From Bernama – Oil And Gas Industry Needs Skilled Manpower And Innovation To New Technology

Is the public expecting that an upgrade in the productivity of the average oil and gas worker to come at no cost or pay increment, similar to what they expect of other labour forces, say the police? Also, would big PSCs (yes, I’m talking about you, PETRONAS) stop asking for ’38 years experience in providing the proposed technology’ and help the little guy by taking some risk and being a mentor and test bed to the smaller suppliers and providers? Windows XP is only 9 years old, stop asking for Windows 98!

Taken from Bernama, dateline 2010-03-23:

Skilled manpower and an innovation to new technology, are the biggest challenges faced by the oil and gas industry, says Sarawak’s Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication, Datuk Lee Kim Shin.

Lee said the process of providing education and training for the younger generation to meet the industry demand, is a big challenge, as the process takes time.

“The industry is going to get more sophisticated.So,will the challenges. We need therefore to come out with more innovative and new technology to overcome the challenges,” he said, while officiating the launch of the Sixth Getenergy Exploration and Production 2010 here today.

The two-day conference is being held at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) International Campus, from March 23-24.

11 Responses to From Bernama – Oil And Gas Industry Needs Skilled Manpower And Innovation To New Technology

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  2. JabbatheHutt says:

    the only person that can apply is jabba, which has 38yrs experience now.

  3. hess says:

    ganah demo…

  4. JabbatheHutt says:

    what’s that.

    by the way, i’m going to be back in malaysia, and kicking the expat’s butt soon.

    by the way, does anyone know about the Petronas’ Chinguetti development in Mauritania? I saw Part Sauganne there, and it seems very dry and deserted place. I wonder who’ll be in the project team in mauritania.

    challenge would be finding a flight to Mauritania on a major reputable airlines ….

  5. hanif says:

    You pay a peanut ..hmm … you get a monkey ..No need to be a rocket scientist to understand

    • Wata says:

      hanif: the problem is that even though one may be a rocket scientist, one will still be paid peanuts…

  6. Jabbathehutt says:

    wata is spot on.

    rocket scientist, brain surgeon and 38yrs experienced engineers are paid peanuts. that’s because we are working for monkeys.

  7. will chow says:

    life is tough! I’ve worked in UK for 4 years after graduation as structural engineer before promoted to the role of proposals coordinator. tried to apply for job back home in malaysia through job street and check the market, RM 6k as expected salary, no one offer me interview. I just lower the expectations to rm3.8 k. Waiting for response, ahhahaa.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      will, the problem is not lowering to RM3.8k. The problem is you do not get the right recommendation.

      Let’s say, you’re the lead engineer interviewing. you get 50 engineers (foreign grads and experienced) writing and applying for one position. who do you give to?

      If one of your (good) engineer comes up and say he know’s a great candidate, then…. it doesn’t matter what the other 50 guys put on their CV or ask for …..

      that’s the case in M’sia.

      By the way, with 4 yrs experience, 5k to 6k is a reasonable salary.

      • will says:

        Thanks Jabbathehutt, i understood what you
        are saying.
        I may try to ask my older colleague, who used
        to work for Lloyds register malaysia years
        back for some networks. At the same time,
        will test the water in Singapore too.
        Btw, there’s been lots of activities
        going on in the North Sea, Uk and
        Scandinavian sector and Iraq. I’ve worked
        on a couple of bids.

  8. JabbatheHutt says:

    that’s the spirit.

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