Large-scale hydropower in Sarawak ‘unsustainable and unnecessary’

February 14, 2023

Dateline 2022-12-05, FMT:

Large-scale hydropower cannot be considered a source of renewable energy for Sarawak because of its destructive impact on the environment and on indigenous communities, says Sarawak-based civil society group SAVE Rivers.

It said this in response to statements by Sarawak Energy Bhd (SEB) vice-president Ting Ching Zung during a panel discussion at the Go ESG ASEAN 2022 Conference on Nov 24.

“We are worried to hear that SEB is promoting mega dams again,” says James Nyurang of Tanjung Tepalit, Baram, one of the communities that would have been inundated by the now-shelved Baram dam.