Ananda Krishnan controlling Malaysia’s O&G?

Ah, now I know where marketing efforts should go.

Dateline 2013-06-12, FMT:

Has billionaire entrepreneur Ananda Krishnan secured direct control of a series of Sarawak’s off-shore oil fields through his Pexco division? Pexco is the natural resources division of Usaha Tegas, which is controlled by Krishan. The question surfaced after Pexco chief executive officer Sean Guest posted an update on Linked-in describing the oil and gas company as having “one of the largest acreage holders in Malaysia”. Pexco’s  “primary assets” according to Guest are now in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Etiopia. Guest’s CV posting noted that Pexco is focused in Australia-Asia and the Indian-ocean rim and has regional offices in these areas.

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