong’?

    For the bonus round, explain why power loss through of AC through water is higher than DC, and why this doesn’t apply to normal transmission cables.

  13. Adzrian says:

    DC or HVDC is less expensive if we make in Bulk, high voltage & long transmission. And perhaps, HVDC guaranteed less losses compared to AC. That is why they are using HVDC for connecting Bakun & Peninsula.Undersea cables system tends to have high additional capacitance due to the environment. If i’m not mistaken, There is a HVDC transmission at Northern Peninsula, near Thailand Border, but it is only limited and for R&D purpose.

    It is not practical to use DC in normal transmission since the cost for Inverter,thyristors is very high, plus in terms of distribution, we required for DC type circuit breaker and it is expensive and it is not efficeint in terms of cost.

    Sohas: We do not sell electicty to Singapore. They have their own Utilities company for example SembCorp Utilities. If you walk around near JB, u can see a Power Plant near the Tebrau Straits or located at Sembawang District.

  14. Fadzli says:

    Dear Sohas..can u do energy audit?..

  15. io says:

    WOW… Wonderful. Go go green….
    *i feel guilty being orang minyak… :p*

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  17. Jabbathehutt says:

    it does make good ornaments on the island to show we are a “green” bunch

  18. hafeau says:

    hi yuzami, im currently working with a wind turbine company in malaysia.. most of the components are made here.. pls reply if ure interested maybe we can work things out..

  19. Ali says:

    I was in Perhentian a few weeks ago and asked the local residents about the two Wind Turbines, apparently they are wired but not being distributed to any shop or household, and no one knows where it is being distributed. Does anyone here know anything about it?

  20. JabbatheHutt says:

    wired to two little rechargables batteries

  21. I’ve always been fascinated by wind power in particularly, though alternate energy in general is a great topic. I’ve wondered for a long time how to get started with it at a small scale. Where can I get good batteries at a reasonable expense?

  22. Sazila Isa says:


    If you are still looking for the wind Turbine companies, we are a multi national company and maybe we can work something out.

  23. Sazila Isa says:

    Please email me at (removed by Wata). This my personal email. Note: those interested, I will pass their email to Sazila… with a token fee, of course.

  24. K says:

    Does anyone know if wind turbines are being used for homes yet in Malaysia. I’m buying a house in Seremban (a detached bungalow with a yard big enough to put a small wind turbine on it (I think). See my new blog on my house project here

    Any contacts who can help me set one up (a small inexpensive one?).


  25. Jabbathehutt says:

    you can make a home made wind turbine.

    • ejam says:

      and the kitchen at the top or in the blade? oh maybe the bedroom in the blade.easy to sleep.

    • K says:

      I don’t know how to make a homemade wind turbine…. where might I learn how and get the supplies?


      • Wata says:

        K: out of curiosity, has anyone helped you on this? I think if you actually get a decent output, I might send some O&G operations folks your ways to discuss your experiences. Some bright spark wanted to put these on their minimal facility platform.

      • generator Joe says:

        Would you be able to get a steady stream of wind blowing in your lawn all the time? Maybe you should consider a hybrid system, where the main power comes from a battery bank. The wind turbine will be used only to charge the battery bank. Additionally you can use a secondary charging system using solar power.
        But not sure if you need a license to generate your own electricity in your lawn?!@#$

      • Wata says:

        generator Joe: not unless you need a license to operate a portable diesel generator.

      • k says:

        Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t getting notified when these posts get new responses.

        Wata- No, no one has been able to give me a solution yet. Joe- I’m not sure how much wind is blowing on the property as I haven’t moved there yet. I just bought the house and will move in on Wednesday. Would really appreciate anyone (O&G operations folks, etc.)who might want to come out to the house to see the set up and offer some ideas.


      • Wata says:

        k: you may be getting more than you bargain for if you ask an O&G person to help. We will proposel 2 layers of safety, 3 * 50% redundancy, and 110% overdesign. Oh, and we need to get PETRONAS approval as well if we sole source the equipment.

      • K says:

        LOL sounds like what I am dealing with on other constructions for the house right now(kitchen etc..). Sounds like it would be too complicated and in the end too expensive!

  26. Mohamad Anizam Abdullah says:

    Hi All,

    Our company manufacture low wind speed wind turbine. Capable of producing electricity at wind speed as low as 3m/s. Bare in mind 65% of the time Malaysian wind speed is between 3 to 5m/s. The wind turbine is a 3.6kW turbine and is 100% Malaysian made. 12 years of R&D was done by a local Professor from one of the public university in Johor.
    Currently, we are looking for business partner to market this turbine. Interested? please contact me thru Wata.

  27. Mohamad Anizam Abdullah says:

    or u can call me at 0133945862

  28. siva says:

    Hi Anizam, could you please drop me a mail…

  29. Vivien says:

    we’re China wind turbine manufacturere, supplying small wind turbines worldwide and yesterday sent a portable one with 450W to Kuala Lumpure. Our 450W and 750W are only 23-30KGS can be installed in a yard or rooftop, low-wind speed start-up and little noise.

    YOu can contact me if any questinon or need.


  30. Dear everyone,

    My company, A-Wing International produce micro wind turbine with very low cut-in wind speed at 1.2 m/s thus very suitable for tropical countries that have relatively lower wind speeds then subtropical countries.

    You can find more information at

    If you are interested to do business with us on expanding Malaysian market, please drop me an email at

    Best regards,

  31. PowerNature says:

    Prepared to provide product information related to power generation. We have many products to offer a variety of brands,Applications electric wind machines(Wind Generator),electric machines applications from the sun (solar cell generator),gas powered portable generator and accessories.We have content about power of nature (green energy) to you.

  32. avin says:

    We are planing to build a wind energy powerplant.
    All those interested in sharing your views or products please drop me your email address on this site. thanks.

  33. M A Chowdry says:

    One of my portfolio companies in silicon valley of California has developed leading edge vertical axis wind turbine with electronic control. Based on my research by visiting various exhibitions, NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD has such technology which so efficient, cost effective. The turbines are not for grid connection but can only be used for small businesses, homes, as we offere three productcs 3.5kw, 7.5kw and 15kw. Products can be produced in Malaysia.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Saw vertical wind turbine on Discovery channel, and the whole rig sits on a magnet which floats the whole turbine so the friction of the turbine is overcome without using ball bearings.

      I didn’t see the name Chowdry. They do that in bigger range than yours.

      By the way, Mr Idiot (if I can call you that), what’s your website? How the heck we know what’s your product? The only Chowdry + california that came up in google was for an indian paedophile named My Ass Chowdry.

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