Gas Malaysia subsidises refuel costs for B40 motorcyclists

I would suggest that the money may be invested in better ways to help B40, but hey, above my pay grade.

Dateline 2021-08-30, The Malaysian Reserve:

GAS Malaysia Bhd is taking up the petrol refill costs for lower income groups who are riding motorcycles below 170cc to help them cope with living costs amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative themed “Kempen Tuang Minyak — Awak Isi, Kami Bayar” is being held at Gas Malaysia’s selected petrol stations throughout Peninsular Malaysia namely Ayer Keroh (Melaka), Pasir Gudang (Johor), Gebeng (Pahang), Manjung (Perak) and Senawang (Negri Sembilan).

It will soon be extended to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Putrajaya, Shah Alam and Perai respectively.

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