Saturday Star – Job Opportunities

Another week, another scan of the Saturday Star newspaper. Here’s an incomplete list of job ads in the paper, though this week’s offerings seem a bit thin on the ground:

  • MECIP is looking people. MECIP is a multi-discipline engineering company providing project engineering, project management, engineering studies and process engineering simulation services.
  • An interesting prospect is KBR, which has an add for a Singapore position. KBR is a leading global engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, petrochemicals, government services and civil infrastructure sectors.
  • SapuraCrest has an ad out. Sapura Group through its subsidiary, SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad [SAPCRES], is one of the leading and reputable integrated technology & service providers in the Oil & Gas industry

Happy hunting. Let me have some feedback if you find this list useful. Even better, spread the news.

10 Responses to Saturday Star – Job Opportunities

  1. AAYLA SECURA says:

    Yes indeed the job offerings this week were a bit thin on the ground. But this is not consistent with the fact there is a global shortage of engineers. Or is this just a myth being circulated by companies unable to recruit or pay to get the right engineers? More importantly, why are graduates deciding against making a career in engineering? My own theory is that the bright graduates have worked out they have a better chance of making good money elsewhere such as in the financial sector, in politics, DJing in Bangsar,or plumbing in Kepong.

  2. Leonia Tavira says:

    Not very good prospects.

    For the money most companies are willling to pay, I’d be looking for a change in career.

    By the way, we have the BEM and IEM in Malaysia, what are they doing to promote engineering, and ensure we are paid decent wages? Doesn’t the BEM/IEM realise that the engineers in Malaysia are going abroad.

    Maybe the strategy is to let them leave, get better paying jobs overseas, and then the government will pay a hefty amount (on pretext of reversing the brain drain) and LURE them back

    Maybe we can also discuss why it is so difficult for foreign graduates to join the BEM/IEM sometimes.

  3. Wata says:

    You made a good point about whether the BEM or IEM are helping to stem the engineer drain to overseas. I’ll forward your comments to my contacts in those organisations, and see if I can incorporate them in a future entry.

  4. Simus says:

    Leonia & Wata,
    Very good point on what is IEM doing about preventing the “Malaysian Brain Drain” phenomena, but I would like to draw your attention on the March 2008 Issue of the Jurutera which has a wonderful advert in big bold letters “Engineer your Future in AUSTRALIA”.
    Go figure!

  5. jabbathehutt says:

    Leonia, you’ve created quite a stir. That’s also a good one Simus.

    Basically, we need to have a strategic plan. If I recall, BEM is under the works ministry. Not too much have been done I suppose.

    Maybe if BEM/IEM have the combined support of the Education Ministry, Work Ministrys, Science and Tech Ministry and a few other departments may it would be better? Would this actually need a major revamp of the engineering profession?

    Maybe Wata can start a new topic on this.

  6. zzeed says:

    I’ve heard a story of one brilliant professional who was sponsored by the govt (this is true story, I heard from close & reliable resources). He decided to work elsewhere around the world first and live his life fully, gaining experience. One day he decided to come back to M’sia and fully serve his country.

    You thought the gov’t accepts this guy with open arms? No, they ban him & his family, so now he’s working at Singapore. Some local officer (or local minister) seemed to be pissed off.

    The problem with Brain Drain is not just pay. Pay is part of it. But it’s also the treatment, recognition and appreciation towards the professionals. You’re a nobody until you’re somebody with deep pocket that connects with those in power, etc.

  7. Jebat says:

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  8. dzeal says:

    Dear Wata, I am just wondering what are the typical salary range for O & G engineer in Malaysia with 5 – 10 years experience. Are they significantly different between MNC and GLC?


  9. misery says:

    By the way, we have the BEM and IEM in Malaysia, what are they doing to promote engineering, and ensure we are paid decent wages???? .Truly agreed with this.

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