From the Star: Talisman Scholar Visits Offshore

Taken from the Star, dateline 2009-11-29

WORKING on an oil rig isn’t something many would relish, but Gan Hui Ling, 23, enjoyed her stay and made full use of her offshore experience.

Spending a week aboard the Bunga Raya Platform – located in the overlapping maritime zone of Malaysia and Vietnam – the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Bioprocess Chemical Engineering final-year student familiarised herself with the processes and equipment aboard the rig.

Though thankful that she wasn’t claustrophobic, Hui Ling’s only gripe was the rig’s limited space, which raised some accommodation problems.

Hui Ling says that the scholarship award gives her more motivation for her final year.

Her one week on the rig was part of her internship with Talisman Malaysia Limited, the national division of the oil and gas company from Calgary, Canada.

We hope that this inspires more lady engineers to break into oil and gas. Read ‘accomodation problems’ as ‘a four bunk room had to be emptied for one lady’, or have they changed policies offshore already?

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7 Responses to From the Star: Talisman Scholar Visits Offshore

  1. MAB says:

    if they changed their policy,can’t imagine what will happen to this young sweet lady….hahaha

  2. hailina says:

    i used to share a room with four other crews (men) in survey vessel for a month..very stressful..huuu..

  3. JabbatheHutt says:

    hahahaha, and what do you learn as engineer? nothing.

    after 10yrs offshore, they can’t even size a line/valve/separator.

    ps. jabba goes offshore every month.

  4. JabbatheHutt says:

    anyway, talisman….

    i think you actually need a talisman to keep the guys out of your bathroom.

    do you still remember the talk of O&G. the charm sabah and sarawak girls use to make your “tool” appear on your forehead?

    all ex-shell/petronas miri guys will know this little story.

    • Anoni says:

      Ha.. ha.. ha…
      I think they NEED the talisman to prevent the ‘tool’ from appearing at places it isn’t supposed to be… WATA might carry loads of it since he frequent Miri… WATA, no funny funny doing ‘things’ around the area heh… Can’t remember anymore the name of bars around there… Purple? ke hapa tah… I know the locations if I’m there; mana taknya one of the good buddies of mine is the frequent traveller there, and I think he still roam the place if he’s not in Vietnam or Thailand… but Alhamdulillah I have been able to avoid all of them while I roamed Miri many many moons and sun ago.. plus avoiding those chicks too… that’s why I couldn’t remember it anymore…

  5. Jabbathehutt says:

    and my old acquaintance got me to buy a kayu hujan panas (if I remember correctly). legend has it if i hit a cat on its back with that wood, it will die instantly.

    i tried with a process engineer, it didn’t die. i guess, i’ll need to try it on mech/piping/structural/elec/instr engineers and see which one dies.

    Is there still that many phillipines beauties there?

    • Rig Rat says:

      Still nothing changed. Well it is not that bad since they still vacate rooms for women on a platform but try living on a workboat. You have all sort of weird ppl. Just look at the sorry state of the shower and washrooms. 1 or 2 bogs for 100+ ppl.

      Heard the ‘tool’ story from one of my Iban wireline operators. It was a curse or some kind. Heard of a story that there were a few guys who got under a spell that they refuse to leave Borneo, forgot who they were.

      Go to KK and try to look around for locals. Too many Pinoys around feels like Manila than KK!!!

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