Reader Support – Young Turks of PETRONAS

Thanks to blog reader Ahmad Izwan, I have gotten hold of 3 sets consisting of hardcopy editions of “The Young Turks of PETRONAS” and “Hang Jebat di PETRONAS.” Disclaimer: I did purchase the books.

I would seriously suggest that you get your own copies. The book documents a personal account of the creation of PETRONAS. Maybe after you read it, then any criticisms of the Company is tempered by the challenges thrown at us by Shell and Esso while Malaysia was wrestling back control of its oil.

Thanks to Datuk Haji Ismail Hashim for deigning to autograph the book. Maybe I can get a photo and interview session in the near future…

Update 2013-09-01: I have found copies of the book to sell. Look at the sidebar, or contact me.

45 Responses to Reader Support – Young Turks of PETRONAS

  1. Abang Botak84 says:

    Good,well said…

  2. Barry says:

    Can pls you tell me where did you manage to find copies of the book “The Young Turks of Petronas”? I have checked with MPH, Borders and Kinokuniya and none of them have any more copies left.


  3. Barry says:

    Thanks Wata, you are one good man. I manage to get MPH bookstore to order a few copies for me. The book should arrive in 3 weeks time.
    Best regards.

  4. Jabbathehutt says:

    I would strongly recommend this book. I am politically neutral, but as a Malaysian, we need to understand the historical backgrounds and the shit which the British created, and how our leaders help shaped the country.

    5 Mens & 5 ideas

    Document of Destiny

  5. lily says:

    Hi Wata,

    I am looking for this book high and low. I was wondering if the author still have some of it. Do you think you could give me the relevant contact info so I could get hold of it?


  6. Wata says:

    Lily: I’ve sent an email to Ahmad Izwan. We’ll see if he responds. If not, I’ll sell one of my sets at say … 4 times the price?

  7. Lim Qi Hua says:

    Hello, my name is Qi Hua, and I am looking for this book as well. Do you know where I can get it? Thank you!

  8. aishah says:

    dato wata,
    i also want to buy ‘the young turks of Petronas. ‘
    do send me the details too or if you’re free sometime after 11th sept i will come around subang for tts. 😀

  9. touya_zell says:

    Assalamualaikum Dato Wata
    Is the books still available? I want to get a copy for both items.
    Could you send me the details?


  10. Jean says:

    Hello. Please contact me if you have the English version of the book for sale. Thanks!

  11. izzriq says:

    Hello, can you please enlighten me on how can I have o copy of this book?

    • Wata says:

      Izzriq: you can refer to here as how to get copies of all books in the series. Alternatively, you can hang around Menara Dayabumi tomorrow (Friday, 4th September 2014) after solat. Either way, send your details to Siapa cepat, dia dapat.

  12. Hani says:

    Hi, How do i get a copy of this book? Have tried to search but couldnt find it.

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