A mountain of a project: the Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline

Dateline 2012-06-1701:

In order to develop the rich natural gas fields beneath the South China Sea, offshore Malaysia, Petronas proposed the Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline. However, construction of the project has by no means been a small feat, with construction contractor Punj Lloyd overcoming undulating mountains, dense rainforests, and unrelenting wet weather.

Petronas’ plans to develop the gas fields offshore Sabah involves construction of the proposed Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT) at Kimanis, which is scheduled for completion in 2013. Once operational, the terminal will be able to receive, store, and export up to 300,000 bbl/d of crude oil, as well as receive, process, compress, and transport up to 1.25 Bcf/d of gas produced from the Gumusut/Kakap, Kinabalu Deep and East, Kebabangan, and Malikai fields.

The 512 km, 36 inch diameter Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) will transport 750 MMcf/d of gas from the SOGT to the Petronas LNG Complex at Bintulu, Sarawak. It is being constructed using API 5L X70 steel grade pipe, with a thickness range of 14, 17, and 20 mm, and will have a design pressure of 96 bar.

In 2008, Petronas awarded Punj Lloyd an engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning contract for the SSGP, which includes:

  • Cathodic protection
  • A launcher station at Kimanis
  • A compressor station at Bintulu
  • Metering stations at both Kimanis and Bintulu
  • Intermediate pigging stations at Lawas, Long Lama, and Bintulu
  • 22 block valve stations
  • Six future tap-off points along the pipeline.

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