Saturday Star 2010-06-12 – Job Opportunities

June 14, 2010

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  • There is an opening as admin staff at Synergy. We are also looking for someone with the ability and personality to fill up the position as a permanent member of the family. To balance things out, we’re focusing on competant female applicants.
  • Shell is looking for people, though mostly in the subsurface department. Didn’t they just go through a rightsizing exercise? I guess they got rid of some deadwood, and need to fill those shoes. Visit and select Job Search & Apply → Job Search for Professionals → Region → Asia → Malaysia. The ad asks you to quote reference DVT035C, but you know you should quote ‘’.
  • Saudi Aramco (actually Saudi Aramco Total) has a full page advert. go Visit
  • Wow, Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd (known affectionately as Dayang to us Esso old timers) is looking for a mess of people. I congratulate them on winning whatever support contract that requires so many people.  Apply here or  here. Or snail mail before 18th June to HR Manager, Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Sublot 5-10, Lot 46, Block 10, Jalan Taman Raja (Hilltop), Miri Concession Land District, P.O. Box 1134, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
  • Optimal (tagline Optimise your Career Potential) is looking for a Production Technician. Hmmm, do you Kertehians want to apply? Visit their website, or apply here.
  • Expro (“Well Flow Management”) is looking for a Operator / Senior Operator Well Testing, Drill Stem Test (DST) Operator. Apply here.
  • SPIE is looking for a expeditor and buyer (cool, one to cut a PO, the other to chase up, kinda like a tag team). visit their site to apply.

Going back to the basics of chemical engineering, here are some texts I referred to, in an attempt to grasp the fundamentals of chem eng back in my Part I and Part II days. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer: With Applications in Chemical and Mechanical Process Engineering (out of print, written by one of my lecturers). Introductory texts to Gas Processing would be John M Campbell’s Gas Conditioning and Processing V. 1: The Basic Principles, Gas Conditioning and Processing V. 2: The Equipment Modules, which you get if you attend the course.