MISC named in global oil and gas bribery scandal

How come I wasn’t sent a subpoena? And score one for the ‘disgruntled employee’.

Dateline 2014-02-11, MalaysiaKini:

 Petronas subsidiary MISC has surfaced in a global bribery and corruption scandal involving US$10 million (RM33.4 million) of more than US$250 million (RM834 million) in bribes and other malpractices spanning six years, which centres around Dutch oil and gas (O&G) services company SBM Offshore.

According to a document listing possible fraud by SBM Offshore in various countries spanning Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Brazil, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Italy in addition to Malaysia, MISC was allegedly involved in payments to Barnado Limited and Delcom Limited totalling US$10 million (RM33.4 million) related to the Kikeh field floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) platform.

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