Saturday Star 2012-10-06 – Job Opportunities

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If you need my help to submit your CVs, donate to the blog, and I’ll review your CV to see if it is worthy of my (and my associates’) expectations. If you can’t figure out how to donate, no need to ask.

  • I’m looking for a senior process engineer, 7+ years experience. Send your cv here. Also looking for process safety persons, lead piping designer, lead instrument engineer, and other seniors you think will catch my eye.
  • SapuraKencana is looking for commissioning discipline engineers, HUC discipline engineers, workpack discipline engineers, HSE engineer,  welding engineer, planning / scheduling engineer. Send your cv here.
  • Aker Solutions is running a International Talent Programme (no singing skills required) Visit them here if you want to see if you are woman enough to meet the challenge, or email them here.
  • Talisman is looking for a Senior Process Engineer. They’ve been looking a looong time. Get us to provide process support. Apply here, and visit their site.

May I suggest that readers try Bluestacks? Run your Android apps on your Windows tablet, so you can buy that Win8 tablet (and buy me one) without worrying you won’t have anything to play on it!

Support your local bookshop!  Bookalicious at The Summit Subang is a good choice. I think they focus on trilogies, quadrilogies, and other ologies. Tell them I sent you, and enjoy the look of perplexity on their faces. Those of you who have dropped my name, thanks!

Let’s improve those Office skills.


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15 Responses to Saturday Star 2012-10-06 – Job Opportunities

  1. wan says:

    salam Mr wata. May u consider to view my resume??

  2. fedayeen says:

    mr wata,

    why petronas people is keep saying insufficient manpower / resources to run / handle their projects when something goes wrong somewhere? there’s a lot of people out there applying to them but it seems that the problem is still exist..have you had any idea that across your mind?

    • hans says:

      Dude and who ever you are,

      Insufficient manpower. bla bla bla and all the excuses are made because of the business need. Eventually oil and gas business is a risky business. You can easily get sue (kena saman) and the senior management is very quick at pointing fingers… So in order to minimize the risk of getting sue, they only hire the most competent people or if they find it difficult to find the competent people, they outsource the whole project to consultant. Therefore,if “shit happen” all the risk goes straight to the consultant. In the end, consultant have to bear the risk and the HR guys can actually save their job.

      Now I’m replacing Jabba.

      • fedayeen says:

        so they are not nurturing the local talent if in that wonder people getting bored with this national oil company..on the positive side, who are performing actually when there is an achievement in entering the fortune 500? the engineer, the higher management or the government?

      • Wata says:

        hans: I think Jabba is on leave, or at least not sliming over a PC this week.

      • jabbathehutt says:

        ok, Jabba’s back.

        Let me give an example why Petronas doesnt hire inexperienced staff.

        Technical Example.
        Say if you are Petronas running a million dollar project, if a consultant (ERM/Trident-GML or some safety consultant) bullshit your young inexperience engineer, and some safety stuff is overlooked, who will take responsibility when an incident happens?

        Can a 5 yr experience process engineer comment a consultant’s lead engineer or 20 yrs experience and challenge his design?

        Non-Technical Example
        How can a young 6 yr experience guy fight with an EPCC contracts person of 25 yrs on change order and legal implications.

        That’s why Petronas wants to hire the best. The only way the young guys are going to learn the tricks of the trade is being hammered for 8 yrs by their senior/clients, and then they become slightly useful. Anything else, don’t even bother !

  3. Firman says:

    Dear Mr Wata,

    I’m a Process Safety Engineer (company withheld)

    Anyway, I’ve been approached by a recruitment agent for oppurtunities in: SapuraKencana (Process Safety); Technip (Technical Safety); and GL NobleDenton (Risk Consultant). All are KL-based with the same pay. Which one would you recommend for me in terms of experience, knowledge/skills/trainings, exposure in floating projects, and also suitable for foreigner like me?

    Appreciate your advice & feedback. Thanks

    • Wata says:

      Firman: I suggest looking at whether you are still in the learning or leading phase. Technip has a established safety group (Technip, send you ad money my way), so has GL NobleDenton (formally known as Trident Consultants). Think SK Process Safety is new.

    • jabbathehutt says:

      Ok, if you’re a process safety engineer that’s worth your salt, write to Synergy. If you’re good, wata will call you for an interview. If you’re lucky, I may even interview you.

      But make sure you know your UKHSE/OGP/NFPA properly, because every young punk wants lots of money, but doesn’t even know the basics.

      Top dollars for top engineers,
      Peanuts for monkeys.

      By the way, what’s your years of experience? What’s your skill set. Do you know how the spreadsheet works? Do you know any specialist skills like SIL verification (must be TUV/CFSE cer), modelling in FLACS, Site investigation.

      If you can’t do any of these, there’s nothing special. Any graduate can do QRA/FERA and use phast after 1.5yrs training as a computer operator.

      • Firman says:

        Thanks for ur post, Jabba. I have 5 years exp. But basically there is nothing special about me and honestly I only deserve peanuts salary. But I’ve been hammered in lots of occasions by client & PM/EM, so I might be a little bit useful. I’m reluctant to apply for Synergy since I suspect my CV would not be appealing to you or Mr Wata. I think I’m leaning towards safety consultant like NobleDenton to get more exposure in stuffs like SIL, FLACS modeling & other safety studies. Any thoughts?

  4. mrp says:

    Duh, get into consultant first.. Earn bareeeeely enough salary, get all the shit that you can get from Operator (Read, Pnas, EMEPMI, MOC, TML, CHOC, etc) then try re-apply to Operator. Now you can play hard ball.. 🙂

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