Saturday Star 2008-09-20 – Job Opportunities

Another week, another scan of the Saturday Star newspaper. Here’s a list of job ads in the paper:

  • Shell wants you to come to a open day. Catch is, you have to invited, and you get invited by sending in your CV to Oct 6th’s the closing date. Positions available are Instr, Elect, Subsea, Drill and Well, Struc, Process & Material, Resv, Project.
  • Murphy is looking for a deputy production manager, and a reliability engineer. CVs to be submitted here.
  • Titan Chemicals has a mess of jobs up for grabs.
  • Optimal is looking for a Kerteh-based Reliability and Electrical Engineer. Email and web presence available. A lot of people moved to Optimal when it first started up, though I think the renumeration package isn’t as good nowadays. However, it’s still better than PETRONAS because Dow Chemicals is running interference.

Can someone please join RNZ? I need them to supply me more engineers. If you have 3 years offshore experience and are available for the next 8 weeks, call me.

9 Responses to Saturday Star 2008-09-20 – Job Opportunities

  1. zaitul says:

    RNZ?for what position?

  2. Wata says:

    What I meant was, I need a process engineer with min. 3 years offshore experience (feel free to mix up opns and design). I currently have 2 engineers seconded from RNZ, but I need one more.

  3. ANN says:

    I am interested to be part of the oil and gas industry as a Structural Engineer. I’m now involved in the maritime civil engineering. Can someone recommend to join RNZ?.

  4. Wata says:

    ANN: Do you really want to start out again as a structural engineer? If so, then it doesn’t have to be RNZ. If you want to use your marine skills in O&G, maybe you should talk to m3nergy, MISC, or international FSO / FPSO builders & converters.

  5. ANN says:

    Yes wata, it is my dream to be part in the oil and gas industry. I have approx. 8 years of experience in the geotechnical, civil & structural, maritime civil/structures engineering. I have sent my resume to many companies. i.e. RNZ, worley parsons, shell/ open day, MMC O&G, MMC Amec, petronas, uzma, pegasus, chevron, murphy oil, DPS-Global, Schlumberger, petrofac and others since Aug 08.

  6. ANN says:

    Mr. Wata: Perhaps Mr. Wata can do a little help recommending to the mentioned company. I’ve sent my resume to M3nergy via email. Tq. Can you give me your email add?.

  7. Wata says:

    ANN: I have no clout with the above mentioned companies. You are better off looking for recommendations from other persons.

  8. Heng says:

    Mr. Wata : Is the process engineer vacancy still available? I am a Process engineer with 4years Oil & gas experience.

  9. Wata says:

    Heng: I don’t know which vacancy you refer to. If it’s one of those listed above, please liase directly with the advertising company.

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