First batch of Master of Engineering (Oil and Gas) grads receive scrolls

Remember Doctor Who? Doctor, Master? Go watch it, it is not your grandfather’s Doctor.

Dateline 2014-10-23, Daily Express:

The first batch of Master of Engineering (Oil and Gas) graduates received their scrolls during the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) 16th Convocation Ceremony held at its Chancellor Hall, here, Saturday.

One of the graduates, Chung Chen Chong, 63, said by having a Master’s Degree in the field, he hoped to contribute to the Government’s vision in getting more than 20,000 individuals involved in the oil and gas sector in the future.

During an interview, Chung took the opportunity to express his gratitude to all those who had supported him throughout the course of his studies.

“I would like to thank my superior, family members, especially my wife, professors especially my course director, Professor Pogaku Ravindra, and classmate, Mooganamoorthy Ganesan, who had supported and helped me throughout my studies.

“My wife, throughout my studies, had been very understanding as I was seldom at home and often spent my time doing revisions and assignments,” he said.

Chung, who is currently working but decided to take a full time master’s programme, said he had also divided his time well between attending classes and working.

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