Petronas oil claim: Seek ‘win-win’ solution for all

July 22, 2018

Dateline 2018-07-08, FMT:

Suarah Petroleum Group views the current developments in Sarawak oil and gas issues with great concern. Being an active contributor in this journey in redressing oil and gas equity and revenue for Sarawak, we call on all parties for clear heads to prevail and ask them to reduce the political “one-upmanship” between Sarawak and the newly elected federal government.

We also reiterate our mission to provide professional advice and services to maximise Sarawak’s socio-economic benefit and safeguard its rights in the oil and gas industry for its present and future generations.

Petronas’ claims of meritocracy hold no water: SPG

September 22, 2016

Are they saying the PETRONAS does kakistocracy?

Dateline 2016-08-11, Borneo Post:

Suarah Petroleum Group (SPG) said national oil corporation Petronas had forgotten its role and Sarawak’s sacrifice in making it a Fortune 500 company while its employment records contrasted sharply with its claims of meritocracy.

Speaking on behalf of SPG, its media communications officer Yusuf Abdul Rahman said Petronas’ claims that it’s latest manpower restructuring exercise was based on merit were off the mark and that there were plenty of qualified Sarawakians around.

He said Petronas owed a big chunk of its success to Sarawak; since its inception to a multi-national corporation listed in Fortune 500.

“Sarawakians are not asking or begging for jobs which they don’t deserve. All Sarawakians want is a fair chance. If that is denied to them because of pro-West Malaysian Petronas bias, then it has to answer to the state,” he said.

He accused Petronas in its quest to become a multi-national corporation of having forgotten its role as a national oil company and that citing meritocracy was only an excuse.


Petronas told to give jobs to Sarawakians first

September 4, 2016

How the whole thing started.

Dateline 2016-08-04, FMT:

The Suarah Petroleum Group (SPG), a Sarawakian non-profit organisation, wants Petronas to prioritise Sarawakians in filling vacancies in the oil company’s operations in the state.

According to a Borneo Post Online report, SPG president Hamin Yusuf said the retrenchment of 13 experienced Sarawakian staff in an upstream restructuring exercise, reflected a ‘quick fix’ mentality of Petronas’ management, as they could have been re-skilled.

“Petronas’ policy towards the state seems to reflect a lack of sensitivity and reality to the local job market and employment of locals.

“As recently as two months ago, 85 positions in Malaysia Liquid Natural Gas in Bintulu were filled mostly by Peninsular Malaysians under the pretext of ‘redeployment’”.

Hamin said these positions were mostly entry-level positions or junior managerial positions which could have easily been filled by jobless Sarawakian graduates.