From The Nation – PTTEP starts gas production in JDA

April 3, 2010

While lookinf for information on PTTEPI, I found a site showing Thailand’s petroleum concessions. To bad the site doesn’t tell me who I need to see to shake and make deals. Anyone out there have info?

Taken from the Nation, dateline 2010-03-23:

PTTEP has started natural gas production at B17 Block in the Thai-Malaysia joint development area, with initial capacity of 135 million cubic feet per day.

The condensate production is about 4,900 barrels a day.

The gas capacity should be raised to 335 million cubic feet per day within the fourth quarter of 2010.

The project is operated by Carligari-PTTEPI Operating Company, a 50:50 joint venture of PTTEP International and PC JDA.

The project is part of securing overseas energy for the national security. All the gas output is supplied to Thailand’s PTT.