Waiting to Enter Plant

The cool thing about Kerteh that if you bundle all your stuff into a car, your standby location to enter a plant can have a great view of the South China Sea.

14 Responses to Waiting to Enter Plant

  1. thermonetics says:

    Dear Mr Wata, I am in the midst of making a hard choice right now. Recently, I received job offers from 3 interesting parties; PETRONAS, Ranhill Worley and Huntsman Tioxide. The first 2 companies offered me a position as a process engineer while the third one concern a training scheme for graduate chemical engineer. If you were me, which path would u take?

    • Wata says:

      thermonetics: I have made comments on the Huntsman advert already during one of my Saturday postings. If you want oil & gas, join PETRONAS or RWP. If the ‘training scheme’ is of interest to you, I would find out exactly what it means, and ask the other two companies if they provide the same or better scheme.

      • thermonetics says:

        Neglecting the fact that the country is going to be a net oil importer (nooo..)by 2013, the ‘final battle’ wud be between RWP and PETRONAS, better rephrased as O&G contractor or operator. Being influenced by a lot of online forumers, my choice might be RWP (eventho lower pay compared to PET maestro). I see u used to be seconded as a senior process egr there? Any insight to share?

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        go for RWP.

        I am an ex-RWP, and they have good engineers to learn from.

        Just do not grow up to be like Rilke de Vos.

  2. Jabbathehutt says:

    Is Mr Saya-Van-Penyapu still there? (Ivan Broome)

  3. thermonetics says:

    thx mr wata..anyway just who the heaven is rilke de vos? My quick, smart (highly arguable) google search returned this excerpt from a website: “Rilke is an energy research engineer driven by the passion to see a transformation in the carbon intensity of energy use in New Zealand”. what is so bad abt him? hehe..also..sorry for interrupting your busy day schedule (though i don’t expect you to reply this fast- hats off). As an O&G process engineer to be, what will be the basic reference/handbook that i mite need to quickly have a flip through? (Coulson and Richardson and Fogler’s thermodynamics came through just now) Your suggestion?

    • Wata says:

      thermo: you failed the test of believing everything you read on the internet. Jabba will administer punishment later.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      that’s the right person. never finish project on time, charge OT until 3am in the morning, says API code is wrong, and wrote email to challenge them while job is not done. Try to write a dynamic simulation of tube rupture in excel when we are trying to finish the project (and do his share of work).

      Yes, its that new zealand cow. Thank god he’s trapped there and never to return to Malaysia. Bodoh punya lembu.

    • Mat says:

      Just found out from tce magazine that Richardson just passed away at the age of 90

      • Wata says:

        Mat: I don’t think the current gen of engineers know his name, read his text books or any textbooks at uni for that matter. Anyone want to respond?

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        Pity, good book.

        Vol 1 and 2 is good.

        Vol 6 a bit irrelevant, but a good start.

  4. thermonetics says:

    ahh…sungguh takutt..dont be harsh jabba..am just a baby tryna learn to crawl

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Anyway, ask the oldies in RW.

      If you’re lucky, you may even guess the real identity of Jabba.

      The standard reference is GPSA.

      Its in the Worley reference directory.

      • thermonetics says:

        I believe tht kind of person does exist. He is in a b8er place now..even being invited as one of the guest speakers, whch must b really sumthg. Speaking of jerks, i remember one of my previous team mates was only capable of producing cover page. Tht dragged down the marks for the rest of us.

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