IEM ad supporting Malaysia Brain Drain?

Talk about ironic. I find this one page glossy card-stock ad in my August addition of Jurutera (I know, it takes me a while to get through my stack of papers).

Ad - Engineers Move to Australia

Ad - Engineers Move to Australia

4 Responses to IEM ad supporting Malaysia Brain Drain?

  1. zzeed says:

    maybe IEM supports development as a professional/engr more…

  2. jabbathehutt says:

    Brains have been drained from malaysia, only the stuff left in the intestines still remaining.

    By the way, if I use the Ir title (without actually having one), is it a criminal offence. With the IEM, even my grandmother (god bless her soul) can use the following:

    Super-Duper-Ir Mdm GrandMa-Jabba, BEng, MEng, Phd, MIEM, Chairman BEM (hell branch), Chairman of Oil and Gas Group (South Hell branch)

    I’d need to burn some of those IEM Hell application form for her as there are a lot of very experience engineers migrating there.

  3. Wata says:

    Jabba: Hey, I object to being called ‘stuff in intestines’! Did I tell you that my self proclaimed position in my company is Managing Dictator?

  4. jabbathehutt says:

    Don’t worry, you’re the high protein bits.

    But really, brain drain is a bad problem in Malaysia, and the industry is held up by a few good engineers that hasn’t leave (including wata).

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