From The Star – IPP & Gas Prices

Those of you who are old enough to remember the original Sony Walkman or SimSci’s ProII would remember when starting up an Independent Power Producer (IPP) was the equivalent of being on top of a Ponzi scheme.

Seems like 2009 is the year history repeats itself. Here’s the article deadline 2009-01-15:

This is because payments to the IPP’s make up 45% of  [Tenaga National Berhad’s] cost and fuel cost 15% … TNB has paid IPPs over RM9bil in the last financial year.

I can almost swear Jabba thought this one up.

The Star - IPP & Gas

The Star - IPP & Gas

I’ve scanned the article from the Star. You can subscribe to an online version of the paper at the Bluehyppo site, follow links to e-browse.

6 Responses to From The Star – IPP & Gas Prices

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    ah…. someone in Malaysia actually read the book

    “How to be a crimeboss and control the energy sector” by Jabba.

    It almost brings tears to my eyes that this was done the Jabba way.

  2. zzeed says:

    how come… how come…

  3. […] Star – Plan to Lower Gas and Power Tariffs As I have commented in my previous entry, you can feel the  Hand of Jabba behind these announcements. The Star Revise Gas Prices […]

  4. Fadzli says:

    TNB means generation + transmission + distribution..I believed that TNB had capability to generate and fulfill Malaysia energy demand . TNB had strategy plan in future including a huge gas reserve and nuke..And IPP just like a leech and they used politicians will. Soon TNB just like a Perwaja,Renong and the list continue…Now,this “leech” like Petronas very very much..A big cow with fresh blood..Nowadays we unlucky since our top countryman are stupid and love politic to much rather to work!petronas,politicians (ministry of energy) and the “leech”…

  5. Jabbathehutt says:

    thanks for the compliment

  6. Fadzli says:

    oppss..sorry sir..I hope I’m not “derhaka” to make last statements..maybe cold fusion is the best solution for TNBG and Petronas and the “leech”..hopefully..godwill.

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