Saturday Star 2008-10-04 – Job Opportunities

The advertiser must still be in a holiday mood, there weren’t any O&G adverts in the papers on Saturday.

Offshore Sleeping Quarters

Offshore Sleeping Quarters

5 Responses to Saturday Star 2008-10-04 – Job Opportunities

  1. sai says:

    Assalamualaikum Mr Wata. Can I have your email please? đŸ™‚

  2. jabbathehutt says:

    you’re getting popular …..

    can i have your account number and bank details, pleeease?

  3. Fadzli says:

    Mr jabba also popular….(n-1) % less than mr watta…n=polls from viewer..

  4. jabbathehutt says:

    Yeah, People thinks my belly is sexy. but that’s another story.

    how come its (n-1)? that’s excluding Fadzli? I need to know who is the one that got away!

  5. Fadzli says:

    hahaha…just kidding…thank to mr wata…i learn a lot and gain knowledge from this thing..of course…by mr wata approach n style….to mr jabba…give more comments…there are somethin to think from yr comments..tq

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