From The Star – Downstream O&G projects exceeding RM1bil coming to Kertih

Can a trickle of this wealth reach me?

Dateline 2011-02-14:

Kertih Polymer Park, which is under the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) master plan, will see new major investments for downstream oil and gas projects that could easily exceed RM1bil in the coming months, said ECER Development Council chief executive officer Datuk Jebasingam Issace John.

Jebasingam said one imminent investment would likely be announced by early second quarter and there were two more investments in the pipeline.

“There will be some major investments coming into Kertih Polymer Park as we are in various stages of discussions (with the multinational corporations). We will make announcements soon as we are not able to disclose more information,” he told StarBiz in an interview.

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9 Responses to From The Star – Downstream O&G projects exceeding RM1bil coming to Kertih

  1. Jabbathehutt says:


    Difficult, but the other CEO – Jabbasingam maybe able to help you.

  2. hans says:

    Dear JabbaSingam (CEO)

    Any opening for a critical GM (Crime Affiliate)?Please contact me so we can set a date for a meeting.


    hans is offering his service to Mr Jabbasingam (CEO) – to be part of his crime affliate (GM) while he is still in sober.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Dear Hans,

      Sorry, the GM (Gulag Master) have been taken. However, there are other position available.

      MD (Mad Doctor) – perform various experiments on slave such as study the effect of sleep deprivation etc

      Accountant – account for all slave (incl body count)

      HR (Hell raiser) – Make sure everyone is kept in line

      Maybe one of them will suit you?

      • hans says:

        Dear JabbaSingam (CEO)

        Thank you for the offer, however, I wanna be a porn star. I got an offer in the JAV.
        Come-on Miyabi (JAV) as my female star. I can’t resist the temptation. Free sex plus money.


        hans is replying an e-mail to the CEO after 7 jugs of Haineken ..

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        First, Miyabi (or Maria Ozawa) is old news.

        The “in” girl is Yui Hatano or Hara Saori

      • hans says:

        Eventhough Miyabi is old news, my producer has agree to let me and Miyabi to be the main actor and actress. So the new stuff here is Miyabi and I working together without protection (safe sex).

        I will let you know and I will provide you (Jabba) with the Platinum Membership when we done shooting the movie (MAV).


        Hans is in hangover (8 jugs of Haineken) and watching Miyu (FTV)as part of his morning ritual. Plus trying to bribe Jabba to get the letter of employment. While Wata is smilling.

  3. kangkung says:

    Datuk Jebasingam = Jabbathehutt ?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Nope, Jebasingam and Jabbasingam is different person.

      Jabba the Hutt is not racist, hence have names used in various occasion to blend in with the crowds/use fake ID.

      Malay : Mohd Jabba bin Hutt (or Bang Jahat for short)
      Chinese : Jab Ba (Hokkien:after makan) Pang Sai (Hokkein: Berak)
      Indian : Jabbasingam
      Punjab : Jabba Singh
      Javanese (indonesia) : Jabbo Hutomo
      Thai : Jabbakorn HuttPorn
      Korean : Pak Jabba or Kim Hutt
      Japanese : Jabagawa Hutanabe
      French : Jábbá ze Hútt

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