BV Bought Over Scientige Sdn Bhd

The story sounds familiar. A certification company buys over an engineering company. Though the last time this happened, I believe the purchaser had no idea what to do with the eng company, as a result staff from said company left for pastures new.

You can link to the full press release here. Here’s a link to Scientige.

3 Responses to BV Bought Over Scientige Sdn Bhd

  1. shahnergy says:

    Good comment.

    Perhaps. No one have any idea what they have purchased here.

  2. JabbatheHutt says:

    Other example;

    When GML bought over Trident, Raza Amin (Formerly known as Parul Indra Kumar if those of you have earlier version of Trident’s report) got a good deal. For a computer graduate that slams the chair whenever Windows freezes up, he’s a successful guy.

    When Poyry bought over IGL, they had Johan Samad (The MD of poyry, aka president of IChemE Malaysia) run the company to a new low.

    When Worley bought Intec, they didn’t know that jokers were running Intec KL. (At least Kerang Busuk is no more there…..).

    I wonder when someone wants to buy Jabba’s salt mine.

  3. hans says:

    hmm totally agreed. I would like to relate this to sport hmm maybe football. Since I am a Kop fan (Liverpool). The Yankees that bought the club declared that they’re the biggest fan. The real KOP fans asked – What is the name of Liverpool Goalkeeper and Liverpool’s lethal striker?- They answered with confidently – ‘Torres is the best goalkeeper in the world and Reina is our most lethal striker in the league’. Ding Dong. Do you get the idea here? Totally bisness for the Yankees.

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