Potential in Ultra-deepwater Sabah, Malaysia – Can it be Realized?

January 18, 2023

Dateline 2022-10-17, SP Global:

Exploration and development activities in deepwater Sabah, Malaysia have increased since the first oil and gas discovery, Kamunsu East 1, in the late 1990s by Shell. More than 45% of discoveries in the area are found within the Upper Miocene Cycle V reservoirs of the Baram Delta and the Northwest Sabah Province.

The Kikeh field was the first deepwater development in Malaysia which was discovered in 2003 and commenced production in 2007. Six other fields have come onstream since then with the latest, the Rotan field by PTTEP, in early 2021. A variety of production systems have been used for the producing fields in deepwater Sabah. These production systems range from spar dry tree unit (DTU) (Kikeh field), semisubmersible floating production systems (Gumusut-Kakap field), tension leg platforms (TLP) (Malikai field) and floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) (Rotan and Buluh fields).

ConocoPhillips, Eastman Chemical To Invest $5.35 Billion In Malaysia

June 21, 2012

Dateline 2012-05-19:

ConocoPhillips (COP) is expected to make an additional $5 billion investment to ramp up its operations in Malaysia, the New Straits Times daily reported Saturday citing Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The oil giant had invested $1.5 billion so far in three deepwater blocks offshore of Sabah state where production will start next year and hit a peak of 300,000 barrels of oil a day by 2016, the daily reported.

The paper also reported that Eastman Chemical Co. (EMN) is looking to increase its investment by $350 million on its polyester plastics plant in Pahang state.

From the Business Times – Malaysia, 4th Deepwater Oil & Gas hub?

August 1, 2010

I first found this article on the “Indonesian Stock Market” site, and the first thing that hit me was an attrotiuos font selection. How do you define a deepwater hub? How much engineering, procurement and fabrication has to be local talent before it stops being a “convenient place (for foreigners) to make a profit” and becomes “barangan buatan Malaysia”?

I’ve linked to the original article in the BT, dateline 2010-07-23:

MALAYSIA can become a key deep-water oil and gas (O&G) hub in the world, but this window of opportunity is not perpetual, says Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The answer lies in its capacity and capability, he said, stressing that it is paramount for the country to leverage and build on existing O&G assets.

“If done right, Malaysia can become one of the world’s key deep-water O&G hubs after Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Aberdeen,” he said.