Sarawak’s oil for Sarawak

Dateline 2019-12-26, FMT:

Suarah Petroleum Group (SPG) would like to refer to the various statements by the CEO of Petronas, Wan Dzulkiflee Wan Ariffin, and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as reported recently.

SPG reiterates the bigger picture that our stance, and we believe that of the Sarawak government as well, is based on the inequitable distribution of wealth and continuing poor management of Sarawak’s oil and gas resources that is the genesis of the situation which now manifests in our current disagreement with the federal government and Petronas.

To say or imply in any way that Sarawak’s demands are driven by short-term objectives or simply wanting larger royalty now is an over-simplification and misinformation that certain parties have put forward to mask the genuine and legitimate concerns of Sarawak that underpin SPG’s and the Sarawak government’s position.

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