Keeping a Tidy Fab Yard

During my visit to a neighbouring country, I met up with an old acquaintance of mine. He told a tale of the fabrication yard he was in charge of. The yard was under the receivership or supervision of a bank, such that all the assets of the yard were owned by said bank. It got so bad that the yard staff were afraid to carry out housekeeping by disposing of scrap metal and junk equipment.

Scrap is scrap. It’s worthless as it rots in your yard, could be sold for money, and it occupies valuable space. It can cause a safety hazard, both physical (it’s sharp and could have a tendency to collapse according to Sod’s law), biological (mosquitoes, potential injury points), and procedural (moving stuff around a full fab yard is not a fun activity).

In the end, my friend got the bank to agree to disposal of the scrap, and doing some honest to goodness housekeeping.

I’ll leave you with a picture of another yard, showing an example of housekeeping and storage.

Storage Yard

Fabrication: Storage Yard

7 Responses to Keeping a Tidy Fab Yard

  1. rudy says:

    Bro, what is the name of the yard?

  2. Engineer1 says:

    If I am not mistaken, there are a couple of valves (flowmeter?) as well. If look for a contractor to come in and see, they might snap it up at a better price. Scrap is too wasteful…

    • Wata says:

      Engineer1: we missed you 🙂 The photo above isn’t showing scrap, that’s eqt to be installed on the topsides I was standing on when the photo was taken.

  3. rudy says:

    I would like to know about the one under receivership, not the one with the immacutely arranged equipment. If the valuation is right, a buyer/partner can be approached.

  4. rudy says:

    Ok. (Wow, do the yard owes you and partner big time?)

    Btw, do you think demand for yard spaces will exceed existing capacities in the region for the next 5 years?

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