Platts to start assessing price of Malaysia’s Kimanis oil from Feb

Dateline 2015-12-31, The Star:

Oil pricing agency Platts will publish daily price assessments for Malaysia’s Kimanis crude starting from Feb. 9.

The grade has “emerged in recent months as one of the most widely traded light, sweet grades in the Asia Pacific spot market,” Platts said in a note on its website released late on Wednesday.

The price assessments for Kimanis cargoes for lifting on a free-on-board basis from Sabah will be published as an outright number at the close of Asia and London markets and as a differential to Dated Brent at Asia’s close, the agency said.

The crude, with an API gravity of 38.61 degrees and a sulphur content of 0.06 percent, is produced at the Gumusut-Kakap oil project off East Malaysia’s state of Sabah.


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