Oil & Gas Hub in … Pekan?

I was watching TV3 news today (2009-02-16), and there was mention of a new oil & gas hub in Pekan, Pahang. Here’s a link to the New Straits Times. It is called the Tanjong Agas Oil & Gas and Maritime Industrial Park. Investment to create the site was valued at RM2b, with a total investment of RM12b (not sure about this number).

I got confused because Tanjong Agas is also a well known place in Muar, Johor.

Second, Pekan is not what you call the center of the O&G universe. It’s closer to the southern Malaysian oil fields, and can potentially service the Indonesian offshore assets as well.

I wonder if politics had a lot of say in developing a state relatively friendly to the current administration.

If you can point me to who can give me jobs there, thank you.

12 Responses to Oil & Gas Hub in … Pekan?

  1. Saf Badar says:

    First of all, this project was hijacked from Zee Zee Offshore Sdn Bhd. Owners of this company was the ones who come with this proposal about three years ago. But was hijacked by this two morons; Faidzal & Badaruddin. Don’t believe me? If you have the right “cable” ask the MB, Datuk Lias and others, who is Capt Zakaria, who is Idrus, are they the ones whose ideas and proposal were stolen?

    • Wata says:

      Saf Badar: before I get locked up for spreading sedition, you have evidence that Zee Zee proposed the project? And what is your involvement?

  2. zzeed says:

    That would be the DPM, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak. (The MP of Pekan).

  3. Saf Badar says:

    Wata: You want evidence? What can you do with the evidence if let’s say I can provide them? Let’s put it this way, it’s for me to know and for you to find out, ok? I don’t want to be responsible if you are “locked up for spreading sedition” because in Malaysia anything can happen,eg. the ones who really “derhaka” are branded as “pejuang” but in reality this so called “pejuang” are the actual “penderhaka”. Bottom-line my intention of bringing-up the matter is purely to warn you and your readers to be really on your toes if any of you intend to be involve in this project in whatever capacity.

  4. Jabbathehutt says:

    calm down. chaps in oil and gas are passionate about politics, but we always keep neutral on workwise.

    In the industry, we tend to keep away on political affiliation and try to concentrate on our professional skills.

    I do agree there are a lot of discrepancy, but as a professional, we will have to abide to the rule of law, and act according to our ethics and professionalism.

    (wow, can’t believe this was by jabba!)

    • Wata says:

      I can’t believe this is Jabba too. Better change your password, I think someone cracked it. Anyhow, I was wondering if Pekan was close enough to support Natuna et al.

  5. Heavy Metal Guy says:

    From VERY reliable sources, I came to know that this idea/proposal was first submitted to PASDEC about two, three years ago by Zee Zee Offshore Sdn Bhd. After a few round of discussions/meetings with the MD of PASDEC, both parties came to some sort of mutual agreement to form a company which will have PASDEC and Zee Zee Offshore as partners. At this point due to lack of funds, Zee Zee Offshore invited Mohd Faidzal Ahmad Mahidin and Badaruddin Masodi to outsource financial arrangement for the new company which has been registered by that time under the name of Pekan Petrobase Sdn Bhd.
    After more discussions/meetings, PKNP decided that they are the ones that should get involved instead of PASDEC. And more meetings was arranged including two or three presentation to the MB. Finally MB agrees with the proposal and instructed PKNP to take the lead. Problems arises when the negotiations on the breakdown of shares was carried out. Both Faidzal and Badaruddin wanted equal shares same as the owners of Zee Zee Offshore Sdn Bhd.
    …….to be continued……that is if you want me to….

  6. Fadzli says:

    Nice topic..but not nice to mention somebody name directly in this net…Why Tanjong Agas so special?Can somebody told me…Tq

  7. fendi says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong here. Zee Zee offshore is involve in Upstream business while Tanjong Agas is in Downstream. How on earth there are related (Upstream + Downstream = Midstream)? Sounds like Mumbo Jombo business to me, He He He. Or some greedy poXXXXcians pretend they know everything and trying to make quick bucks…

  8. Melayu says:

    Badaruddin Masodi adalah penipu besar.

    Dia pernah menipu Ace Polymers Sdn Bhd jutaan ringgit melalui bond yg dikeluarkan melalui KAF Discount.

  9. galadriel says:

    hey guys, I just read that badaruddin masodi is also on a independent noc exec director on Wijaya Global. Wijaya Global is the mother company of Kuala Dimensi SB (the developer of the disastrous PKFZ)

    The boss of Kuala Dimensi is Faizal Abdullah, who is also was also the late “mansion” Zakaria’s son in law.

    Azim Zabidi is also on the board. I guess this is all part of a nationwide nexus of cronies helping themselves to public money.

    Adnan Yaakob’s also looking out to make himself rich. Remember how last year or so, he and his gang tried to sabotage Telekom Malaysia’s broadband effort.
    Go read. and puke

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