Saturday Star 2009-03-21 – Job Opportunities

Another week, another scan of the Saturday Star newspaper. Here’s a list of job ads in the paper:

  • Dialog (tagline Further your Ambition in the Oil & Gas Industry) is looking for a senior project engineer, civil engineer. Send an email here or snail mail to Human Resources Department, Dialog Group of Companies, 109, Block G, Phileo Damansara 1, No. 9, Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Submissions before 23rd January, 2009.
  • Qatar Immediate Industries Holding Company Limited is looking for Eng Support Manager, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Lead Struct Eng, Mat Eng. Apply here , or visit this and that website.
  • Change of Pace: ExxonMobil is looking for Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Prodution Trainee Technician. By applying and graduating from the course, you will add to Malaysia’s bank of trained O&G personnel, as rumour has it most people leave after getting all knowledge they can, and as soon as they realise more money can be got elsewhere, though I suspect the current eco situation might put a damper in that plan. Apply  here, or snail mail to Recruitment, Human Resources, Level 17, Menara ExxonMobil, 50088 KLCC, KL.
  • Talisman in looking for an Offshore Integrity Engineer. Apply here, and visit their site.
  • Thank you for all your applications to Synergy. Short listed applicants have be contacted. BTW, if you have been talking to Synergy Oil & Gas International for engineering positions and haven’t figured it out yet, please don’t waste your time talking to us.

Sigh, since I have moved with Synergy out of KL, will you patronise Chee Meng in my memory? Or invite me to meetings around Bukit Bintang at lunchtime? Is he doing packet specials?

6 Responses to Saturday Star 2009-03-21 – Job Opportunities

  1. zzeed says:

    wahaha. somebody starts the ex-X0M club.

  2. wockwee says:

    Good day Mr. Wata.
    This coming June, I have second interview with Exxonmobil. They said offshore personnel will interview us. Then after that, we have to sit for English test. Since your starting point was at Exxonmobil, do you have any advice? I know, the interview will be more on technical. I also prepare my self and study for the interview. I also open Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary to get the meaning and terms in oil & gas industries. Example like “Christmas Tree”. I have seen it at Aker Solutions (formally know as Aker Kvaerner), but a part of it. Hope you can share with me and some advice.

    • Wata says:

      wockwee: I don’t have any more advice than what you are already doing. I don’t know how KL EMEPMI interviews people, my interview was done in the UK, and had quite a number of stages, looking at teamwork, individual drive, and technical understanding.

  3. wockwee says:

    its okay Mr. Wata.
    no big deal…so i have to get my self prepared.
    anyway, thanks Wata San.

  4. Jabbathehutt says:

    That’s the spirit we like to see. not another useless dumb graduate asking

    “wata, can I have your email. i need work”

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