Pahang, an oil producing state?

Dateline 2012-09-17:

Recently it was announced that the Umno-led government would form a special commission to review oil royaties to the east coast states.

Two issues struck me – the Terengganu ‘sham’, and two, how did Pahang end up as an oil state?

Terengganu has received its payment on the quiet side. The money is vested in the hands of the local kingpin and Terengganu Menteri Besar, Ahmad Said.

So the inclusion of Terengganu is just window dressing, a ‘sham’.

When Idris Jusoh was MB, the federal government insulted the Terengganu people imputing they don’t know how to manage the oil money by allowing ‘Patrick Lim’ to decide where the money should be applied.

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