From the NST – Explosion at Labuan PETRONAS plant

Taken from the NST, dateline 2010-02-22:

LABUAN: There was a large explosion at the Petronas Methanol Labuan (PML)’s S1001 controlled natural gas Flare Tip that caused operations at the RM511 million methanol plant to cease today. Eighty-two PML contract workers and 46 of its staff were working there when the explosion occurred at 11.37 am but no one was hurt.

Two fire engines from the Labuan Fire and Rescue Service and the PML rescue unit rushed to the scene and controlled the situation within 30 minutes.

Speaking at a news conference, PML production chief, Mohd Kamis Abdul Manap, said a detailed investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the explosion.

“We will conduct a comprehensive investigation before operations can continue. We will identify if there was weakness in the safety aspect,” said Mohd Kamis

Offhand, I would say failure of the Permit to Work System, opening up the process, air ingress into the vent, improper molecular seal vent, too low design pressure of the vent…

Wow, and I’m making all this up from the news clip above. Synergy would be most pleased in leading the 3rd party safety inspection. You know where we are.

You can subscribe to an online version of the paper at the Bluehyppo site, follow links to e-browse.

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