Sarawak can be an exporter of renewable energy to Singapore, says senator

November 9, 2021

Though, I think it would be better if they export to Kalimantan, with the new Indonesian capital and all.

Dateline 2021-10-29, The Star:

Sarawak has huge potential to be an exporter of renewable or low-carbon electricity to Singapore from its numerous hydroelectric dams, says Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew.

The Bawang Assan SUPP chairman said a submarine transmission cable from the state to Singapore is a practical idea.

“If we recall 30 years ago when Bakun was first announced, the plan was to lay an even longer submarine transmission cable to Peninsular Malaysia. I believe our state government would have thought of such potential and (will do) its best to explore that,” he said in a statement on Friday (Oct 29).