Firefly to … Kerteh!

January 16, 2009

Happy days are here again, we have commercial flights to the petrochem centre of the East Coast, Kerteh.

Extracting from the Star, January 10th 2009:

PETALING JAYA: Budget airline Firefly will now fly to Kerteh in Terengganu twice daily from Subang.

Firefly managing director Eddy Leong said in a statement that the route was the company’s way of committing itself to providing alternative and affordable travel for all Malaysians.

“In addition, the Kerteh route will add convenience to leisure travellers. Well known tourism spots such as Kijal and Cherating are just a few minutes drive from Kerteh.”

Leong said Kerteh would be the airline’s second destination in Terengganu after the state capital.

Here is the preliminary announcement about Firefly’s service. FY 2003(a) departs Kerteh at 0750, FY2007(a) departs Kerteh at 1820. I sure hope the flight stewardesses are nicer than the ones on the MHS charter flight.

Now all Synergy needs is more work down there…

Blog from the Trenches – Kerteh Airport

April 15, 2008

Hmm, it’s 10 in the morning, and I’m at the Kerteh Airport tea room. Yup, Kerteh does have an airport, though it’s unique in the sense that it is a PETRONAS owned facility rather than a Malaysian Airports Holdings Bhd asset. The only scheduled flights in and out of here are helicopters designated for offshore locations, and the twice daily Subang-Kerteh turboprop.

No, Kerteh Airport does not have a wifi hotspot, I’m surfing via my N95 and unlimited 3G access. Hey, there’s a business opportunity. Establish a wifi hotspot here, and those who have their own PCs can rent access to it.

I’m scheduled to go offshore, but there seems to be a dearth of choppers. Me and another 40 people are hanging around the airport, in the KIV category. Let’s hope that I can get on a chopper this afternoon, if not the next 2 hours waiting to see if I get on the 1400 flight is will be wasted.

What’s the engineering spin? I work for a consultant company, and when you cut a contract, you should make sure that hours spent in transit are chargeable. Considering the state of transport these days, at least you get some compensation for listening to muzak.