Engineering Hunting Packs

While I visited a engineering oil and gas company in Indonesia, I came across a novel concept: engineering packs.

It works like this: you have a group of young engineers tackle one activity at a time. Note that I refer to one project, one activity, like doing a line list, or filling out datasheets, or entering data into a database. The pack acts a group collective, each having partial knowledge of the topic. Together, they check and counter check their work.

The disadvantage about this approach is that initially you pay double or triple a young grad’s salary, as they act as one. However:

  • less checking of work by seniors (have packs in an assembly line, one checking the work of the other)
  • more incentive to learn fast (break from the pack, become alpha leader)
  • spreading technical knowledge faster (hopefully, each pack member wants to impress the other in terms of what they know, less threatened to bring out their ideas).

Could this concept work in Malaysia?

2 Responses to Engineering Hunting Packs

  1. zzeed says:

    I suppose so. Why not? Many heads are better than 1 (well, too many wouldn’t be effective either, the best partnership is in 2s, backup & balance)

    I’ve seen many, many months spent trying to recover from a work done by solo jr-engineer becoming a senior

  2. sohas says:

    sounds like a good alternative idea!

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