What is GBU?

Here’s an new acronym I learnt, PETRONAS’s GBU. It’s the Gas Business Unit of PETRONAS. Those of you familiar with the GPPs (Gas Processing Plant), yup, they under the GBU.

I heard about this Unit because of a situation where information had to be obtained from them. Information could not be obtain officially directly between staff of the same business / technical rank, but the request had to be flown up to flag country, across the BUs, then back down again.

Does anyone know where the PGB resides in this organization?

I give you some information I obtain from the Internets:

Is it a coincidence that if the GBU lost a leg, it woud be the GRU?

One Response to What is GBU?

  1. mnfaj says:

    Hi Mr Wata,
    A very nice LOL on your last sentence. 😀

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